Exposing It


Jeffery had a problem and he knew it. For as long as he could remember he had the almost uncontrollable urge to expose his penis to strangers, and it would be just a matter of time until he was caught and punished. Last month he had had a close call when he showed his hardon to a middle aged lady in a grocery store parking lot. She screamed and he had just enough time to jump a fence and escape through a service station parking lot. That was the closest he had ever come to getting nailed and it worried him that he would take such a chance in such a busy area! Jeff not only had an urge to expose himself, he also was highly sexed and had an erection much of the time, so he usually had to jerk his dick off at least once a day behind the locked door of his office. Although he didn't have the longest cock he had ever seen, his cock was unusually thick and veined, at eight inches long and six and one half inches around, his was a very impressive piece of manhood to be sure. Later that week Jeff was in the public rest room in a downtown shopping mall when he felt the need to show his hardon to just about anyone. Usually he reserved his "show" forunsuspecting women, but today for some reason he felt like showing off to another male. A young man of about twenty five just had come out of a stall when Jeff turned to face him with his hard dick sticking proudly straight up in the air . The stranger gave Jeff's dick a long look and then slowly unzipped his own pants and pulled out his own pecker. It was obvious that this was a very large rig hanging out of the young man's pants. Silently he motion Jeff to follow him into the empty stall where they could compare boners in private. All though Jeff didn't consider himself to be gay, he certainly loved the sight of seeing these two big cocks side by side. The young man, who introduced himself as Tom, reached down and began stroking Jeff's hardness.

As Jeff leaned back against the wall Tom slipped to his knees and sucked Jeff's cock deep into his throat, and within seconds he was erupting down the throat of the young stranger, groaning as he emptied his balls of their hot cum.
At this point Jeff wasn't sure what was going to happen next, he didn't feel like sucking a cock and wondered what Tom would have in mind.

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   Before he could say anything, Tom quickly pulled down Jeff's pants and shorts and spun him around hard and just like that shoved his huge cock up his ass! Jeff struggled, but to no avail as Tom held him firmly in place as he began stroking in and out of Jeff's virgin asshole. Before long Jeff was began to get that familiar feeling in his pecker as he was getting the butt fucking of his life! He couldn't believe how much he loved being taken from the rear by this total stranger! As Tom pumped towards his orgasm, Jeff jerked wildly at his own fuck pole, and as Tom began to shake in the throes of his hard cum, Jeff blew a load all over the toilet wall!! As he slid to the floor Tom forced open his mouth and made him clean off his cum covered dick. Within a few minutes he shot another load down Jeff's throat, and then left him covered in cum on the rest room floor. In a daze, Jeff struggled to his feet and slowly walked to his car, but for the first time in a long time he didn't feel like showing his dick to anyone!
His asshole still burned from the hard fucking the stranger had given him, and he walked gingerly back to his apartment in obvious pain. He got into a hot bath and let his butt soak, slowly allowing the soreness to leave his aching body. Later on he ordered a pizza, and sat down to watch a football game on TV. The door bell rang, and Jeff answered it, fumbling for his money as he opened the door. The pizza delivery person was a young teenage girl of about eighteen years old, who stood in the corridor waiting for Jeff to pay her. Jeff didn't have the right change, and had to go into the bedroom to get some more, so he invited her in and went off to get some more cash.
    When he returned, he noticed how cute she looked, and decided to casually give her a glimpse of his pecker. He was only wearing a bathrobe, so it was easy to accidentally let it slip open to expose his now full erection, and the look on her face told him immediately that she was neither repulsed or disgusted at his behavior! She looked from his crotch to his eyes and back again, and then he offered, "Would you like to make and extra hundred dollar tip!?!" She nodded her head and dropped to her knees, taking the thick erection deep into her mouth, sucking on it like it was the last cock in the world! As she sucked, she shucked her shirt and bra, revealing a pair of upturned perky tits, firm and delectable, just the kind an older man would savor! She sucked hard for another minute or two, and when she felt his cock begin to shutter, she quickly pulled it from her mouth and jerked it hard on her young chest! His cum shot all over her boobs, dripping off her nipples and onto the floor! She got up, grabbed the corner of his robe, wiped off her tits, put on her clothes, and then announced, "That will be $114. 55, please!!!" Jeff laughed, pulled out a wad of cash, and gave her a hundred twenty and sent her on her way!
    He sat down to eat his pizza and thought, "Now that's a little easier on the asshole!!!"

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