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I don't make it policy to give co-workers a good shagging but there Darlenne stood in black shear blouse. . . skin tight pants. . she needed a ride home. . . . I enter her drive way just as she laid her hand on my croach and she scanned my bulge growing with each rub. . . . . . .

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   I was alittle confused at first as to her intensions but after several minutes of looking at tits I decided to go for it. as my hands rubbed her chest her strokes on my cock grew firmer. . . I searched for an opening in her shirt. . . she made easy by unfastening every button, pulling her blouse flaps in opposite directions. . . . There they stood two of the prettiest boobs. . . not the biggest I've seen but two of the prettiest suckable hugh areolas.

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  . . . . with the remote she opened her garage and we drove the car inside and down went the door . The minute the door closed was the minute her hands open my shorts and her lips engulfed the tip of my cock. . . It was spring time in Vegas and the temps were around the 90's even hotter in that grarage . . . . when I regained my senses and wiped the sweat of my forehead I suggested we go inside. . .

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   She lead the way. . . her clothes pilled off like the layers of an onion. . . by the time we reached her living room she was standing there wearing just a smile . . . I followed her like a hungry dog. . . My clothes were in a pile off to the right. . .

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   she dropped to her knees and buried her face into my groin with my cock hitting the back of her throat. . . I grabbed her head with both hands and began to fuck her mouth. . . she made choking sounds but swallowed it all the same . . . . As i stood there watching my cock disappear in her mouth I got a sense we weren't alone. . . . I looked toward the kitchen and there she stood Darlenne's roommate Jill, Whoa! She said "relax" she was enjoying the show".

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  . . . . Darlenne invited her roommate to taste my cock, she put down her glass of wine and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her mouth. . . Her blue eyes looked up at me as my cock disappeared into her mouth. . . "D" helped Jill out of her sweats. . . . She was braless.

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  . . well tanned and her nipples harden as "D" hands slide across tight firm body. . . I was aware of my breathing and moaning and had to step back So, I enjoyed the roommates giving each other adult attention. . . Jill became the aggressor . . . She pushed "D" back against the couch, pulled her legs up and open and buried her face in "D" wet pussy. . . .

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   Not missing a opportunity . . . I slide my cock into Jill's pussy as she enjoyed the taste of her roommate. . . She ordered me to pound her Hard and i tried. . . . She again brought me to the brink of Cumming but I backed out and and watched the girls switch position. . . Now Darlenne was feasting on Jill's pussy I just pumped. Jill arched her back as reached her first of many orgasum squirting cum down Darlenne's chin.

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  . . . . Darlenne smile at me like she earned a olympic gold medal for a job well down. Now "D" position herself on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her ass as Jill slide under to lick her wet pussy. . . Darlenne wanted me to cumm in her ass and let my jizz slide out of her ass into Jill's waiting mouth. . . . Jill reached around and pulled Darlenne's ass cheeks open giving me at perfct target. . .

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   After several attemps(slippery when wet) my cock slid in slowly. . . I moved in and out slowly at first but as time and the number strokes grew i pushed my cock deeper and harder into Darlenne's ass. I looked down and watched my cock slide into Darlenne's ass and looked into Jill's blue eyes as she licked "D" pussy and my cock. . . . I felt the pressure growing in my balls and Darlenne must of sensed it too because she began to moan and order me to fuck her harder. . . . Darlenne buried her face deep into Jill's pussy as she felt the urge to squirt her pussy surprise into Jill's face who was on the edges herself with Darlenne's. . .

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  . With everything going on I was just strokes away from depositing my jizz into Darlenne's ass. . . I grabbed her hips and thursted my dick one last time before . . . Oh MY GOD. . . I resisted shoving my cock deep into "D" ass. I backed out leaving a trail of jizz with the final shot clinging around Darlenne's now tightening ass hole. . . only to be swept away by Jill's tongue.


  . . My throbbing cock dripped a few drops on Jill's cheeks as Jill waited for the flood of cream dripping from Darlenne's ass. . . That afternoon always brings a smile to my face everytime I see Jill or Darlenne . I can't wait for new adventures ladies let's meet and have some adult fun. . . . . . . . Assuming anyone reads this blogs.

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