Cybering With Chad


Chad:Well let's just say little red riding hood is on her way to grandma's house and gets attacked by a horny and vicious plant. Jessy:so tell me if I was that little red riding hood trapped in the forest by a hungry plant what would it do to me? Chad: Oh figure it would toy with you first and surround you letting you slowly realize you' re without escape. Jessy: hmmm and I feel it creeping up on me?Chad: from every sideJessy: Feels kinda slimyChad: vines would snake around your ankles and pull your legs from under you catching you in a bed of moving lifeJessy:ooh wow!Chad: they would move around you trapping your hands down as well. . you would be pulled into an 'X'Chad: legs wide and arms high and out form you overheadJessy: and still have my costume on?Chad: Yes, for now. . . it doesn't care about looks, only the need to procreateJessy: And that would be me. . mmmmm!Chad: breeding is its one desire, but even it can have some fun with its preyJessy: mmm ooohChad: the vines would rub over your stockings and tear at points. . not breaking your flesh thoughChad: a few would find their way under your blouse and through the top of it to your breastsJessy: Oooh ripping my clothes off?Chad: Starting to. It has to find the parts of you it needsJessy: oooh so it senses my body partsChad:your dress makes for easy playChad: it knew you were female that is why it advancedJessy: Hmmm has a mind of it's own *smile*Chad: you feel something tugging at the waist and underside of your pantiesChad: they rip and tug awayJessy: mmmm getting me naked!Chad: your blouse rips open and your bra is opened at the point between your titsJessy: Oooh yes! Chad: two pods com from either side of you and open above your tits and clamp down on them and begin sucking, moving and massaging every part of your firm flesh stimulating something inside youJessy: ooooh godddd that sound so hot!Chad: A much smaller version has found and clamped down on your clit and started playing the same game with it.

Chad: you couldn't see it though. Everything is going on under your red dress. Jessy: yes I can feel it!Chad: your body is wrapped at the belly and that and the leg holders lift you till just your mid back and up is on the ground.

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   You see something burst out of the ground and point to your fragile formJessy: mmmm I'm already wet from the pods sucking on my tits and clitChad smiles. . the whole point behind it of course. Chad it launches forward and savagely assaults your pussy. . bumping at it trying to gain entrance to such a small opening. It forces its way in barely and once it finds its entrance it pushes deep into your body. Jessy: ommmmmmmm!!Chad: you feel it fill you more than anything ever could and it pistons in and out of you. Chad: the suckers still play happily on your tits and clit while this thing seems bent on fucking you into unconsciousness. Jessy: ooooh yesss! More! I'm sooo ready to cum! Chad : faster and harder into you Chad: it feels your human form react to its assault and unloads huge amounts of fluid into your unprotected wombJessy: oooh planting it's seed in meChad: and something traveling behind the gush is comming fast to your body. . it hits your pussy hard abut can't fit through, pushing harder. . . stretching your tight lips wider despirate to put its seed into you.

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  Jessy: I feel it! Oh fuck!Chad you scream but it doesn't stop. . it knows your in ecstasyJessy: ooooh yesss don't stop!Chad: and it has to reproduce, it goes in! Your belly bulges as it makes its way into your womb and takes hold. Jessy: oooh goddddd! yesss mmmm!Chad: the insemination limb pulls from your body and the suckers continue as you shudderChad: you start to seep some of the plant cum but a vine with what looks like the front of a pair of panties slaps onto you holding in everythingChad: you feel your belly twitch and watch as it grows all the while the suckers go on. . . a vine makes its way into your open gasping mouth and slides into your throatJessy: oooooh! I can taste it! I'm deep throating it!Chad: forces you to suck on it while it begins slowly fucking your mouthChad: every third or fourth stroke into your throat it shoots some fluid to fed you and what is growing inside youJessy: impregnating me with something strange!Chad: your belly grown more with every passing momentChad: you feel such odd things inside youJessy: I am! It's making a life in me? god i'm sooo hot right now!!Chad: yes.
    really? so hot that the thoughts of this turns you on jessyJessy: oh god yes! I'm fingering myself!Chad: you feel the panty plant slip from your pussy and the thing in your womb move. . gushes of fluid burst from your pussy but no pain. . it is like your being fucked frm the inside. . . a small vine pushes out of you.

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      . the throat vine leaves you and you can see what is happening below nowChad: the suckers still at their job. . pleasuring you. . helping you cum again and again to ease the life inside you outJessy: ooooh woow! sooo hottt! god I'm drenched here!Chad: another vine comes out and they are wiggling inside your pussy trying to get outJessy: I can feel them! All deep in me!Chad: your pussy widens and the pleasure increases ten times than it was beforeJessy: ooh Fuck! I'm so wet!Chad: more vines move out of you and start burrowing into the ground below. Your pussy stretches and more fluids and creature pour out of you. Chad: the largest mass is out and the smaller parts keep comming till you feel it leave totallyChad: smooth vines come up and rub your stretched lips and you feel them decrease and tighten to the original size. . . refreshing your pussy to its purest form. . even repairing the hymen insideChad: after you have cum another few times it slowly releases you and lays you near passing out on the grassy floorChad::clothes in tatters and so utterly fucked more than you could ever be in lifeJessy:: mmmm sooo sexy!Jessy went to bed later on that night and her hands crept down between her soaking pussy. Her finger slid in easily and she fucked herself. The whole time she imagined being dressed in that sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume and watching the forest come to life ready to explore her and give her the world's most ultimate fuck.

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       She came and came and came. The End.



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