Deserted Island


Deserted The beautiful black haired Italian girl did not know of how it came to this. Here she was, stranded…with her lover, on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. The year was 1924, and she doubted if anyone would be coming by these parts any time soon. But that was all to well for her, you see, as her loving Australian ship boy was at that very moment behind her rubbing her shoulders and poking her sweet tight ass with his hard cock. “My love,” she whispered, “how did it ever come to this…?” She tried to say as he moved his head in to kiss her. Their tongues danced around each other as the two lay in the warm sand on the Northern beach. “I’ve told you a thousand times Tabby,” he said in between kisses. “The ship was quickly sinking, and I put you in the life raft only in the nick of time before it sank. ” With that, he warmed his aching cock right up to her tight little pussy; slightly bend forward, with enough room for him to maneuver. “Besides, baby, don’t you like the life that we have built here?” He asked, always the same question. Right before he sank his rock hard shaft down her wet pussy hole. Slowly he descended his cock into her love box, pumping at an agonizingly slow pace for her, but he quickly picked up the rhythm. “Oooh Fuck me, my love,” she whispered as she began to nuzzle up behind her to his increasing lunges. “Tell me you love it here,” he said as his massive prick plunged in and out of her dripping wet snatch. “O but I do, sir,” she quickly replied as she reached behind her and held his head in her arms. They fucked like that for hours.

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   The young girl bent over staring out at the beach and waves; he plunging his firm member deep down his lovely little Italian fucktoy. They had been there on that small island for about 5 months. The island had plenty of trees, fields, and jungles to provide them with everything that they needed. Somehow the life raft had been well stocked with all the essentials and many nonessentials too. The young Australian man must have had plenty of time to get all of her things together, and secure the life raft with plenty of food and camping material. The two had rowed to the island in the middle of the night during a heavy storm. The disappearance of the young little Italian girl would probably not be known by the outside world for a few days, and now it had turned to months. Yet neither of them were disappointed enough to really try and do anything about it. The young stud had given her everything she needed and wanted. He had built them a wonderful little cabin that ran a second story up the magnificent tree that the cabin sat under. He had tilled some of the land, and harvest was looking good. All this he had done during those 5 months, and with plenty of energy to spare for the long nights that she had kept him up. The young little black haired girl of 18 loved to nestle up to her outback young stud and give him the best blowjobs that he had ever had in his life all throughout the nightly hours. She would often ride him, his cock plunging into her wet hole, all throughout the night and into the early morning. Something he would tie her up a little with some string, and take her on all fours.

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   The little girl loved to fuck doggy style. That night though, as he lay behind her fucking her wildly, she whimpered softly. “What is the matter my little girl,” the Aussie said as he gripped her hips and plunged his swollen member deep into her warm insides. “Ohh baby, it is nothing. I’m just wondering about my poor family back home. ” She said in between gasps. The horny bitch was drilling herself back against his firm shaft. Impaling herself on his fleshy fuckmeat while he reached around and squeezed her enormous tits together. “I’m sorry baby girl,” he replied as his fingers twisted her rock hard nipples. “As I’ve told you before, I do not know what came of the rest of the ship. I was rowing frantically as it was away from the ship and savage storm. ” He went on as his cock went on and kept its steady hammering into her moist pussy “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard you savage big boy,” the young girl cried as she lost herself to his mighty cock. “Fuck this dirty street whore with your massive cock. ” The young Aussie didn’t need to be told twice as he picked up the pace rather quickly. In and out of the girl’s aching dripping young snatch he lunged his cock all the way to the base of his balls.

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   “Dirty little whore slut,” he cried to himself as he felt his balls “Oh fuck me, sir, fuck your dirty little cum loving whore,” she cooed as he reached down and held onto her hips. She moaned softly as his massive tool pushed further and further into her warm inside, where her pussy muscles were contracting tightly around her man’s cock. In and out he kept up his rhythm. The young man slapped the bitch’s ass a few times as he began to grunt and groan with anticipation. The young Italian girl squealed as her own orgasm began to build up around the young stud’s shaft, stroking in and out of her firm tight puss. She dug her nails into the warm sand as waves of pleasure washed over her. Her pussy convulsed one last time as she went over the edge, and came all over the young man’s cock. Creamy goo and warm flooded the young girl’s pretty snatch. He slammed his cock into her harder and harder, burying his dick up to the balls. She groaned as he kept up the assault on the young girl’s pussy. “Oh yeah, baby. Here it comes. Here comes your man’s seed. ” He cried out as he splashed his juicy cream deep into her womb. His eruption triggered another orgasm in the young wench, and she too moaned as his cum sprayed deep inside of her.

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   They both held still for a moment, subsiding from the experience. They held each other for a few minutes just staring out at the fading sunlight. Dusk was descending, and night was on the way with the beautiful stars, and some warm dinner waiting for the two lovers in their cozy cabin. “Come my love,” he said as he got up and headed for their house. “Tonight I have made us some chicken tortillas and green bean casserole,” he said as he turned to watch her move slowly up and towards the cabin. The two would live the rest of their lives there on that deserted island. Fucking and sucking the months away. The Italian girl and her Aussie young lover. More stories can be written about them, and they probably have been…              .