Doing Christian Milian pt III


Collapsing in a heap after their steamy session, Todd, Rhianna and Christina made for the shower…again.
As the girls rinsed their hair and bodies clean of his cum they couldn’t help but notice he was still as hard as a rock.
“You don’t know when you’re done do you” said Christina. Todd looked on innocently.
“Just as well…. ” She said.
The three got out and dried each other. At this point, Christina noticed that Rhianna had missed a bit on her ear and without warning…. licked it off.
Suddenly they heard the cracking of a whip coming from outside the bathroom. Oh hell, here comes Nick thought Todd. The door flung open.
“Can I get a yeehah?” There stood Jessica Simpson in her skimpy cowgirl outfit from the Dukes of Hazard.
“My my, what have we got going on here, and who is this fine young stallion. ”
Todd kissed Christina. She had done it again….

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Jessica thwacked her pert ass, as if to get some encouragement, making the girls giggle. She then fired her whip in Todd’s direction.
“Ow!” he shouted. Trying to grab Jessica, she countered; “If you want me you gotta catch me!” Cue a chase around the house, Todd was quick but Jessica was quicker. But he wasn’t complaining; it gave him a great view of her sexy ass swaying as they ran from room to room.
“Come on cowboy, can’t you keep up?”
Finally, Todd caught the beauty and grabbing her by her arms, pinned her to the table. Jessica pretended to try and bite him with animal desire. “You’re a feisty one” said Todd.
The pair groped frantically, as he hiked her skirt up and squeezed that amazing ass. Todd worked his way to her chest and fed hungrily on her awesome breasts.
Jessica pushed him away, and ripped off her clothes. She stood in the pink bikini from the car wash scene. Christina threw her a wet sponge and she rubbed her horny body with it, making her body moist and inviting. She licked her lips.
“Now I want some cock” whispered a lusty Jessica.

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Todd swivelled her body around so her stomach rested against the table.
“Oh tiger!”
Undoing her bikini bottoms, he rammed his cock into Jessica’s pussy making her moan. Putting on her rodeo hat, Todd started fucking America’s sweetheart.
“Yeehah!” he shouted as he hit her ass with each thrust of his dick. Jessica laughed and started neighing. This only turned him on even more.
Rhianna sat on the table, spreading her thighs invitingly for the blonde bombshell. Jessica lowered her head and sunk her tongue into her thatch as Todd fucked her harder. Christina came up behind him and rubbed her boobs against his side before retreating to the sofa where she started to masturbate.
Todd’s cock now soaked in Jessica’s juices had stopped her laughing as she began to moan with pleasure.
“Oh Todd, oh baby, aah!”
As he slammed into the Texan beauty, he noticed her pink bikini top getting looser and looser until the straps gave way and her big boobs fell onto the table in front of her.

    Rhianna groped the sexy blonde running her fingers through her hair as Todd did her from behind. He could see Christina out of the corner of his eye on the verge of a climax.
    Aware of his own rising cum, he picked up Jessica by her sexy golden thighs and starting humping her against the wall.
    “Aah! Ah! Oh god!” groaned Jessica as he became more violent.

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       She held on tightly to his back as he drilled her. Christina had come on the sofa and Rhianna playing with her pussy was not far behind.
    “Come with me baby, come with me!” begged Jessica.
    Finally pushing his cock as far as he could into Jessica, Todd’s body jerked and he growled firing jet after jet of hot cum up Jessica’s pussy. She came simultaneously digging her nails into his back as Rhianna climaxed.
    Jessica fell forward into Todd’s arms as the horny lovers kissed. Rhianna and Christina joined them in some post-coital passion.