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Older women have long been a fantasy of mine. Never really wanted to do anything about it until my wife started selling Avon. She joined under a 68 year old housebound woman named Ellen. Ellen was extremely overweight and had not had any men in her life since her 40 year old daughter was a baby.
Every time I would go over to Ellen's house she would flirt with me, but she would always say "Oh but you wouldn't want me. I'm an old fat woman. You are a hot young stud who could have anyone you want. " I didn't want to say anything to her, but she was really turning me on when she hit on me.
One evening, my wife went out of town to an Avon convention. She was going to be gone for 18 days and since I couldn't get time away from work, I was going to have to stay behind. She wasn't gone for more than 1 hour and Ellen called me. She asked if I would come over and fix her computer. It was on the blink and she had to input her Avon.
When I got there I was met at the door by this hot 68 year old woman in a black silk nightgown. I could just feel my cock getting hard looking at her. The nightgown went just passed her ass, and stopped.

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"Hot damn Ellen, you sure look sexy in that nightgown. " I said to her.
"You better stop saying that, or I'll begin to think you are serious. " She said back to me. "You know it's been a long LONG time since I've been fucked. "
"You are so sexy in that I can feel my cock getting hard just looking at you. " I replied to her. Since she flirted with me, I figured she wouldn't mind if I flirted with her. "But you wouldn't want me Ellen, my cock is only about 3 inches long. "
To that she quickly grabbed my cock and pulled me close to her. Groping me through my kakhi pants she came close to me and whispered;
"I bet I can make it grow. After all, it's not how big you are, it's what you do with what you have. "
The feel of her hand on my now throbbing cock was too much for me to resist. I started french kissing her, while my hands slowly found their way to her ass.
I started groping her ass through her nightgown untill I got her nightgown to ride up and my hands were on her bare ass.

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"Either you are wearing a thong, or you are not wearing any underwear at all. " I said to her.
"Why don't you try feeling the front of me and see for yourself. " She said.
She went back to french kissing me while my hands slowly worked their way around her large hipps to her fat stumach. Slowly carressing down her stumach, I found her bare clean shaven pussy.
"MMMMM" she moaned. "that feels sooooo good"
Feels like you are not wearing any underwear, but I'm still not sure.
"Well why don't you look for yourself?" she suggested.
I quickly oblidged her by getting on my knees in front of her and she lifted her nightgown so I could see.
"MMMM. Looks like your pussy. " then I moved in closer.
"MMMM smells like your pussy. " Then I got even closer and started kissing and licking her pussy.

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   She moaned in delight as I said "MMM tastes like your pussy, and you taste sooooo good. "
She motioned for me to stand up, so I had to obay, but I left my hand behind to fondle her clean fresh tasting pussy.
We locked lips some more and continued to french kiss.
"What about your wife?" She asked me in a horny, but worried voice.
"Kelly's out of town at the Avon convention for the next 18 days. " I said
"That's too bad. You'll be all alone. " She said as she reached over and locked the door.
We stood there kissing some more then she led me down the hall to her bedroom. After we got inside she closed the door behind her and lifted off her nightgown.
As she was making herself comfortable on the bed I quickly undressed and joined her.
    We continued the french kissing fest as I fondled her huge breasts. Slowly working my way down her neck, I made it to her tits and started kissing and sucking on her nipples. While my mouth was satisfying her breasts, my hand slowly moved it's way down her stumach and stopped on her pussy.
    "MMMMMM that feels soooooooo good.


      " She moaned. "I haven't felt this good in about 40 years. "
    I continued to suck her tits for almost 18 minutes, then I worked my way down her stumach. Knowing what was coming next she began moaning in delight again.
    When I made it down to her pussy, my tounge greated her clit with a couple licks. Then I moved to a better position between her legs. I spread her legs as wide as I could get them, and I barried my face in her pussy. I ate her out for what seemed like 45 minutes. She tasted so good, I couldn't stop. She was brought to an orgaism 3 times and squirted her juices all over the bedspread she had on her bed.
    "MMMM your pussy juices taste good. " I said to her, then I slid up her body. Kissing every inch of her on the way back up to her lips.
    "Did that feel good?" I asked her
    "Hell yes!" She said to me. "Now Fuck me!"
    She didn't have to ask me twice.

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       I rolled over to lay on my back and she got on top of me. We worked my cock into position and it just slid right into her already soaking wet pussy. When it went in Ellen moaned very loudly in extasy. That made my cock get even harder, and we started fucking each other.
    Sliding my cock in and out of her massive wet pussy for another 2 hours, we both came about a half a dozen times. Finally she was exausted and got off me.
    "that was the best sex I have EVER had. " She said as she kissed me some more. "want to stay the night?"
    "Fuck yah. If we can do more of this I'll stay for the next 18 days. "
    This night was the wildest sex either of us have had in years. We were enjoying eachother so much we had sex 2 more times that night before we callapesed in exausion. My fantasy had finally come true.  My 35 year old cock finally got the taste of 68 year old pussy, and loved it.
    stay tuned to see what happens the next 18 days while my wife was out of town.





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