Fantasy Lover


I lean back to stretch my body out against the rocks still warm from the setting sun. But it is not the rough rocks I feel behind me. . . It is you. You pull me back onto you. Gently you wrap yourself around me. We seem to melt together. I feel your strong thighs against mine. You wrap your arms around me and i lean deeper into you. I can feel your heart beat against my back. I bury my head in the nape of your neck. You lean into me and kiss me softly. Your kiss stirs the flames of passion growing in me. I pull your mouth closer to me, needing you more and more. Your hands move to my breasts, gently caressing them.

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   They move lower and rest on my flat stomach, drawing seductive circles that go lower and lower. I arch my body to your touch. I bite my lips trying to hold back the moans of pleasure. I can feel your desire growing against my back. I reach back to take you in my hands. . . I need to feel you. You turn me to face you. . . I can see the passion in your eyes as you kiss me deeply. You gently guide my mouth lower to you. . .

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  I glide my tongue along the length of you. . . slowly, I feel you move to my touch. . I take you in my mouth. . . . and you come alive. . . I feel you moan and my body responds to the sound of your pleasure. . .

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  I move my lips up and down. . . again and again. . . when you just can't take anymore you position me on top of you and we come together in a rhythm made just for us. . . the waves crash below us keeping time with our bodies. Over and over again. . . we meld our bodies together until we are one. .

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  . again and again. . . until we explode together. . . passion flows between us like electricity. . . we stay together. . . reveling in the moment. .

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  . neither one of us wanting to let go. I rest my head on your chest. . . your heart singing to me as I fall asleep in your arms. The sun has set. . . I wake to the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks below. . . Again I am alone. . .

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  yet strangely satisfied. I pull my knees to my chest. . . and purr like a kitten. . . I look to the stars above. . . and pray someday soon I will meet my fantasy lover. .