Farmer's Daughter


Farmer’s She squealed with delight as the young blonde haired stud sank his 9” shaft of man meat deep into her aching cunt. The youngest daughter of a local farmer, the short, heavily busted, voluptuous black haired girl was just at this moment crouched over taking a fat giant cock right into her burning hot pussy. “Damn you farm girls sure are sweet lil pusses,” The young, athletic local cowhand said as he slapped her lightly on the ass, and once again lunged his massive rock hard cock deep into her tight wet snatch. She squealed once more as his dick buried itself in her hot pussy, and reached around behind the bags of corn that she was bent over and began to stroke his balls with one of her free hands. The cowboy just laughed as he picked up his speed, pounding this fresh young slut in all of the right places. His cock slammed into the back of her pussy, causing her to shriek in pure pleasure as he covered his stiff pole in her wet juices. “Take all the meat you want you horny young one. I have plenty for you and anyone else that wants it,” The cocky cowboy said with a wide grin across his face, recalling last night when this horny bitch and her best friend Tabby (the local rancher’s daughter) had come crawling into his bedroom somewhere in the early hours of the morning looking to suck and fuck the remaining time away.     Both had tagged teamed him with there pussies on fire. First he would fuck one doggie style while she ate away the other girl’s sweet young pussy. The three had kept this up for what seemed like hours as his cock and balls went from one hot cunt to the other. Burying his cock and balls deep in the girls was one of his most favorite pastime down here the South. Both girls had squealed with delight whenever he moved up behind them and thrust his hard shaft into their gapping wet snatches. “Gee golley,” Tabby had said as he stuffed his cock deep into her friend’s hungry young pussy. “You sure have the best cock in the county. I bet you’ve fucked quite a few girls with that wonderful To this the young farmhand had simply smiled as he grabbed a hold of Tabby’s head and made her lean in and give him a long kiss.

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   “I sure do love to fuck you good old fashion country whores, baby,” the man had said as he broke away their kiss. Tabby cooed as she realized that he was done with the farmer’s youngest slut daughter, and now he was coming up behind her to give her a ride on the wild side. The night kept on in that fashion, each girl getting to ride on the young stud’s massive gorgeous cock. The night was fucked away by the three lovers, but that is for another story… “From what I can recall, I never got to fuck that pretty little face of yours,” The young stud said as he thrust and pumped his 9 inches of manhood into her dripping wet snatch as his mind returned the present. “Oh baby, please fuck my face. Fuck my pretty little mouth, and fill my belly with your creamy load,” the slutty little farmer’s daughter said. “I want to gag on your man cock, and spit all over your lovely balls. ” “Then get on your knees and stop teasing me my little slut child,” the cowhand said as he yanked her tight pussy off of his impressive tool, and forced her on her knees in the hay. He wondered if they should be doing this in the barn. Here he was about to get his boss’ youngest daughter to suck down every inch of his massive prick, and anyone could walk in at that moment. But once her eyes were fixated on his twitching instrument though, the bitch-in-heat inside of the girl came out as she engulfed his entire cock shaft down her young tiny throat and the young man did think about anything else other than the girl’s wet “Take all the cock you want,” the blonde cowhand said as he leaned his head back, and felt the big tittied young girl suck down his cock to almost the very base. Working expertly, the young little sweet ass wrapped her delicate hands around his aching balls, and began to play with them while her mouth once again went up and down his swollen shaft. A moan was released by the young man as he felt the juices inside of his balls begin to stir. Taking the hard wet cock out of her mouth, the youngest of the farmer’s daughters asked if he would like to eat her sweet little pussy, and enticed him into a lovely 69 right there in the middle of the “God I can’t wait to eat that pink little taco,” the young man said as he lay down and lifted the young girl right down on top on him. Her pussy pressed down precisely on his face, her’s was busy once again bobbing up and down on her favorite long    He lapped his long tongue along her wet slit, making her gasp around his throbbing cock hidden in her warm mouth.

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   She loved the way that his rugged and scruffy chin always pressed up against her wet clit, and scratched her lightly as his tongue danced its way into her tight hole. Often times his nose would bury itself in her butt as his lips and tongue double teamed the innocent little girl’s sweet tasting snatch. Moaning deeply around the base of the young farmhand’s cock, the farmer’s sweet young daughter pushed her hips down hard around the man’s head making him bury his tongue deep into the center of her love hole. With a deep groan, she released herself to her first orgasm of the day as it washed over her entire body and made her shuddered around the man’s tongue. Wave after wave of hot juices flooded out onto the farmhand’s face. “Golly gee, that felt sooo good,” The farmer’s youngest slut daughter said as she got up off of the man. “That was almost better than last night, big boy,” she winked at the young naked stud that now stood fully erect in front of her. “What baby? You think this is over or something?” the young man asked as he reached forward, and moved her over to the large whiskey barrel in the corner. “Grind up against that as I finger your pretty little pussy from behind. ” He commanded in a rugged voice. His primal urges were coming back to him this morning, and he needed this horny little cocksucking whore to be as wet as possible before he would plunge his massive thick stick into her waiting snatch.  “Bend over and spread your feet bitch,” he said as he spat on his hand and reached between her legs. He began to massage her wet clitty, as she bent over the barrel and did as he had commanded his newest whore cockslave. The farmhand groaned as he bent down and sunk his cock all the way to his balls on his first hard thrust. The bitch whore squirmed with glee as her hips began to shake around his massive fuck meat that had forced itself down her tight pussy hole.

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   “Fuck yeah, you horny little ho,” the young man said to his piece of ass cocksucking young whore slut as he slapped her hard across the ass and began to plunge in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Her legs trembled and her throat went dry as she inhaled the cool air. Her pussy was being ravaged by this brute alpha male, who was sinking his solid shaft in and out and around her sweet wet snatch. “Fuck me, cowboy,” she cried as another massive orgasm built up between her legs. “Fuck your little farmer’s daughter. You know my aching pussy is just waiting for you to dump that huge load deep into my pussy. ” She said as she thrust her hips backwards into his impaling shaft. “Bitch! Are you ready to cream all over me? I just got started with your sweet little ass. But if that’s how you want it, cum on my cock you dirty little cum dumpster whore. ” He said as he quickly increased his pace, lunging his man meat into her stretched out pussy. As she moaned and groaned, he increased the speed that he was going at, and he began to thrust with more and more force into his horny farmer’s fucktoy.  “Ooh God little one, I’m about to fill your pussy to the brim with my cum,” he said as he thrust out into her before his cock erupted with force inside of her sweet young snatch. “Oh baby,” she squealed as she felt his creamy seed empty from his sack into her hot sticky As the man finished, she reached back and began to massage his arms. The story finished with the young man pulling out of his boss’ youngest daughter and falling exhausted to the hay floor. The young man fell deeply asleep while the girl giggled to herself.

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   She on the other hand collected all of the clothes and scampered out the door, going out into the day to find herself something or someone else to keep her company. The horny little fuck toy laughed to herself thinking about all of the other farmhands were out there on her daddy’s farm waiting patiently for their turn with her later on that day. The poor young stud farmhand on the other hand was now asleep all by himself without any clothes on in that giant red barn…or was he alone at all…  .