Drunk Honeymoon


My name's Cindy, I'm 34, married with 2 kids. I've got DD tits and a pretty good fiure for a 34 year old, I like to think my legs and ass are still great for my age. I'm married to John, who's 35, the perfect husband, also in great shape, with good strong arms and an excellent body. Recently, however, our marriage had stagnated a little, things weren't quite so good in the bedroom and John suggested a second honeymoon would do us both good.
I agreed to a night away in a 5 star hotel in Paris, the most romantci destination we could think of.
The day before we went away I shopping with my sister, Lucy, who is 30. She's single, but with a different man every week. IO bought a low cut, short cocktail dress, two new mini skirts and a selection of lingerie. I bought a silk bra and pantie set, a babydoll and a suspender set in Ann Summers and I felt I was pretty ready for our weekend away.
We arrived in Paris in the early afternoon and spent the day sightseeing. It was really pretty dull but I kept showing John my panties to get him excited for the night.
As night fell we went back to the hotel and I put on my miniskirt and a tight top as well as my silk bra and panties. John was wearing jeans and a casual shirt. We decided to go around the city visiting different pubs and clubs and get a little drunk.
The first pub we arrived in was great and I had a few WKD's, the second club I had a pint of beer and by the third club I was feelig a littel buzzed. John bought me a vodka coke and I went up to the bar for another while he danced.

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   I was approached by a blond guy, about 25. "Hey babe," he said "want to go outside) he winked at me.
My pulse began to race, would I dare to cheat on my husband. At the end of the day I was really to drunk to care and I followed him out back. He started kissing me and put his hand up my skirt, I moaned as he felt my pussy. He pulled my panties down and forced his huge cock inside me, I screamed with pleasure and we fucked against the wall.
I got back to John pretty buzzed and asked him for a whiskey, which he bought me. I had another and then another and by the time closing time came I was pretty pissed. I bought a bottle of wine before the bar closed and we left to start to go back to the hotel.
We hadn't enough money for a cab so we walked, I was drinking the wine and staggering along, crashing into bins and lamposts and so on. John was pretty drunk too and he kept slapping my ass and saying "You're so fucking sexy" over and over again.
I was almost finished the wine when he spanked me again and I fell over. I screamed with hysterical laughter as I lay on the ground and tried to get up, I couldn't so I started crawling along, my skirt up around my waist. John tickled me and a screamed with laughter and pissed myself, I couldn't stop laughing at this and John eventually picked me up and draped my arm around his shoulders Together we staggared back to the hotel.

    We got into the room and John said "you drunk little bitch" and pushed me onto the bed and started undressing me.

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       I managed to grab the champagne bseide the bed and open it. I started drinking it as John plunged his cock into me "YES!" I screamed "Fuck me you sexy bastard"
    "You like that do you bitch?" he asked as he turned me over and spanked me ass. "Fuck yes!" I yelled
    I mounted him and bounced up and down on his cock, still drinking my champagne "Oh fuck!" he moaned "this is so fucking good!"
    "shut up" I yelled before laughing hysterically.  I jumped on him again and he pounded my pussy. By  this stage I was drunk out of my mind and I screamed as he off loaded into me"FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK YES! Fuck me you sexy bastard" before I fell asleep
    We woke up the next day with hugh hangovers, stayed in bed all day having sex and then did it again the next night. I hope we have another weekend away soon!