Doing Christina Milian


“Well aren’t you going to come in for a coffee?” said Christina to Todd. He was hardly gonna say no to spending time with the sexy singer.
As Todd waited on the sofa, Christina came in with two glasses. “I’ll be back in a minute” she said smiling at him. Todd wasn’t getting carried away. He knew the black temptress was seeing Nick. Other than the fact he was famous and had ten times his money, Todd knew Nick and Christina were very much in love with each other.
A figure appeared in the doorway. He turned to see Christina in a satin gown. Adjusting his collar uncomfortably, Christina laughed as she walked towards him hips swaying. Sitting down next to him, the gown did nothing to hide her slim sexy thighs.
Christina picked up her glass as the pair chatted. After a while she asked Todd if he could massage her shoulders after her long day. Todd came round and met her request. As he hovered over her, he couldn’t help but sneak a peak down her gown to look at her fantastic breasts, but being the gentleman he was he didn’t try anything.
As Todd went to the kitchen to get more sugar, he took a deep breath.

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   They say men think about sex every six seconds; he was well up on that. Even though he thought Christina had the face of a teen, her body was all woman.
Heading back to the room, Todd stopped in the doorway. “You’re such a good boy. Come and get your treat” said Christina childishly. She was on all fours, completely naked having ditched the gown, presenting her beautiful ass to Todd.
“What about Nick?” said Todd.
“What about him?”
Todd knew the score; running up behind her, he unzipped his fly and unleashed his ten inch boner. Christina smiled at how well endowed he was. Todd smiled even more when he slammed it up her pussy. He looked down on his brown pubes meeting her hole before fucking her hard.
Christina’s ample breasts swayed as he drove his cock up inside her. “OH! That’s it Todd! Do me baby!” said Christina. He needed no encouragement and plunged it in deeper making her scream. Todd now slid into Christina’s soaked pussy with ease as he reached over to grab her tits, making a loud thwack with every thrust against Christina’s beautiful ass.

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“Oh shit! Oh god! Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!!” Todd obliged. The room built up a musky scent from their lusty lovemaking. Aware of his rising cum, he pulled Christina’s ponytail to go deeper.
The beautiful body he was doing was too much for him and after four more hard thrusts, Todd withdrew his dick before firing an arc of sperm over Christina’s back. The horny couple collapsed on top of each other.
“Phew that was fun! I need a shower!” said Christina (not least because her back was covered in cum).
    Todd looked on a little dejected.
    “Well aren’t you going to join me?” she said. Todd laughed as he stripped and they took to the bathroom.
    Once in the shower, Christina turned to Todd and ran her hands over his powerful chest. “That’s quite a six pack you have there” she said as she starting kissing his chest all over. Todd’s cock that had momentarily started to flail, sprang to life again.
    “Oh look who’s come to play!” Christina knelt down in front of Todd and licked his cock, before kissing the whole length. Standing up again she pressed her chest against his. Todd looked down on Christina’s huge mammary glands and sucked on her left nipple.

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       Christina held his head against her breasts as he passionately devoured her.
    Todd worked his way upwards towards her neck, kissing her tender skin. Picking Christina up by her thighs, he lined his cock up with her pussy. Sliding it in for the second time, Todd pushed her breasts together. TO BE CONTINUED