Everything ive ever wanted


Chapter One: how it all starts
I walked up the stairs to the door of my first appointment, knowing that I am about to have fun. I knock on the door of my first appointment. No one comes to the door, so I go to the side gate, and down along until I get to the back lawn. There I see something wonderful, but very unexpected. Sophie, Amy and Camilla all sitting one the grass naked, with dildo’s and the like, licking each other and fooling around. I look closer and see that Sophie has her dog Emily between her legs, getting her to lick her cunt. I think to myself, how long I have fantasized about this moment, and how it was finally here.
I stand there, and drop my pants, reach down to my cock, about to stimulate it to an erection, when I realise that it is already spewing pre-cum. I rub the pre-cum on my hand, an guide it over my ass, making my ass nice and wet n tasty for Emily’s tongue later. I walk out to the four females including Emily who are eagerly awaiting my arrival so that the festivities can begin. I show myself to them with all 8” of my cock protruding. They all leap up in excitement, and move towards me, yearning for my cock. Camilla gets to me first, after being pushed forward by her mother, and so I pick her up, embrace her and kiss her, shoving my tongue down her throat.
The others sigh out of disappointment, but I remind them that they can play with Emily and another dog that I had ‘borrowed’ from the pound the night before. This dog was a German Shepard, with a cock much larger than mine - 12” long and 3” wide. But I don’t care, cos I’m not wanting to be butt fucked by a dog, I’m looking to get pussy and lots of it.

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I realise that I am still holding onto Camilla, and she is starting to get impatient with me. I put her down on the ground, and still holding her hand, lead her inside to play. I assured her mother that I would be gentle, as she was sooooo young and still very much a virgin. We go inside, and sit down on a big leather couch. Then I realise that I have no lube, and no one else brought some either. I tell Camilla to sit tight, and go to grab Emily from outside. I bring her in, and sit her down, allowing her to lick feverishly at my cock. Although delightful, it is not quite what I wanted. I brought her up off the floor, and turned her around in one quick action, put my finger in her pussy, poking it a few times, and then replaced it with my cock. She began bucking wildly back onto my cock, and I could feel the sensations running through my body. Oh well, its all wet n slippery now, so its back to Camilla.
I remove my cock from the depths of Emily’s vagina, and move my attention to Camilla. I begin licking and lightly finger fucking her pussy. She moans slightly, and lightly bucks her hips in a reaction. I move up over her now, and start rubbing my cock head up against her tight cunt hole.

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   She shivers with delight, and urges me on. I tell her that this is going to hurt no matter what, and it is probably better if I plunge all my cock straight into her, in one quick motion. She nods her head in agreement, and I position myself for a quick entry. I place my cock head in the opening of her vagina, between her pussy lips. Then with one almighty push, I enter my entire cock into her, right down to the hilt. She screams in agony, and I hug her, consoling her as she adjusts to the pain, tears rolling down her beautiful cheeks. After a minute of two, she indicates to me that it no longer hurt, and after giving it a few slight jabs for good measure, I remove my cock from her, and place her up on the couch. She is puzzled, and doesn’t know why I stopped. My eyes move their gaze from her eyes, to a large male sex doll that belongs to her mother. I pick her up, and move her over to it. I lay it down on the floor with its back to the floor and get her to move on top of it straddling its 7” hard cock. She although in heaven, still looks puzzled. I now move behind her, rub my cock, gaining some milky white residue of Emily’s vagina still on my cock, and then using it, force two fingers up her ass. She screams in pain, and begs for me to stop, but I keep going, knowing that soon she will like it. I stop, and descend down onto her.

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   I hold my cock steady, and guide it down into her ass. She now again screams with pain, and I see some blood running from the inside of her ass cheek. No worries, that’s normal for a virgin ass. I then quickly begin to fuck her blindly, and pound her little body and I ram my 8” bulging member up her tiny, tight asshole. After 18 minutes, I begin to feel my orgasm building, and know that I am not too far from climax. I look down and see her face, one of beauty and of utter fulfilment. She was enjoying it, and had already had repeated orgasms. I tell her that I am about to cum, and that I will be doing it in her ass. She doesn’t seem to mind, and just starts bucking back onto my cock, perhaps to increase intensity of my pleasure and ensure that I shoot a huge load. I feel my balls tighten up, and realise that the time was now. I planted my cock as deep as I could into her rectum, and then let my cum rip through her. I came like I had never cum before. 18 times I shot my load into her virgin asshole, and by the end, her ass was full and overflowing. I removed my cock, and replaced it with a butt plug, informing her that I wished for her to keep his until later. I called Emily over, and she licked at my cock and Camilla’s pussy, attempting to taste all of our juices.

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After this, I needed a bit of help to get back my raging cock, quickly and making sure it was huge and strong. I took half a pack of Viagra, even though I don’t need it, and then placed my cock in my penis pump, and began to increase suction. I quickly grew back to my original size, but didn’t stop there. I continued to grow until my cock got up to the end of the pump. A full 12”, and it had been transformed from 2” wide, to four. I knew exactly what I was going to do with this. Sophie was to be my next playmate.
I walked outside, with my larger than normal raging boner, which I had to admit was making me dizzy, and walked over to Sophie. She had not seen me, being to busy sucking the cock of max, the German Shepard. As I came up behind her, I noticed that her pussy was most ripe for the taking, and so proceeded to ram my newly invigorated cock straight up her tight pussy. She gave a moan of appreciation as she pushed back onto my cock, burying it in her, far enough to reach her cervix. With that, I picked her up of the ground, still maintaining the tie I had with her, and carried her into the house where I lowered her onto the ground, placing her in the missionary position. I plunged my cock into her gaping pussy over and over as she had continuous orgasms shown by the many spurts of cum, and the sudden jerks of her head and back. She was a damn good fuck. She brought her hips up to meet every one of my forward thrusts, and held a tight grip on my cock with her cunt walls.

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   After about 30min, but hat seemed an age, I began to once more feel the sense of tingling in my loins, and began to spew pre-cum all through her pussy. I decided that I wanted to fuck her face, and so moved around her, and descended on her in the 69 position, placing my cock straight down her throat, jerking it back and forth making her gag. I was very impressed, as she was able to take my entire cock, straight away (she must practise on horses or something). I pulled her face up to meet my cock for one final thrust, bringing my cock deeper down into her mouth than before, and I held her there for as long as she could bare, turning blue and running short of oxygen I let go for a moment before again plummeting back down her throat, and into her upper chest. I was so deep that my testicles were now touching the back of her mouth. I held her there for a few moments, stopping her from getting away from my cock. She began to get distressed as she tried desperately to get some air. I gave in, bringing my cock out of her mouth, then ramming it back down about 20 times, each as fierce as the first, giving her time enough to take breathe in between. Still, now my cock was just as big, 12” and 4”. Continuing my fascination with a female’s anus, I decided that this again would be the perfect place to shoot my seed. However, Sophie was yet another unsuspecting ass virgin, and my cock being so much bigger now, got a much greater response. I grabbed her at the hips, and positioned my cock, and then with two thrusts of my cock, I was in all the way. The screaming and movement was intense, as she struggled against me to be released from the agonising pain of being anally fucked for the first time. But I had no intention of letting her go. I repeatedly rammed my cock deeper and deeper into her ass, until she started to show signs of pleasure.

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   She began to buck wildly against my cock, using her hand to play with her pussy and my balls. This just set me off. Out of nowhere, I started convulsing, and my cock spewed out humongous amounts of cum. It filled up Sophie’s ass, and trickled down her thighs to the floor. I stayed with my cock in her ass for a moment, and then brought it out for her to clean off. She lapped it up enthusiastically, trying not to lose any to the dog. After she had cleaned my sufficiently, I brought her close to me, entering her pussy, and holding her tightly, as we cuddled, combined for several minutes. It was amazing, lying there together, slowly fucking again, and kissing. I have never felt such pleasure and satisfaction ever in my life. I was in heaven.
Chapter Two: a very unexpected pleasure
I awoke half an hour or so later, and found that I was still tied to Sophie, and she was still there, asleep. However, something seemed wrong. I could hear shouting and as I looked outside, I could see Sophie’s sister on the lawn arguing with Amy, who was still totally naked. I realised that she must have seen us already so didn’t bother to try and hide. Sophie did tell me that her sister was coming to visit her, but not this soon.

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   Oh well, ill have to try and solve it.
I removed my cock from Sophie’s cunt hole, and proceeded on outside, thinking of how I was going to explain this to her sister. I walked outside, and told Sophie’s sister, who was very angry, that this had never happened before and would never happen again, and that she should please not tell bob, not for my sake, but for their marriage, as it was almost certain that bob was in a hotel room in Brisbane right now fucking some young local prostitute. She sighed and waved her hand, and I realised that I had won. But I also realised that she was staring down at my cock, covered in a mixture of Sophie’s cum, sweat and spit.
    All of a sudden she grabbed at my cock, quite hard actually and using it to pull me, she took me inside. Once inside, she pushed me towards the floor, near Sophie and told me to fuck her till she wakes up, and then I was to fuck her, and after that she would be fine about our activities. She told me that she had always wanted to watch Sophie fuck Bob, but that this is much better because my cock was sooooo much bigger than his. I did what I was told, but it wasn’t like anyone would have had to force me. I got down next to Sophie and thrust my hips upwards, sending my raging boner straight into her still tight pussy. I thrust away, and she was soon awake, but for some reason not worried at seeing her sister stare back at her, but pleasantly delighted.
    The first part of the deal was done, and so I stood up, and grabbed Sabrina’s head and thrust my cock down her throat. She gagged a great deal, and so I then spun her around, put my arms around her waist, and thrust into the depth of her ass. She screamed, and begun to take wild swings at me, to fight me off. I was much to strong for her, and put her in a full nelson, and forcing her to kneel in doggy position as I pumped her furiously.

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       I didn’t really care about this bitch. She had threatened to ruin my fun and so she must pay with blood. She did, her anal cavity was raw and full of blood when I was finished with her, but she seemed to be content now, realising that she had made a bug mistake, and had no real choice in what would happen next. For her it was totally unexpected.
    Before Sabrina had seen everyone, Amy had taken Max inside to another room, so she had no idea that we had dogs here, and were using them for sex. I signalled for Amy to go get max, and when she came back out, crawling alongside max, stroking his cock to full erection, Sabrina realised what was about to happen. I grabbed her in a bear hug, and turned so I was lying back to the floor, and she was on top of me. I positioned my cock and thrust it up her ass, then beckoned Max over to us. Sabrina looked horrified, and began to kick at max as he approached. Amy grabbed her legs, and I her arms, and we held her down into place. Sophie guided max to her sister and then pushed his cock inside her cunt. He needed no more help and proceeded to fuck the absolute shit out of Sabrina. The movement of Max’s huge cock in and out of her cunt continuously rubbed against mine, and caused me to cum repeatedly in her ass. After a while, max started to slow down, and then he tied with Sabrina, making her scream with pain as a ball about 6” wide entered her cunt with no care at all. After this max emptied his cum all through her cunt, totally filling her up, and with the power of a hose, it shot out of any gap in her cunt.

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       At this, Sophie had her final climax, and fell in a heap on top of me. I kept on fucking her ass until my cock was reduced to nothing more than a limp example of its former. I could tell she liked it, as she arched her back and still slowly grinded down on me. Everyone was spent, even Amy who had got Emily to lick her pussy out repeatedly.
    I called Amy over to me and told her to suck on my cock, to which she happily obliged.
    Chapter Three: The Girls are even happier
    A knock came at the door, and I jumped up to answer it, knowing perfectly well who it was. I had recently found on the Internet, a couple of very feminine, big cocked Shemale’s who were interested in women, men and bestiality. I had been talking to them for a bit, and told them of my plans with the other women and dogs. When they told me they loved doing stuff like that, I jumped at the chance and asked them around. Well, they aren’t just for the ladies pleasure. They are here for the dogs to, but I am also bi curious, and so will be having fun with them myself. I would be both giving and receiving all things imaginable.
    Well, the two of them saw my cock and went for it right there on the doorstep. I gestured for them to come in, and they followed me. Their names were Carol and Renata.

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       The other women didn’t know or realise that they were really men, and so got a huge shock when they both removed their clothes and revealed beautiful feminine bodies, but with 10” cock solid cocks on each of them. I just couldn’t resist, and so grabbed Renata at the waist, turned her around, and shoved my cock straight up her ass. I pulverised her ass, and as I fucked her from behind, Sophie had moved forward and was sucking her cock, while Amy was sucking Carol off.
    I told Renata to go over to where Emily was and fuck her. She looked at me and then smiled a devilish smile then went over to the Border collie and fucked her. Sophie had asked me to bring Emily into the world of double penetration, and now that was possible. I grabbed Emily away from Renata, and shoved my cock in her pussy. Then I got Renata to ease her cock right into Emily’s ass. The dog screamed and howled, but it did little good. We both bashed away at the tiny collie, until we had worn ourselves out.



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