Dear Diary (Nancy)


Nancy: Well diary, Jay and I have been dating for 4 months now. Today was his birthday, so I decided to give him something special. It started off with me cooking him a special dinner. During dinner, I kept teasing him by softly touching his arms, and his face. Once I even dropped his napkin in his lap and reached down and rubbed softly across his cock as I picked it up. I felt it stir, and I got real hot. Then after desert was done, I took him into the family room and put on some dance music. I sat him on the sofa and did a nasty strip tease for him. Then I stood him up, telling him that he wasn't allowed to touch me. I undressed him slowly, teasing him by blowing softly over his body as his clothes came off. When we were both naked, I dropped to my knees and began to kiss and blow on his cock, driving him crazy.

Then I opened my mouth wide and leaned in, letting his whole cock into my mouth without touching it with my lips. Once I had the whole thing in my mouth, I closed my mouth around it, circling it with my tongue and sucking on it gently. He about went nuts. I move my mouth up and down him for a while until he was ready to blow. Then I just stopped and sat him back down on the sofa.

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   I went to the end table and took out my dildo. I sat on the floor infront of him and began to masturbate. I made sure he could see my pussy as I fucked myself with the dildo. This really drove him crazy. As I was about to cum, he coame down onto the floor and took the dildo from me, fucking me with it and sucking my nipples. Then When I was done cumming, he removed the dildo, replacing it with his cock. He fucked me hard for about 5 minutes. The whole time he was playing with my clit and sucking my nipples. When we came, it was so good that I couldn't breath afterwards. Happy Birthday.