Dinner and a Movie (A Fantasy of Revenge)


You possess strategic knowledge over your opponent, and it gives you the advantage every time. Knowing I melt at the very sight of you smoking, especially in public where I can do very little about it, always puts the proverbial “ball (or in this case; BALLS) in your court. ” But I don't mind. I'm a good loser. I look forward to jumping over the net to congratulate the victor by. . . FUCKING THE LIVING HELL OUT OF HER PUSSY when we're finally alone!Anyway, here's the fantasy;We're sitting at our table in the restaurant. We've just ordered our meal. There are a few moments of silence during which we look deeply into each other’s eyes. I can only gaze upon your exquisite facial features with a kind of awe and dumbstruck reverence. I'm captivated completely by the sexual beauty it projects. I'm already losing this "match. " My cock instantly stiffens under the fabric of my slacks, as I watch you pluck a cigarette from your pack. Even the graceful way you hold the cigarette between your fingers brings a throb to my dick, and pre-cum starts to coat the inside of my pants. In a sexy whisper, you ask me for a light before placing the filter between perfectly painted lips.

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   People are milling about. Waiters are dropping trays. Silverware clanks against flatware during the dinner rush. The world continues on around us with its unpredictable regularity. But my attention is riveted to those full lush lips making contact with that lucky filter (Huh. . . ”Lucky Filter. ” Unintentional humor there. Sorry. ). My hands are noticeably trembling as I clumsily strike the flint of my lighter and bring the flame to touch the tip of your cigarette. You steady my hand with your own, knowing full well what is happening to my composure, and draw in the first drag. You know you've won. Even before you exhale the heady cloud into my face, you are aware that the game is in your favor.

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   Then the naughty and torturous side of your personality begins to emerge. You decide at that point to tease me almost to the moment of climax, but never intending to bring me off. . . never intending to put me out of my misery. You drop the hand holding the lipstick-stained cigarette into my lap, and grasp the aching head of my boner through the soaked fabric. “This is too easy. ” you mutter under your breath, as your tight squeezing grip brings a stifled groan from my dry lips. My dick is standing straight up by then. I let out a moan as you begin squeezing and fucking just the bloated head with your hand. Smoke from your cigarette rises up to my face. And I start to feel the explosion fast approaching. At this point, I'm bucking my hips, trying to fuck the cloth-covered head of my throbbing boner into your squeezing fist. I'm just about to erupt a huge load of cum through my pants and all over your hand, when you suddenly and purposefully pull your hand away, leaving me to shake and shutter at the very edge of blissful relief!“Later, my darling,” you say with a wry smile playing upon your lips. “There will be plenty of time for this later, back at our room.

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  ” I almost feel as though I'm playing the part of "Gomez" to your "Morticia" in a twisted scene from an episode of "The Addams Family. " I think Charles Addams would not have published this in his comic strip, though!I sit there in disbelief, looking into your eyes. My mind is trying to justify how you can be so intentionally cruel. Both frustration and anger replace the feeling of complete ecstasy I was experiencing only moments before. And I find myself caught between wanting to grab your hand and place it around my jerking prick once again forcing you to jack my stiff cock, or finishing the job myself! Instead, I muster what is left of my dignity and self-control. I calm myself down and begin to concoct a plan to rectify this injustice. Then it all crystallizes in my brain! Just like a fortuneteller gazing into a crystal ball, the future presents itself to me in unquestionable clarity! The exact same load of hot cum you are denying me from blowing off into my pants. . . That same sticky jit, will end up exploding in fat lines across your sexy face. . . . In the theater. .

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  . Yes! The dark movie theater! THERE is where revenge will become mine!The theater is crowded as expected. I can hardly contain myself as we make our way into the lobby. The ticket taker rips both tickets in half and hands our halves back to us. I suggest getting popcorn before finding our seats. You think that this is a good idea. So we walk up to the candy concession and I order the largest tub available. With tub in hand, I lead the way into the darkened theater. We immediately find secluded seats in the middle of a back row in the smoking section of an upper balcony. (Hey, this is my fantasy. This theater allows smoking, okay?)After sidestepping our way into the row, we sit in our seats and begin to get settled in. Just before you can light your first cigarette, I stop you. “Ah honey! I forgot. ” I say in a whining tone. “Soda! I forgot to get us something to drink.


   Could you be a sweetheart and go get us a large soft drink?”“Sure, I'll be right back. Keep my seat warm. And DON’T eat all the popcorn. ” you say in a motherly scold, as you rise from the seat, lean down and give me a sexy peck on the lips. “Hmm. Don’t worry,” I say with a distant sly grin. “I won’t start without you. ”Somehow lightly in the back of your mind, a tiny warning bell peals. For a split instant that statement strikes you as being a bit odd, and a little out-of-place. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something doesn’t feel right. You smile back at me, while standing there looking down at me for a moment. But as you turn to leave you mentally shrug off the feeling, and off you go on your errand. I crane my neck, watching you waddle down the row and into the isle. As soon as you are safely out of sight, I put my vengeful plan into action. I remove a small pocketknife from my pants.

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   My cock begins to stiffen again as I cut an almost perfect circle in the bottom of the popcorn bucket. Making certain that no one is taking notice to my movements; I quickly unzip my trousers and extract my already hardened prick out into the dim light of the theater. I slowly impale the bucket over my protruding member and into the environment of the warm, buttery popcorn. My cock becomes completely coated during the decent. It actually feels rather good. The slippery warmth penetrates my stiff pole. My dick responds by getting even harder and pre-cum begins to flow from the piss-slit almost in a steady flow, and mixes with the butter. I try to gain my composure as you appear in the isle and side-step your way back up the row, and you take your seat beside me once again. “I'm back sweetie. Is Coke okay with you?”“Fine!” I choke loudly, “*Ahem*. . . Just fine. ”“Mick. Is there something wrong?” you query.

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   Once again, your keen sense of perception is not failing you. You’ve always amazed me with you extraordinary ability to see through the thickest façade. “No,” I retort with a squirm, trying my hardest to act naturally, but almost melting under the pressure of your inquisitional stare. “No. What could be wrong?”“I don’t know. You’re acting kind of peculiar. ”“No, I’m okay. This seat is just a little uncomfortable, that’s all. ” I return quickly. “Would you like to move down a bit?” you offer. “There are a few empty seats right down ther…”“No. ” I say, cutting you off. “I’ll be fine. Beside, the view of the screen is much more centered here. If we move down, we’ll have to crane our necks to watch the movie.

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   Really. I’m fine here. ”“Are you sure?” you ask finally. “Yes. I’m fine. ” I say, hoping I’m convincing enough. “Do you mind if I have that cigarette now?” you ask, suddenly looking down and fumbling around in your purse for the pack and your lighter. (*WHEW* “I’m glad that’s over!” I think to myself. You almost had me at the net!) “No. Go ahead. ” I say, with a relaxed breath. “Although I may find it difficult to pay any attention to the film. ” “Auh. You're sweet. ” you chuckle, as you deftly pull a tapered B&H Deluxe Menthol from the pack and gently balance it between the “V” of your slender fingers.

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   You bring the cigarette up to your mouth and place the filter between your luscious lips. When you are about to light it, I snatch the lighter from your grasp. “Allow me. ” I say in a gallant tone. I flick the lighter into action and hold it out to you. “Mmm. Thank you. ” You smile around the filter, your eyes shinning from the reflected light of the movie screen. You lean in to catch the flame, holding the cigarette between those delectable lips. The light from the flame illuminates your features as you lean over to except. It’s flickering brilliance replaces the light from the screen in your eyes, and you look dazzling in the effect. It is during simple moments such as these in which your absolute beauty completely overwhelms me! You captivate me, leaving me breathless and trembling. My cock begins to throb within the tub, while gazing upon you in this light. You are unaware of me swooning as you suck the flame into your cigarette. Once lit, you lean back into the seat while taking this first sensuous drag.

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   Your beautiful exhale, lit by the flickering light from the projector, shows magnificently in the air above your lips. Its cloud surrounds us as my cock gives another pleasurable twitch in the buttery tub. After a second drag, you place your hand in the bucket and fetch a few kernels to eat. Time seem to pass slowly as you sit there smoking sexily and eating. The popcorn level begins to drop lower and lower in the bucket. . . getting closer to the level of the head of my seeping cock. I know that at any time now, your hand will make contact. Its going to be difficult not to cum with your first touch, I think to myself. My butter coated prick throbs and twitches so hard, I fear its erratic movements will knock popcorn out of the tub!Finally, your buttery hand reaches into the tub again. But instead of buttered kernels, your fingers touch something smoother. Unknowingly you grip my waiting bloated cock head and try to pull it out. You pull and pull, but your hand cannot dislodge this foreign object! From your prospective it seems to be heavy, or that it’s firmly attached to the bottom of the bucket. Each slippery tug brings me closer to spurting hot butter of my own! I watch from the corner of my eye as you take a drag from your cigarette and a look of puzzlement creased your lovely face.


  “W-what in the world. . . ?” you say as you lean over to get a closer look in the tub. Your painted, and buttery lips part in a gasp, as you realize what it is you’ve been trying to remove. “Oh! I don't believe you Mick!” you say in an indignant, breathless whisper. Your eyes are flashing back into mine. They are on fire with both a disbelieving anger, and an emerging excitement. “Is this because I wouldn't bring you off back at the restaurant?”I nod sheepishly, averting my eyes from your pitying stare, and lower my head in shame. All of a sudden I’m feeling quite stupid for this sick, idiotic attempt at revenge. But somehow I’m confident that this whole ordeal will end in my favor!“Okay mister!” You say with an evil, sexy smile on your lips. “You've made your bed. Now you're gonna have to lie in it. ”With that, you plunge your hand all the way to the bottom of the tub. You coat your hand with a fresh supply of slippery butter, grab the base of my aching boner and begin a steady jacking motion up and down it's rigid length.

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   Popcorn starts to fall out of the bucket as you jerk off my stiff prick with your butter-coated fist. During this whole time, you continue smoking and watching the film, occasionally turning to blow smoke into my perspiring face. You soon lose all interest in the film and begin to really get into jerking me off inside the bucket of popcorn. The naughtiness of this unlikely situation gets the best of you. Your pulse rate jumps higher, and your breathing quickens to match my own with every slick buttery stroke your hand makes in this obscene public hand job. My ass squirms in the seat, and my hips begin a herky-jerk movement trying to fuck up into your squeezing, well-greased fist, as I feel a bone shattering orgasm quickly approaching. I know it will not take long since you almost had me shooting off back at the restaurant. And I know that you are not going to get out of this one. I will make certain that you see it through. You are breathing pretty heavy now, knowing I'm close to shooting off in your hand. Imagining my erupting cock sending volleys of boiling cum high into the air above the popcorn tub, only to fall back down into the tub and all over my lap, has you breathless and on the verge of orgasm. You take a deep drag from your lipstick-coated cigarette and then leaned over to see what is happening. Even butter-coated, you notice that the bloated head of my dick is already spitting pre-jit from the opening hole of the urethra. It’s texture mixes well with the butter and further coats the corona. Just as you start to exhale, I put the last phase of my plan into affect.

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   I grip the back of your head and coax your beautifully lipstick-painted lips over the bucket, forcing you to blow your smoke onto my dripping cock head. The cone-shaped exhale issuing from your pursed lips blows over my cock and the popcorn before the bucket's shape forces the smoke back into your face. Once done, I push your smoky lips onto my buttery dick, impaling your sweet mouth. You moan in surprise. Your head, due to the applied force of my hand, fluidly moves up and down my stiff throbbing dick until I can take no more. With every hot stroke of your lips, slimy pre-cum mixed with sweet butter to coat your tongue and my balls begin to boil. The first hard spurt shoots to the back of your throat with such force, you have to pull your mouth off my pulsing prick head in order to swallow. This doesn't matter to me. . . this is what I want to see in the first place! I hold your head in place just above the tub as my cock shoots another forceful string of jit. It skids along your cheek and drips over your dangling earring. Two more fat ropes of hot life-giving sperm explode against your face! AHHH!! Bull’s-eye!! They slap in sticky lines across those lush lips that just a minute ago blew teasing smoke over the aching head. My cock rears back and forcefully propels another three sticky ropes of pent-up jit across your nose and other cheek. By this time, my runny cum completely coats your face and is dripping back down into the bucket, all over the popcorn and the squirting head of my prick.

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   Your lips are parted in a perpetual gasp as I cream all over them and all over the rest of your lovely face. Finally, the heavy spurts of jit subside. My cock pulses out the dregs to flow over the head in slow rivers. Hot cum cascades down my throbbing tool, and off your lips and cheeks, falling into the bucket and over its contents soiling the kernels even more. Your breathing starts to return to normal. You lift your face from over the tub and sit back in the seat. I lean over and kiss your cummy lips as we both lick the jism and butter from your face. “Game and match,” I say with a cocky smile. . . we both begin to laugh. The End.


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