Family Affair


Rachel lay in bed, unsatisfied as always.   The vivacious forty-three-year-old mother of two teenagers watched as Tom, her husband of 20 years, put on his pants with a grin on his face.    He had enjoyed their brief sexual encounter.   The routine that she had grown bored of was satiating for him.   He touched her tits, she stroked his cock, he told her to suck his prick, which she obediently did, and the piece de resistance: he fucked her gently and came soon after.   All done.   That experience would be their sex for a week or two, depending on Tom’s schedule.
 Rachel grudgingly forced herself out of bed, to begin her daily chores.   During the day she wasn’t that busy.   Later on, she became a chauffeur for their kids, taking them to their activities that never seemed to end.   She was proud of them though and watched as their daughter won awards in swimming, their son an avid golfer.   A chip off the old block, Tom taught him how to play golf at a young age.   Rachel sometimes had pangs of jealousy at the amount of time the two spent together, wishing Tom devoted such time to her.  
 Rachel was just about to get dressed when the doorbell rang unexpectedly.   She grabbed her housecoat to cover her nude body, before going downstairs to answer it.    She opened the front door and was startled to find her mother standing there looking unnerved.

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    “We have to talk Rachel,” she said.   Rachel and her mother went to the kitchen and sat down on a couple of chairs.    “There’s something I have to tell you. ”
 Rachel braced herself for the news.   Her 62-year-old mother was always composed yet today she was anything but.   “Rachel, you knew that your father left us right after you were first born but I never said why.   It is time you knew. ”   Rachel took a deep breath and waited for her mother to continue.
 “Your dad and I were prepared to have you, Rachel, but when I got pregnant we found out I was carrying twins.    We panicked, so young and to have 2 babies to raise was too much for your dad and I.   He ran out on us soon after you and your identical twin sister were born. ”  
 “Rachel, I tried my best to take care of both of you but I couldn’t handle it.   I didn’t know what to do.   My parents refused to help me after I got pregnant without being married.   They considered me a disgrace and refused for years to have anything to do with us.

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    I had no choice, Rachel, I gave your twin up for adoption. ”
 Rachel was totally shocked to find out she had a twin she never knew existed, an identical twin at that.   She had seen a faraway look on her mother’s eyes at times but had never suspected she had a sibling somewhere.   She had always been an only child.   Not anymore.   Before she had a chance to absorb it all, her mother proceeded with her story.
 “Sandra, your twin, contacted me by phone.   She found out through a private investigator that I was her mother and she wants to meet me and you, Rachel.   Will you come with me to see her tomorrow?  She and her husband Keith will be flying up from California.   We had a long talk and she seemed to really understand what I went through.   She said she just wants to get to know us, her family. ”  
 Rachel and her mother embraced, tears in their eyes.    “Of course I will go with you.   She’s my sister. ”   It was all arranged, Tom would pick both Rachel and her mother up and the 3 of them would go to the airport to meet and greet their new kin.

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 Waiting at the terminal was tense for all of them.   When the plane arrived and the doors opened, the passengers flocked out.    Then peering out from the crowd, Rachel saw her likeness.   It was eerie at first, when her sister stood in front of her like a mirror image.    Sandra felt the same uneasiness.  
 Sandra and her mother hugged first, both visibly moved by the mother-daughter reunion.   Rachel and her sister’s turn followed, not as snug an embrace, but they were clearly affected.   
 The siblings became aware of the men that stood beside each sister.   Tom was introduced to Sandra.   Rachel noticed him glancing over at Sandra then back to her several times.   Tom was muscular, making sure to fit workouts into his schedule.   His boyish face and charm evident, even during the small talk made during that initial meeting.  
 Keith was a 6’1 black hunk of a man.   Unlike Tom who had a full head of hair, Keith’s was shaved off.    Much as she tried to hide it, Rachel felt strangely aroused by his presence.

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    He was the first black man she had ever shook hands with in her life.   His strong hand held hers for a brief but tingling moment.   Their introductions completed, they all headed out of the airport, luggage in hand.
 It had all been planned out.   To get to know each other better, Rachel and Tom would have Sandra and Keith as guests in their home for 3 months.   Both Sandra and Keith arranged time off work, leaving their company in the hands of their well-trusted and capable assistant.   She would call them on their cell phones if anything arose.   This would be a time to get to know the family that Sandra had finally found after years of searching.
Sandra and Keith stayed in the guest room, which had a queen sized bed and quaint furniture.    Each morning they took a shower and then went downstairs for breakfast.   Rachel was proud of her culinary talents and the meals she served them exemplified her skills.  
 Despite the fact it had been a few weeks since her new sibling’s arrival, Sandra and Rachel hadn’t really warmed up to each other.    Rachel sensed Sandra’s resentment that Rachel had been the one their mother chose to raise.   Rachel wasn’t used to her mother calling and asking to speak to Sandra instead of her, or asking to go shopping or other venues with Sandra.   They both needed a period of adjustment to get used to their new situation.

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Sandra, Rachel and their mother were having breakfast one morning, a week later.   Keith was running behind schedule Sandra said, he wouldn’t be joining them.   Sandra then suggested that the three of them should go out shopping.    She knew that Rachel would refuse; she had some cooking and baking to do for an upcoming charity event that she told Sandra about.   Sandra feigned forgetfulness but as predicted, Rachel the considerate one, said the two should go without her.   Rachel was seething as she told them to have fun.
 After they left, Rachel went upstairs and began removing her housecoat and nightgown; she was about to get dressed.    She heard Keith calling Sandra to bring him a towel.   Always the gracious host and since Sandra wasn’t there, Rachel took a towel from the linen closet.  
 She opened the door to the washroom, intending to place the towel near the shower, so he could grab it when he came out.   Instead she found Keith, stark naked and wet, his rippled muscles and big soft black cock, a sight to behold.   Rachel could only imagine what his prick looked like hard, and the thought stirred her.   Seeing her there, Rachel didn’t have long to wait.   His manhood sprang to life.  
 As she stared at the obvious assets this young Denzel Washington look-alike possessed, she was embarrassed.

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    Keith didn’t notice; he was too busy gazing at her chest.   She was horrified when she realized, in her haste to get him the towel, her dressing gown had some buttons opened.   Her firm breasts and protruding nipples were fully exposed to this tall, dark, and handsome man.  
 Rachel knew she should turn away but she was spellbound.    Keith advanced towards Rachel and upon reaching her, his thick lips brushed against hers. Inserting his eager tongue inside her yielding mouth, Rachel responded.   Their exploration of each other’s mouths left both wanting for more; the hunger for each other evident in their passionate kiss.
 Keith swiftly removed her dressing gown, throwing it to the ground.   As Keith moved his hands to Rachel’s glorious tits, her arm instinctively edged towards his magnificent instrument.   She could feel its hardness in her hand.   Stroking all along the shaft, his throbbing member grew from the sensations her touch elicited.  
 His fingers circled the boundary of her nipples, before his face lowered to suck on them.   Looking down on this gorgeous black specimen grabbing her perked left nipple with his teeth, stirred up feelings in Rachel that she had assumed Tom had all but killed with his lackluster lovemaking.   Her moans of awakened pleasure filled the room.
 Keith’s luscious full lips felt wonderful on her nipples, and as he took each into his welcoming mouth, he used three fingers to enter her soaking cunt.

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    Her hips swayed in tempo with his fingers’ rhythmic probing into and out of her most sensitive area.   “Oh God, I’m Cumming,” Rachel cried out and her outpouring covered his now drenched fingers.
 Removing his digits from her wet pussy, he licked the cum off one of them.   “MMMMMM.   You taste delicious Rachel” Keith said,  “Have some. ”   He rubbed another of his moist fingers on her lips; she parted them for him to put his finger inside her mouth.   “Delectable?”  Keith asked.   Rachel nodded in agreement.
 “We’ll have to share the last one,” Keith announced.   He put it back in her pussy for replenishment.   Sticking the upper part of his finger in his mouth, he sucked on it savoring her fluids; Rachel moved her tongue along the base, licking up her pussy juices.   Reaching for each other, their tongues entwined as her cum flowed in their mouths.
 Keith took Rachel’s hand off his erect cock and led her to the bathtub.   He opened the water and as it flowed down, he took the nearby bar of soap and lathered her body.   He lingered on her tits, licking them, as the warm water rinsed the suds off.

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    She wanted to feel him in her mouth.  
 She got down on her knees, her back facing the knobs; she lavished his dark prick with her warm tongue as her saliva dripped down all over it.    Every inch of his manhood was wet, the shaft and the massive swollen head.   She made sure to lick every inch of his hot rod and his balls got the same treatment.  
 Rachel was thirsty for his cum; she was thirsty for his touch; she was thirsty for him.   When her mouth took hold of the cock she, god help her, had dreamed about, Rachel sucked it deep, looking up at his blazing black eyes staring down upon her.   Keith had a smile on his face and when his moans emitted from his mouth, she sucked him more fervently.   Sucking his heavy balls after, elicited an even stronger reaction.
 “Rachel I want to take you now, doggy style,” Keith said.   The thought of this gorgeous creature fucking her made her pussy pulsate.   He gently lifted her off her knees and turned her towards the knobs.   Leaning on the shower wall, she positioned herself for him to be able to enter.   He enjoyed the view of her round ass facing him.
 Putting in a finger to her pussy as a prelude to his prick, he moved it in and out.   The water flowed on her back and downwards as his throbbing dick made its entrance into her yearning pussy.

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    Keith thrust his cock back and forth repeatedly; Rachel never knew such sensations of lust.   “Fuck me harder and faster,” Rachel begged. Her moans intensified as he followed her plead.
 Keith’s black prick shot a hot load of cum into her milky white pussy; Rachel’s effusive secretion covered his cock.   It was then they became aware of their audience; Sandra was staring at them from near the tub.   Keith shut the water as his abundant release dropped down Rachel’s legs.
 “Sandra, I am so sorry.   Please forgive me.   I didn’t mean for this to happen. ”  Rachel stammered as she looked at Keith for his support and reiteration.   It was then that Rachel realized that Sandra didn’t seem upset by what she saw; in fact, she was smiling.   For that matter, Keith wasn’t fazed at being caught.   Something was amiss.
 Rachel and Keith stepped out of the bathtub and Rachel scooped up her housecoat and put it on.   Keith saw no reason to cover his considerable assets so the three of them went downstairs and sat on the couch.

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    Keith sat in the middle with the two siblings on either side.  
 Keith and Sandra came clean.   They admitted they had discussed having Rachel join them in some sexual fun.   Theirs was an open marriage and the fact Rachel was an identical twin was too arousing to let an opportunity pass by.   Sandra considered approaching Rachel but she knew her sister wouldn’t agree unless the temptation was overwhelming.   So they felt this was the way to make it happen.  
 Rachel was upset with their deception and at herself for falling so easily into their trap.   She couldn’t deny that she was attracted to Keith.   The dried up cum on her legs would have belied her saying she didn’t enjoy their sexual encounter.  
 Keith began nibbling on Rachel’s neck as his fingers made its way back into her pussy. Sandra got off the sofa and bent down in front of Keith’s aroused cock.   She gave her husband a blowjob as she looked over at his fingers in her sister’s cunt.   Sandra could taste the remnants of her sister’s release all over his prick.  
 Keith’s cock erupted in Sandra’s mouth, his cum dripping out of it.   Keith took his fingers out of Rachel’s pussy and pulled Rachel down with him onto the rug in front of the roaring fireplace.


        Keith licked Sandra’s face as she drew near and then kissed her intensely as Rachel watched.   “Ride my cock Rachel.   You know you want to baby,” Keith said.    He was right.  
     Rachel stroked Keith’s throbbing dick with her eager hand, while using her other hand to massage his balls.   Poised to mount him, her stimulated pussy easily slid down his long and thick and oh-so-hard black pole.
     Sandra raised herself from the carpet and as her sister fucked her husband, Sandra straddled her cunt over his face.   Moans filled the air.   Licking one sister’s gushing pussy and then sucking her swollen clit, while her likeness moved up and down his charged cock, made Keith’s dick burst.   Both sisters screamed out as they came simultaneously, Sandra’s outpouring all over Keith’s face while Rachel’s fluids trickled down Keith’s prick.
     This would only be the first of their many secret threesomes.    Tom would never approve, Rachel felt, so she didn’t tell him.   One day a few weeks later, Keith and the 2 sisters were upstairs in the master bedroom.   It was lunchtime and all were hungry, but not for food.   Their stomachs had already been filled.

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     Sandra and Rachel were lying on the king sized bed, spread eagle.    Keith had just finished satiating his wife by licking her cunt until she came profusely; it was now Rachel’s turn.   Keith moved to where Rachel’s fingers were rubbing her clit.   His baldhead between her thighs, his nose smelling her pussy’s sweet aroma, he was twirling his tongue all along her slit.  
     Rachel was squirming from his licks; his deep pilgrimages into her moist cunt, made her loudly moan.    So loud that she didn’t hear Tom come into the room until he yelled out “OMG, what is going on here?”  Rachel could tell this wasn’t another set-up.   Tom’s ashen face scared her.  
     She noticed that along with his anger, his cock was stirred up.   It was fully erect.   His eyes were glancing all over Sandra’s body and fixated on her wet cunt.    “Why don’t you lick Sandra’s pussy?” Keith asked Tom. “Taste her. ”  
     “Go ahead Tom,” Rachel added.   “Eat her cunt. It’s ok.

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      ”  Tom couldn’t resist the inviting pussy that lay ahead of him, so close that he could almost feel her juices.   He didn’t want “almost”, he wanted to savor it.    Looking over at his wife first and then her twin, Tom went to the bed and edged to Sandra’s smoothly shaved honey pot; his wet tongue glided along Sandra’s wanting slit and then he drove it in as far as he could.  
     Parallel to Tom and Sandra in the same bed, Keith went back to Rachel’s waiting pussy.   Slurping sounds from the men and moans from the women rang out.   Each husband was pleasuring his sister-in-law.
     Keith’s talented tongue made Rachel squirt 4 times.   Keith’s face was awash from her flow.   Tom reveled in the intoxicating smell of Sandra’s cunt, his nose brushing up against it as Sandra pushed his head closer.   He fingered her pussy as he licked.  
     Hearing some squeaking Tom peered up; he watched as Keith’s ebony oversized prick was thrusting in his wife.   He had a twinge of jealousy but Sandra’s high-pitched moans, in response to his fingers’ insertions, diverted his attention.   He lapped up Sandra’s pussy juices and wanted to fill up her hole with his cock.  
     Tom gently pulled Sandra to the edge of the bed.   Standing up in front of it, he plunged his excited dick into her cunt.

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         “Fuck me.   OOOOOOOHHHHHH yes, that feels soooooo good,” Sandra uttered.   Over and over he fucked her as Sandra rubbed her clit.   Glancing over at his wife getting banged only heightened the force of his prick as he fucked his sister-in-law.  
     Rachel glanced over at her husband’s cock probing in and out of her sibling’s cunt. Her state of arousal increased by the feelings it evoked.   After filling up Sandra’s pussy, Tom said to his wife “I want to fuck your ass Rachel. ”  Was this the same husband that never wanted to try anal?   Rachel couldn’t believe it.  
     Sandra got off the bed and sat on a nearby chair.   She wanted a good view of what was to come.   Keith drew out of Rachel and lay flat on the bed.   Rachel slid down his cock and leaned forward towards Keith.  
     Tom asked Sandra to come over to him and when Sandra did as asked, he put his fingers in her wet cunt.   Sandra sat back down on the chair as Tom lubricated Rachel’s ass with her sibling’s juices.    As his cum-covered cock entered her virgin ass, gently then harder, her tits bounced in Keith’s face.

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        “MMMMMMM pound my pussy, pound my ass,” Rachel cried out.   Keith and Tom filled her two holes as Sandra rubbed her clit, enjoying the show.  
     All satiated, Sandra went and lay down in Keith’s arms while Rachel and Tom cuddled beside them.    After Keith and Sandra returned to the guestroom, Rachel and Tom had a long talk.

    Rachel admitted to Tom how unsatisfied she had been with their lovemaking.   They concluded that they needed to add some excitement to their routine, make some time for romance, and they both did enjoy the swapping.    It was agreed they would try it again with another couple after Sandra and Keith returned home, not to mention having it with Sandra and Keith as often as possible before they left.   
     When Sandra and Keith’s visit came to an end, Rachel was genuinely sorry to see them leave.   Sandra felt equally sad to part.   It was strange how mate swapping brought the two sisters closer.
     After their heart-to-heart, Tom began coming straight home from work and started a tradition of bringing Rachel a rose nightly.   Once a week was romance night.   Rachel and Tom would get dressed up to the nines and go to a nice restaurant.   Their evening of dinner and dancing was followed by sex at home, while the kids would stay at their friends’ houses overnight. Once in awhile, Tom would splurge, and he and Rachel would spend the night at a ritzy hotel.

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     Sex was no longer a routine.   Tom bought Rachel a sexy black lace negligee and some sex toys for them to play with.   They communicated how they felt and when something wasn’t to their mutual satisfaction they worked on it until it pleasured them both.  
     Keith and Sandra invited Rachel and Tom to California to have a long visit with them, whenever they could make it.  
     Their 25th anniversary fast approaching, Rachel and Tom reminisced about the visit that revitalized their marriage.   It was a family reunion that none of them would ever forget.  .



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