Debi's Jungle Fever Pt 1


One night a few years ago, my wife Debi and I were in bed chatting and the subject of past relationships came up.   We've talked about our sexual histories to some extent before, but I never really got any details from her.   So I was pretty shocked during this particular conversation when she told me for the first time that she had gone out with a black guy (we're white) when she was at college some 20 years prior. It shocked me so much because she was from a very conservative family who weren't exactly what you'd consider open-minded about social issues such as mixed-race couples.   Her dad was a retired big-city cop, and had always been happy to boil all of society's ills down to the responsibility of the "colored" population in the city. Debi said that absolutely nobody knew about her dating the guy; not her roommates, and definitely not her family.   She said they spent some time going out, off campus so her friends wouldn't see them, but mostly at his dorm.   She said she wasn't really ashamed of dating him, just that people she hung out with wouldn't have been very understanding of it. I wanted some juicy details as it had long been a fantasy of mine to watch her with a black guy.   I'd also had that fantasy with most of my previous significant others, but because of her family's attitudes about race, it seemed especially exciting and forbidden.   I never would have guessed before this that she had fucked around with a black guy!  I found myself getting excited. I asked her if they fucked.   "No," she said, "we never went that far.   But I did get to play around with his cock a few times. "  I immediately felt my own cock stir with her admission.   "Oh, my god, was it big!" she continued.

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    "I could easily hold it in both hands when he got hard. "  My cock had now fully sprung to life and I moved my hand under the covers to stroke it.   I wanted to hear more. "Tell me about how it happened," I asked Debi. "We took an elective racquetball class together my sophomore year, I must have been 19.   We talked in class and were paired up to play a couple of times, and after a while he started hitting on me.   I was flattered, of course, but didn't think anything of it.   Then, at the end of the quarter when the class was ending, he asked for my phone number and if I wanted to go out sometime.   I kind of shocked myself when I said yes, just because of how my family was.   Besides, I was at college and wanted to open myself up to new experiences when I had the chance. "So we went out a couple of times and had fun, and then he invited me back to his dorm room.   He was nice and fun to be with, so I figured why not?  We'd had a couple of drinks and I was feeling pretty horny, as I recall.   His roommates were out at a party for the night so we'd be alone.   We talked for a while, and, well, you know how one thing leads to another. " I wasn't about to let her off the hook that easily.

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    "C'mon, gimme details!"  I could tell Debi was embarrassed about going further, but she did anyhow.   What a trooper! "Well, we started kissing, and after a while he started working his hands inside my shirt.   He made a really good move and flipped my bra up so he could get to my naked tits.   He knew exactly how to play with my nipples to drive me nuts and he did that for a few minutes.   Then he lifted my shirt up and began kissing down my neck.   I knew he was going for my tits and I wasn't about to stop him because I was feeling really good! "I kind of leaned back and closed my eyes and definitely enjoyed it.   He started rubbing my pussy through my jeans, and as I recall I didn't feel much, so I reached down and unsnapped them.   He slid his hand inside my panties and started working my pussy really good.   Between that and him still sucking on my tits, I came pretty quickly. " Debi looked down and saw my hand under the covers, then threw them back to see that I has stroking my rock hard cock.   "I guess you're really enjoying this, huh?" she asked. "Fuck yeah," I said.   Then I decided to make my admission.   "I've actually had a fantasy of seeing you fuck around with a black guy since I met you!" "What??" she said, obviously shocked.   "Are you serious?" "Doesn't it look like I'm turned on listening to you?  C'mon, you're not finished!  I want the rest of the story!" "You pervert," she laughed.

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    "After I came, I took a couple of minutes to recover.   When I finally did and opened my eyes, I saw that he had pulled that huge cock out of his pants.   All I could manage to say was, 'Oh, my god!' which made him laugh.   He said that's usually how white girls reacted.   I said that described me, all right!  I had only seen a couple other guys' cocks -- white guys -- so it was especially shocking.   He was slowly stroking it.   His fingers were wet from my pussy juice and that lubed him up pretty well.   I was mesmerized at first, but I finally reached out to touch it and he pulled his hand away.   It bobbed in the air, it looked like a thick black snake with a pinkish head.   There was already pre-come dripping out.   I'll admit, it was really beautiful to look at; well, as beautiful as a cock can be," she laughed. "I grasped it and it was so thick my fingers didn't fit around.   I'm sure my eyes were bugged out looking at it and that he loved watching the expression on my face!  It was probably nine or ten inches long.   When I touched it, it was really hot and I could feel it pulse.   I started to stroke it, first with just my one hand, then I realized that I could fit both hands on it and I started doing that.

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    I was really getting into it. " Debi reached under the covers.   "Speaking of getting into it, my pussy is getting wet talking about this!" she said.   "I haven't thought about this in years. " "Alright," I reminded her, "let's stick to the story!  I'm close to coming!" She laughed, "don't worry, I'll finish you just like I finished him.   So, where was I?" "Don't tease me!  You were stroking his big cock with both hands!" "Oh, right.   He was leaned back watching me stroke him.   It made a great image, this giant black cock and my little white hands wrapped around it, pumping him up and down.   He was saying, 'that's right, baby' and things like that, really getting me into it. After a few minutes, my curiosity got the best of me.   I had never sucked anybody's cock before, but I really felt drawn to his cock.   I slowly leaned forward and saw him watching me as I put my tongue to the head of his dick.   His pre-come was running down the head to where my hands were still wrapped around his shaft.   I put my tongue on the head and flicked it around, and I could taste his salty come.   He loved that and told me to keep licking it.

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    I licked all around his head, then licked down the shaft and back up.   I put my lips on his head and slowly worked it into my mouth.   Man, was it big.   I could get his swollen head into my mouth but couldn't really get more than a few inches in.   I learned later through practice how to deep-throat cocks, too bad I didn't have that skill yet!  I sucked in as much as I could and then started my head bobbing up and down.   I started pumping him again, so there I was:  two hands wrapped around that thick shaft and sucking that fat into my mouth. "He started bucking his hips and thrusting, basically fucking my mouth with that big cock.   I really liked that feeling.   He never forced into me, but it felt really nasty and sexy.   I could feel his shaft swelling even more in my hands and knew he was close to coming.   Then he told me, 'fuck, baby, I'm gonna come!' "I pulled my mouth off his head a couple inches and kept the rhythm of my pumping to milk his come out.   I felt his first spurt shoot deep into my mouth and my tongue was instantly coated with his hot, thick jizz.   It shocked me since this was the first come shot I'd ever taken in my mouth.   He shot again and I tried to swallow his come and just two spurts were already a mouthful!  His next shot covered my lips.   I then put my mouth back over his head and sucked down each spurt as he came.

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    I couldn't take it all in and I felt it running back over my lips, which made his shaft slippery so I could pump it easier.   It felt like he came for a minute and it just didn't stop!" With that, I came hard, shooting my jizz through my pumping fist.   "Oh, fuck!" I yelled. Debi continued, "I sucked down all that big load of come!  It was salty and hot nasty and I loved it!  You would have loved watching that big black cock come in my mouth and on my face. "  She enjoyed watching the effect of her nasty talk on me. As I came, I replied, "I do want to see a big black cock come in your mouth!"  She laughed, and probably didn't think anything more of it.   She had no idea how sincere I was in saying it!
To be continued. . .  



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