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Chris answered shortly and looked surprised to see me. He was shirtless and I noticed the six pack he had been hiding from me. Loose running shorts were all he had on and I began wondering what he was surprises were hidden under those. We stood there for a minute just looking at each other when I realized why I had come and thrust the plate of cupcakes forward. "Did you make these?" Chris asked smiling. I returned his smile and nodded. "Well do you have time to come in and have one with me?"I grinned coyly and replied, "Of course I do". Chris led me into the duplex. It was a cookie cutter of our half only high decorated with lots of curtains, pictures, and knick knacks here and there. I sat down on the couch and listened to Chris rattle around in the kitchen. He came back with the cupcakes and two glasses of lemonade. We chatted about the weather and work all the while my eyes roamed his face and body. The last bite of my cupcake proved to be very messy and a drop of icing felt right onto the crest of my breasts that rose above my sports bra. I giggled nervously and reached for a napkin on the coffee table. Before I could get to the napkin Chris leaned over close to my chest. I caught my breath as he leaned down and carefully removed the icing with his tongue.

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   Hearing the catch in my breath encouraged him and he slowly began kissing his way up and around my neck. He moved to my ear and began nibbling and kissing the lobe. I leaned into the couch and let him continue his exploration of my neck. I could hardly believe my fantasy was finally coming true and the wetness I was feeling between my legs was confirming my desire for this beautiful man. Chris moved his mouth to mine and pressed firmly. I eagerly returned his kiss and let my tongue slip pass his lips to show my approval. Our tongues danced and I felt his hands slide up my sides and to my neck and hair. He ran his hands through my hair while we kissed and my fingers slipped to the back of his neck finally finding there mark and moving into his soft hair. I gasped as his hands found my breasts and began kneading them through the material of my sports bra. He pushed my bra up eagerly and I raised my hands as he pulled it over my head letting my breast spring free. My nipples stood at proudly, eager for his attention. Leaning to kiss me again he took my hand and rose from the couch. He led me down the hall to the bedroom and pulled me down onto the bed with him. He assaulted me again with kisses with his hands pulling pinching at my nipples. I couldn’t wait any longer so I removed his mouth from my lips and guided his head to my eager nipples.

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   He smiled at my forwardness and began to suck and lick my nipples fervently. As he nursed at my breast I found his raging hard on and began rubbing it through his thin shorts. He moaned in approval as I rubbed back and forth from his thighs to his cock. Releasing his mouth from my nipples he began kissing his way down my stomach. His tongue darted in and out of my navel and then continued its pursuit downward. When he reached the top of my pants he used his hands to tug them as he continued kissing. He paused only to remove my pants completely and immediately moved his mouth to my wet thong. He licked my pussy through the thin material causing me to moan and move on the bed. Grabbing the string of my thong with his teeth he pulled them off and then began assaulting my pussy with his beautiful tongue. His tongue darted in and around my clit as he kissed and licked. I moaned with delight as he found my nub and began sucking and licking it with all his might. I felt an orgasm building and groaned as he pushed a finger into me. The sensation brought me to a powerful orgasm. I screamed and shuddered as my cum ran onto his face. He smiled up at me as he licked me clean.

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   Standing facing me he removed his shorts and boxers in one swift move showing me what I had been dreaming of.
    His thick 8 inch cock stood at attention, twitching with anticipation. As my orgasm subsided I found the words to speak. “Fuck me baby, please, please fuck me”, I pleaded. Chris wasted no time giving me what I had asked for. He climbed onto the bed and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. Lining up his cock with my dripping hole he slowly slid it in. I whimpered as his girth began to fill me, but smiled through the discomfort. My tight pussy gripped his shaft as he began to pump in and out of me slowly. Immediately I could feel the pressure building again but Chris had no intentions of rushing. His movements remained slow and steady as he grabbed and pulled at my nipples and tits. After several minutes of this my body began to yearn for more. “Harder, please fuck me harder,” I screamed, bucking into him. This time he was ready to give me what I wanted and he began slamming into me. I screamed and moaned in pleasure as his hard dick plunged in and out of my tight, hot pussy.

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       The feeling of his balls slapping against me was driving me insane and I felt the impending orgasm building in me. Chris’s breath became labored and I knew he too was almost there. “Cum with me baby, cum with me,” he cried as I felt his prick tense. Just as I felt him begin to cum he jammed a finger into my ass. This was all I needed to give me a mind bending orgasm. I screamed and thrashed as I felt his cum squirt in torrents into my hot tunnel. As our orgasms subsided he removed his finger from my ass and lay on top of me. He left his cock in me so I could feel it convulse. I put my arms around him and rubbed his back slowly as our breathing returned to normal. Eventually he rolled next to me and pulled me to him, kissing me again soft and slow. I sighed and snuggled into his chest. Smiling at him I giggled and said, “I think I’m making cookies tomorrow. Want some?”He grinned and leaned in to kiss me. “You bet,” he whispered. Please give your comments.

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       I plan on writing more on my adventures with Chris and would love feedback. .



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