Danni's Master


Danni walked up to His door with her heart pounding in her chest. She was wearing what He had instructed her to wear - a pink boob-tube top with no bra, and a black mini-skirt that was so short her ass would be displayed to the world if she so much as walked fast. Her pink Gstring was almost completely soaked from the excitement of anticipation as she raised her hand to knock on His door.
The door opened to reveal Him standing there, wearing blue jeans and a red button-up shirt. Standing at 6'6" (2m), He towered over her, however His sparkling blue eyes gave her a loving look. "Hey there Danni, I've been waiting for you! Come on in babydoll!" She stepped inside, enjoying the love and benevolence He was apparantly showing her.
When He closed the door behind her, Danni was about to tell Him that she loved Him. But she didn't get the chance, since His huge hand swung around to slap her pretty face. She shrieked partly for the sudden pain, and partly since she hadn't expected such a dramatic change in His attitude.
He put his mouth next to her ear, and growled "You're late slut!".
"I'm sorry Sir, I'm so sorry" she whimpered.
"Don't give me excuses slut, you know what to do when you're late!" He growled, much louder this time.
Danni whimpered, knowing her pussy was dripping sinply from the power He held over her, but her cheek was still stinging. She dropped to her knees and diligently pulled His jeans to His ankles. Since He was not wearing any underwear, His cock was standing fully erect only an inch from her eyes. She found His cock to be the best possible size - at 8 inches long and 2 inches thick, it was the most pleasurable she'd ever had.

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   Sure, she'd had slightly bigger, but she didn't get anywhere near as much enjoyment from any guy as she had her Master. She looked up at Him from her kneeling position as her lips engulfed His throbbing member. She let the head of His cock as far as the back of her throat and, having not yet learned to deepthroat, she tried to make up for the extra inches of throbbing meat by sliding her tongue past her lips and using her hand.
He enjoyed her work, but grew tired of this game. After grabbing her hair and roughly pulling her to her feet, His cock was bouncing from having her mouth suddenly pulled away from it. Stepping out of His jeans, He looked again into her eyes, with that same loving look He had first met her with, and took her delicate hand to lead her to his room.
When His door opened, Danni hardly recognised His room. Not only had he moved the furniture around, He had plastered the walls with posters of things that just made her pussy throb to look at - girls fingering themselves, sex in various positions, lesbians playing, even one where the girl was playing with five cocks at once! There were two other noticable differences - firstly, His table was covered with various sex toys; secondly, there was a naked girl on His bed. Danni moaned loudly when she first caught sight of the petite girl sitting back on His bed helping herself to a buzzing vibrator. Her black hair fell over her shoulders to her perky breasts, which were home to a pair of appetizing pink nipples.
He saw Danni staring open-mouthed at the girl. "Oh, you may call her Slave. I need to have her here when you're too busy getting cock to fuck your Master. "
"But. .

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  . " she tried to protest, but then remembered that he'd caught her bouncing on top of her music teacher only days earlier. He must have been watching, because He had walked in just as she was about to start orgasming. She thought she'd better keep quiet about it, since He still owed her punishment.
Although Slave's moans of pleasure had grown quite loud, they were no match for His huge hands clapping twice. "Ooooo, she's here!!!" Slave squealed in delight. She threw the vibrator to the table (still dripping with her juices), and walked over to inspect Danni. "Not bad Sir! Will you be stripping her down now or later?"
"Now of course Slave" He said. Turning to Danni, He gave her a mixed look - she could still see His kindness, however there was that glint of wickedness which made her so wet that her juices were seeping through her Gstring and dripping down her leg. He made short work of her pink top, freeing her boobs which, although slightly smaller than Slave's, had just as attractive a shape, her nipples like bullets on the front.
The next thing made her squirm. He stood in front of her, and reached down and up the back of her skirt. She felt shivers run through her body as He ran his fingernails lightly over her ass, bringing them round to the front of her thighs. As he felt the moisture of her Gstring, He exclaimed "What is this, you're wet my little whore? You've only been here five minutes and you're begging for some cock?!" He suddenly ripped her Gstring off, his surprising strength tearing the fabric at the back, and he stuffed the moist pink fabric into her mouth. She moaned with the pain of having her Gstring pulled so hard, but within that short time the moan had turned to one of pleasure.

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Slave was standing ready at the bed with a set of handcuffs. Danni knew what was coming next, and the anticipation made her pussy juice drip down her thigh all the way to her knee. He leaned in to kiss her, the kiss was filled with passion as His cock throbbed against her pussy through the thin fabric of her black skirt. At an incredibly passionate moment in the kiss, He threw her to the bed, so hard that she bounced twice before Slave straddled her stomach to cuff her hands to the bedhead.
Although Danni was craving His cock, she felt Slave's moist pussy grinding against her stomach, and hoped that if He would not give her the gift of orgasm, that He would allow her to fuck Slave. Her hands were cuffed, and Slave spread her legs as wide as they could go, and cuffed her ankles in place. All the while, He was leaning back against the wall, watching two naked girls (apart from Danni's skirt) do as He had instructed, twiddling with his throbbing shaft. Leaning over to the toy table, He picked up an object Danni couldn't see clearly.
He walked over to her, slapping whatever it was in his free hand. As he grew closer, she could see what it was - it was a Master's baton - a steel pole cased in leather. "You haven't even spat out your Gstring yet! What a little skank, enjoying the taste of her own cunt when there's a perfectly good one right here in Slave!" He lay the baton across her boobs, and started to stroke both her nipples at once from side to side. Danni was enjoying the gentle motion, and so was hugely shocked when He swiftly rose the baton and it slapped down onto her hard nipples. She screamed at this, and sucked hard on her Gstring, more taste of her own pussy hitting her tastebuds.
"Now as you know slut, you have a punishment owing to you" he said.
Danni spat out her Gstring.

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   "Wasn't that my punishment already??"
He hit her pussy gently with the baton, but gently was all that was needed to have the desired effect. "Don't be so insolent whore. I did not approve you fucking that music teacher! Your punishment is coming up now. "
He motioned to Slave, who happily bounded over to His side. They stood atop the bed together, with Slave standing in front of Him. Danni, who was of course by now desparate for some stimulation, started shaking her head in horror as she realised what was about to happen. Slave bent over, and Danni was given a clear view of her succulent pussy. Danni writhed with desire as His throbbing cock slowly penetrated Slave's pussy, making Slave moan a moan which echoed through the room. They were standing so that Danni was looking directly at Slave's pussy, so she could watch His cock being thrust in and out.
Danni whimpered with desire as she felt stray drops of pussy juice hit her cheeks, nose and forehead, begging for some juice to land close enough for her to lick up, but to no avail. She tried to close her eyes and not watch, but He started to moan almost as loudly as Slave, so she could not keep her eyes closed. Her pussy muscles were clenching with every thrust, in desparation to try and get some sort of satisfaction from this cruel punishment, which went on for seemingly forever.
He announced in His deep booming voice that He was going to cum. Slave squealed and excitedly lay next to Danni. Danni felt good to have Slave's body against hers, albeit only slightly.

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   Her eyes also lit up when she saw that He was getting into position to cum her face - perhaps He would bestow benevolence and allow her to drink His cum??
No such luck. At the very moment the first thick spurt of cum exploded from His cock, He shifted His aim and it hit the back of Slave's throat. Danni wailed in sorrow as this happened, and each subsequent spurt caused her to sob. Tears were streaming down her cheeks by the time Slave was licking His cock clean. She begged for forgiveness, begging to alow her to play.
"You want to play do you bitch? Can't handle watching another slut take a cock? Have to have it for yourself?"
"Yes please Master. Oh I'm begging you, I need to be touched" she cried, in hysterics from both horniness and crying.
He motioned to Slave, who knelt over her face. Danni looked up to the magnificent sight of Slave's pussy, with her boobs just beyond that, and cool green eyes looking down at her playfully. Just as Danni was wondering where He had found such a hot girl to join them, she felt something at her pussy. It was Him blowing cool air up and down her moist lips, sending shivers through her body. This wasn't helped when Slave started rubbing her own clit, and this time stray drops of pussy juice DID fall to her lips.
Since the airflow around her pussy had stopped, she thought He had left them, but then she felt something on her nipples. She felt a cold steel clamp attach to each hard nipple, and then these clamps started to vibrate. She let out a moan of ecstacy at finally being granted some pleasure.

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He stood at the head of the bed, His cock near her eyes, so that she could see both His cock and Slave's pussy at once. "What do you want my little slut? Do you want cock or cunt? Answer me you little slurry!" He yelled at her.
Danni groaned loudly. "Ohhhh I want it all please Sir give it all to me!!!"
He gave her an incredible look, and moved away from where she could see Him. She could not see Him nod to Slave, to know that something was about to happen. All at once Danni felt like she was in heaven. Slave let herself swiftly down onto Danni's face, with Slave's clit perfectly lining up with her tongue. At the same time, she felt both her holes being violated at once - at first she thought it was two dildos, with the anal dildo lubed up. She soon realised that He had put a double-ended dildo into her, which was curved so that it could penetrate both her holes.

    While sucking hungrily at Slave's pussy, she thought what was inside her was the most incredible sex toy ever made. That was until she felt something encase her clit. It started vibrating, which felt nice, but then it started to have suction on her clit - He was pumping it so her pussy would be sucked and vibrated by this little machine. She screamed loudly into Slave's clit, feeling incredible.
    "Remember the golden rule slut! Remind her of the golden rule, Slave" He shouted.
    Slave moaned a high-pitched moan, as she recited "No slut or slave may have an orgasm unless so instructed by her Master.

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    "Good pet. Slave, you may cum whenever you feel like it. Slut Danni, you may not. "
    Danni let out a short disappointed moan at hearing this, while Slave started screaming and squealing with pleasure. Her squeals were enough to make even His spine shiver, so much so that He almost gave in and grabbed either of His two live fucktoys and pounded away, but He retained His composure.
    Danni was growing increasingly jealous of Slave with each passing orgasm, but did not want to stop licking and sucking her clit. She felt like she was going insane being restricted from cumming, and then felt the clit pump pulled off.
    "You may unchain her Slave" he commanded, and Slave stood up, with waves of orgasm still rushing through her body, and unlocked each of the handcuffs on Danni's wrists, before leaning in and kissing her deeply and passionately. She tried to play with the dildo inside Danni, but was met with a harsh whack on the ass by the baton.
    "Slave, you were not permitted to play with the slut. You must leave now" He explained.
    "But I don't have any clothes, I can't go outside. . . "
    "LEAVE NOW!" He boomed, interrupting her protests.

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       Slave looked lovingly into Danni's eyes, then He and Danni watched her open the front door and walk out onto the street completely naked.
    Danni was so excited that she'd finally get to fuck her Master that she stood up to kiss Him. The dildos were still inside her, and the clamps still vibrating at her nipples, but she was desparate to feel His body against hers. This affectionate gesture was met with His giant hands slapping onto each asscheek hard, and gripping both cheeks hard with His strong fingers. She felt shivers of excitement running through her body hoping He would let her cum this time.
    He slapped her face (the cheek that wasn't slapped before) and turned her away from him. He yanked out the double dildo, leaving here feeling open, and bent her over, pulling her skirt up over her round ass.
    "What do you want slut? I don't often ask you what you want, what can I possibly do for you?" He asked, knowing the answer very well.
    He nodded approvingly, although she couldn't see this. She only knew of His approval when she felt His throbbing cock slowly slide into her pussy, which was akin to a waterslide by this stage. She let out an incredible moan of pleasure, as He started to thrust harder and faster into her pussy. Reaching over as He thrust, His right hand started playing with her clit - squeezing it, twisting it, giving it the rough treatment He knew she enjoyed. With the other hand, He raised the steeings on the nipple clamp vibrator to intensify her stimulation there. By this stage, Danni was screaming at Him to allow her to cum.

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       The first two times, He slapped her nice ass with his free hand and told her that He would tell her when the time was right.
    The third time however, He could not hold back His desire to feel her orgasms. He commanded her in no uncertain terms to "Cum like a tonne of bricks". Danni obliged, letting out a scream that could surely be heard throughout the neighbourhood. His moans soon followed, as He felt her pussy clamp tightly around His cock.
    "Do me a favour Master," she panted between orgasms, "and cum in my ass today. "
    "Only since you've been such an obedient whore" He replied, and pulled His cock out. There was no need for lube since her juices were now coating His cock, and He knew His orgasm was close. He had one more surprise in mind for her - He grabbed the same vibrator that Slave had used earlier, and shoved it roughly into her pussy on the highest setting, and thrust hard into her ass as her squeals of delight sent Him to heaven. He announced He was going to cum, which only made Danni scream louder and push Him back against the wall, so pushing His cock as deep into her ass as possible.
    The force of His orgasm shot through both of their bodies. As His cock exploded in her ass, they both felt the sudden rush of endorphins. The waves of pleasure rocked through both their bodies as they collapsed onto the bed, still soaked with Danni's juices.
    Laying stroking her soft skin, He said to her "You know Danni, I think I know how to stop you fucking people I don't want you to. I might have to keep you on a chain in a cage.

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      . . "