Doing Christina Milian pt IV


The frisky foursome regained their breath, watching Todd’s cum dripping from Jessica’s pussy.
“Well lone ranger, you sure got this dame excited” said the blonde.
Rhianna and Jessica started dressing; something about not wanting to outstay their welcome (!?).
They both kissed Todd, and his dick before making their way out. He was alone with Christina again as they lay in her bed. Todd thanked the petite beauty for the great sex she had set up.
“Oh, you ain’t seen the best yet” she said. Christina then slid down the bed and licked Todd’s penis which had momentarily gone limp. She wrapped her lips around his semi as she began sucking his cock. Blowing more and more life into his member, Christina suddenly got up and………. . got dressed.
“I’ll leave you in safe hands” said Christina as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. And with this she left the house, winking at him through the window.
Todd laughed to himself as he started to dress. Suddenly there was a ring at the door.

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Though only in his boxers, Todd went to the door and opened it…. .
……There stood the sexy girl group, Girls Aloud. The ladies were wearing tight fitting white blouses and short black skirts with high heels & suspenders that exposed their sexy thighs. Everything about them read sex.
“Well aren’t you going to let us in” said Cheryl. He waved them in.
Cheryl was Todd’s favourite. Though controversial, he knew there wasn’t a man in the country who didn’t want to fuck her. The kind you would cheat on your woman with, every time. Even if she walked in on you, you would carry on fucking Cheryl in front of her face.
With increased confidence he asked the girls; “So how do you like it?”
The girls looked shocked. Sarah put her finger against his lips; “We’ll always get what WE want. ”
The girls shoved Todd onto the bed and ripped his boxers off to reveal his fully erect ten inch penis. Cheryl pulled off her underwear and still otherwise fully clothed, jumped on his dick and started riding him.

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Sarah unbuttoned the top of her blouse, undid her bra and placed her large breasts over his face; Todd suckled them as Cheryl rode his cock. Nadine took off her suspenders and slid her sexy legs across his face, before straddling his face. Todd grabbed her heavenly thighs before sinking his tongue into her snatch.
Kimberley tenderly kissed his body all over, while Nicola licked his balls, with Cheryl in motion above her.
Now he might have already come three times but this was too much and with Cheryl’s shaven pussy grinding down on his cock three more times, Todd came firing his hot spunk inside Cheryl.
The girls fought to lick the cum off his throbbing cock.
Todd grabbed Nadine and throwing her to the bed he started fucking her hard. Cheryl came round and started kissing the Irish sex bomb as she got screwed.
Sarah grappled his back as he ground into the beauty. Meanwhile Cheryl and Kimberley lay back on the bed encouraging Todd to fuck three of them at the same time…. . and he did just that. Giving each ten good thrusts in turn, he slammed his dick into Nadine, Cheryl and Kimberley.
The pop beauties moaned in pleasure as the one man satisfied their carnal desires. He fucked Cheryl the hardest, knowing she was cheating on her fiancé.

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   Nicola embraced the girls as they got the break from his dick, with Sarah continuing to grapple his back.
Feeling the cum rising again, Todd withdrew and rammed his penis into Nadine’s mouth before coming with force, the sexy star nearly choking on his cum.
As the only two girls who hadn’t had Todd inside them, he firstly encouraged Nicola forward who looked a lot sexier these days and then shook the feisty Sarah off his back.
Todd screwed the babes in turn in the wheelbarrow position as Cheryl licked his dick and balls and Nadine kissed his shoulders and rubbed his body.
He fucked Sarah hard making her scream, the sweat pouring off her horny body. Nicola begged him to go easy on her but he ignored their pleas as Kimberley kissed him.
Suddenly Todd pulled the filthy Cheryl’s face towards his cock. He forced her head onto his cock against her will, pulling her pretty face on and off him but she got the picture and started sucking.
Pushing her away he carried on fucking Sarah and Nicola as before until he felt ready to explode.
Ordering the all the girls except Nicola to lie around in a circle on the floor he slid his cock into her four more times before withdrawing and shooting his cum all over the five sex goddesses; their hair, faces and bodies drenched in wave after wave of creamy spunk.
Todd fell back after his sixth climax as the girls jumped him, smearing his own cum over him and Christina’s floor and furniture. The lusty six kissed and cuddled after a marathon session of sex.



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