Snow White entered the ride with thoughts of frustration and hormonal confusion. She’d needed to masturbate a lot lately to keep her urges at bay, but she could wait no longer. She stalked towards the setting of the kid’s train ride and pulled Pinocchio by his collar behind a cardboard tree. Pushing him to the ground, Snow then lifted up her flowing skirt to reveal that she had not been wearing panties. Pinocchio’s eyes widened and a grin spread across his face, predicting the actions of the fair Snow White. The young lady widened her legs and dropped herself down onto the wooden boy with nothing to separate her bare skin from his hard sap stomach. She pinned him there, looking down into his boyish eyes and let a snarl infect her face. They both lay, looking at each-other for a few seconds before Snow moved up towards his face, and straddled onto the tip of his nose. Here it was; the lay she had been waiting for.
She took a firm grip to Pinocchio’s head and, with one thrust, forced herself down onto his hard, wooden nose.

A whimper of satisfaction escaped her lips has she drove the long and rigid object in and out of her body- Places inside her that were never meant to be touched were felt. All that the wooden boy could see was a glorious view of a princess’s opening, moving towards and away from his face repeatedly. Pinocchio thought that he could help out and, with one of his little wooden hands, began to rub Snow White in intimate places while she rode him.
Snow White felt herself getting wet as the wooden shaft of a nose slid in and out of her- only Pinocchio himself could see what was happening. Thick trails of white innocence crawled down his nose onto his face, occasional drips falling into his mouth. Snow rode the object on his face, sure to pleasure herself well before she had to go, with every thrust downwards, a high moan poured out of her delicate mouth.

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   Her  rosebud lips quivered with complete  satisfaction and one last thrust made her force a scream that echoed around the fairytale walls.
What seemed like a river, to Pinocchio, trailed down his nose onto his face and Snow pulled him out of her slowly, revealing a view that would please any wooden man, let alone boy. She sat slightly back on his face so that he could lick whatever work his nose had done for him. Still using his hand, he began to pleasure Snow White, and didn’t have to move anything but his tongue and fingers to bring her again.
As he drove his fingers in and out of Snow White, a rush of white water escaped her for a second time, choking Pinocchio on its syrup-like texture. The wooden boy licked and swallowed all that he could find- every last drop.
With her legs still wide open, Snow lent over and started to suck what she’d earlier worked upon. Rolling her tongue over the long, hard wood of Pinocchio’s nose, she tasted her own juices. As she finished sucking, the pair heard a noise. Snow, gathered her skirts and quickly got off of Pinocchio, breaking off his nose as she did so.
Two security guards cautiously peeped around the corner, not wanting to catch any tourists having a little too much fun. After hearing the shrieks of Snow White, they’d expected more than what they saw; Pinocchio laying on the ground, his clothes a little bit torn, and a ragged stump where his nose should’ve been. The guards looked at the wooden model, perplexed.
Snow disappeared around the corner, unnoticed, taking the wooden boy’s nose with her. A smile full of delight spread across her face.


   Now she had a new toy.



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