Erotic Moments II


She leaned in with a little smirk and he leaned in to join in a kiss. Letting their lips touch gently, they both felt tingle all the way to their toes. His tongue began to gently roll around on her lip and then he moved up slightly to kiss her nose.

His hand was dancing on her thigh at the same time his lips were kissing her face and she could feel the heat in her rise. Jen let her hand slide over to his leg as well and began to massage the thigh just above the knee, and Ian could feel more than heat rise. Their lips met once again and she let her tongue dance slowly with his before running it over his lips, this sent shudders down his body and they continued to kiss like that for a little while. His hand still working higher on her thigh till it was just below her now moistening center. Jen moaned lightly as he moved his kisses across her face and whispered in her ear. His whispered to let him know if she became uncomfortable. Jen was unable to think clearly, but not really sure if she was uncomfortable or not. She shivered as his hand went up under her shirt and touched the warm bare skin of her stomach, and his kisses moved about her face gently, as his fingers danced ever closer to her breasts. Jen had only put on a stretch type top under her other top the hold her breasts in place, so there wasn't much between Ian and the fleshy mounds that now begged to be touched. Jen moaned a little louder as his fingers moved up under the bottom of the tube top, and touched her soft mounds, one at a time, gently he massaged and caressed each of them right to the nipple, which now was a nice rubbery hard tip. The touch sent many electric shocks through her body and she felt a familiar itch in her groin area. Ian was suddenly brought back to reality as her hand found the top of his pants, had undone the belt, and now her fingers moved toward his hard member. His cock seemed to reach up to her fingers as they moved down, awaiting that final contact with the flesh.

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   He was groaning into her ear as she egan to move her fingers over his hord cock inside the pants. Jen now moaned audibly as Ians fingers had moved inside her panties and caressed the mound ever so softly. Slowly he let his fingers move down to follow the soft fur and the very crack between her mound lips. His fingers could feel the heat from her middle as he began to let his fingers move into the soft hot crevice of her pussy. Slowly feeling around till he felt that familiar little lump that would send her into sheer estacy. Ian now groaned loudly as jen took her hand and slowly wrapped it around his cock and began to very deliberately move it up and down. He could feel every part of him tingle as she sucked his tongue into her mouth and began to carress it like she would eventually do to his hot rod. He was beyond caring about the door sounds from other cars now. Jen let out a big sigh as his fingers moved back and forth on the little button that he had found, the moistness in her crotch kept his fingers lubricated for the task. He would move it back and forth a little and then he would take it in between the thumb and forefinger and move it up and down. Jen's butt was all over the seat now as she groaned with sheer pleasure at what was building in her body. Ian now was at full attention on his goals and his erection was throbbing in her soft grip, suddenly she changed the position of her hand so it was over the top and her thumb to the back of the cock and the other fingers in front, the head in her palm. She began to mover her fingers and thumb left and right and Ian moaned his pleasure as he felt his stomach begin to tighten again. Now his fingers worked faster as he manipulated Jen's clit at a very quickened pace. Jen was taking deep breaths nows and almost gasping in between, and Ian was gasping in his own way.

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   His butt was arching up to keep pace with her fingers moving back and forth over his cock, and she was grinding into his manipulating fingers. Suddenly she layed tightly back against the seat took in a deep breath, held it for a few seconds and then, as she stiffened all over , she let out a really long breath with a big sigh. ian was tightening too, as Jen came she had sped up her movements as well. ian now felt the sudden urge he always felt, tightening in the balls and then the pulsing as his sperm hit her palm and trickled down her fingers. They sat there for what seemed an eternity, then slowly leaned in and kissed a long deep kiss. when they came up for air, Ian suggested that they go get a change of clothes before going to the park. Jen removed her hand from his pants and she smirked as she took her fingers and slowly and deliberately she sucked each one of them into her mouth and cleaned off all his sperm with her tongue. She was then ready for the next stage. . . . . . . .

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