‘The New Heroin’ the journals are calling it. What the fuck ever—it doesn’t hold a candle to heroin. And don’t anyone go saying it’s like Ecstasy either, because you know it isn’t. Even if you’ve never tried it, you know we’re heading into new territory with this one. By the end of this decade, everyone will be addicted. My buddy said he found a new club in the city that had some fresh meat, but it would cost $500 just to get in the door. “Fuck bro, that’s what vacation pay is for,” I said over the phone. “I’d expect to pay 1500 for the night,” he warned. “Damn, if they’re as fresh as you say, it’s fuckin worth it. ” “No doubt,” he laughed. Traditional strip clubs are going out of business up there these days. The Cumsuckles got the market cornered. Oh well. Adapt or die. ‘Cumsuckles’ is the name given to those who have the ability to secrete the substance. Some brilliant fuckers in a South San Francisco lab created the genes for producing it a couple years back, but it didn’t really get perfected until about six months ago.

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   I think one of the lab nerds first injected it into his wife—which I gotta say is evil, but, even more importantly: stupid. I mean, he must be her goddamned slave by now. If those assholes were truly clever they’d create the equivalent gene for guys’ jizm. For those of you who don’t know anything about cumsuckle (where have you been?), it’s the product of a genetic enhancement. The genes create a substance in women’s cum that’s been chemically described as a cocktail of endorphins (which is just another word for opiates), a version of amphetamine, and—get this—psilocybin. There’s other stuff in there too that the Berkeley fools haven’t been able to isolate. Don’t believe me? Open up a pharmaceutical journal and do your own fucking homework. As for me, I’m putting down the books and hittin the club. As soon as we pass the front desk the sweet aroma envelopes me like a womb. My friend and I stop, close our eyes, and inhale deeply. “You smell that?” my buddy sighs. “Ohhh yeah,” I smile. “Nubiles!” we shout. We open our eyes to the delicious site of topless teens, the techno beat following their every step. Experienced connoisseurs such as us won’t put money down on skank—women (usually older than 20) who’ve been at it for years and probably got the cheap first-generation genes.

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   Do yourself a favor and make sure she’s got a certificate. I know it sounds stupid, but if she’s upscale she’s carrying a receipt of alteration. I can usually tell by smell, but even that can be faked. Safest rule of thumb is: you get what you pay for. I follow this beautiful little Latina to the bar. God she has a cute ass. She’s wearing floral panties with lace trim, covered by a see-through wrap. Her perky little titties sing in the smoky air, her nipples plump and crying to be crushed in my fingers. She glides across the floor in her high heels, her ass-cheeks swaying rhythmically to the pulsing of the music. I’m getting hard just approaching her—her face is so angelic framed by the pigtails. How is it she isn’t being eaten alive in this place? “Hi,” I say shyly. She turns to me and smiles, her face aglow and her eyes sparkling. “I’m glad I got here early,” I say, my confidence building. “Why is that?” she asks coyly. “Sunshine like you sets early in a place like this,” I say, thinking myself suave.

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   She turns away and sips her drink. Christ. “Okay, that was lame,” I admit, backpedaling. “But in all honesty you are the hottest little chick I’ve ever seen here, AND,” building my courage back up, “as a cumsuckle connoisseur of sorts, I do believe I have some authority to differentiate the angels from the mortals. ” She smiles again. “Listen,” I say with a hint of desperation, “I’ve taken the Hartley course. I even have my certificate with me. ” She turns to me, her sexual power emanating like solar flares. I pull out my Hartley card. “I can turn you inside out,” I say menacingly. She smiles and bites her lower lip as she inspects my card. “A true professional,” she states, with some admiration. I won her. Now it’s time to talk business. “I’d die and go to Hell for you,” I start.

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   “So out of respect I’m going to be straight from the start. ” She eyes me suspiciously. “I’ll pay 700 for cumsuckle; a K for the whole shebang. ”She opens her mouth to speak, but I cut her off. “I don’t haggle. I don’t look for bargains. This is what I have and this is what I’ll pay. You’re worth it, but if that doesn’t work for you let me know, and I can look somewhere else. ”She pauses for a moment, contemplating. I look around, the pregnant pause growing. “There’s no one else here I want,” I continue. “If you say no, I’ll go to the front door and wait for my friend. I’ll understand if you want to hold out for the suits. But you gotta ask yourself: are you gonna cum for some slob in a suit who has no experience outside his aging wife?” She smiles again, and I know I got her. We go into one of the back rooms, my hand on the small of her back.

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   “Your Daddy must’ve spent every night of your childhood smacking that ass,” I say, letting my palm breeze over her cheek. She blushes. “He loved me very much. ”“I’ll bet,” I say, turning to the desk. This is the lame part. You gotta fill out some paperwork, swab the inside of your cheek with a q-tip, pee in a cup and then wait a few while some bruiser-looking dude in a fake lab coat clears you. It’s all very controlled. Now it begins. We stroll back out to the floor, and I’m already intoxicated with anticipation. She marches ahead to one of the side rooms and pulls the door open. The mattress is on the floor. Teddy bears and other assorted stuffed animals are piled on the pillows. She slips off her shoes as I pull the door shut behind us. She unties her wrap and crawls down on the bed, her eyes never leaving mine. I unbutton my shirt calmly, confidently. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  “I want to hear you when I’m working,” I state. “I know what I’m doing, but I need your guidance to find your favorite technique. ”Her eyes twinkle as she scoots to the back of the bed, propping herself up against the pillows. She looks so tiny and delicate propped there in the middle of the bed. She starts to slide her panties down. “Leave them on,” I command as I unbuckle my belt. “I’ll take them off when I’m ready. ” “Yes sir,” she giggles. I throw my belt hard across the room. The sound of the buckle knocking against the wall startles her. “Yes Daddy!” I correct her. Her eyes widen with fear, and she eyes the door. “Did you enjoy it when your Daddy beat you?” I demand. She holds her breath, her lip quivering. Her eyes dart back and forth between the door and me.

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   I knock off my shoes and slide off my pants. “Did you wet your little panties when he bent you over his knee?” I ask sternly, watching her little breasts heave up and down. “They’re watching us, you know,” she warns, her voice shaking. She pulls her legs up, making herself look all the more scrumptious as a tiny ball on the bed. “Will they come before you do?” I ask, reveling in her fear. She smiles weakly as I slip off my socks and crawl toward her. “Open legs,” I whisper, patting her knees. She slowly opens them and slides them down beside me. I crawl forward and envelope one of her little tits in my mouth. She gasps slightly. Her nipples are so big and juicy, hard dimes in-between my teeth. I roll my tongue around one and then the other, sometimes taking her entire little breast in my mouth. My fingers slide over her panties, wetting the cotton with her moisture. I kiss her shoulder, her collar and her little neck as I rub away. I move my way up to her cheek, kissing her face and nibbling on her ear while I pinch her nipple.

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   I try to kiss her lips, but she turns away. “Ah, the romantic,” I whisper. I reach up and gently turn her face to me. “Now listen here Angel,” I say. “I need you here with me right now. ” She looks up at me past fluttering eyelashes, her eyes glazed. “You need to block everyone else out,” I gently instruct. “Block out the music, your boyfriend, your pimp and your Daddy. The only guy here now is me. I can make you wet, but it takes both of us. ” “I don’t kiss,” she protested. “Shhhh. ” I put my finger over her lips and stroke her cheek. “You don’t belong with us mortals, Angel. ” I kiss her chin, her forehead, and her eyelids.

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   “But if you’re going to pretend to be one of us, you need to give yourself completely. ” She shut her eyes and I kiss her lips, so soft and tender. So sweet. So angelic. I gently touch her juicy lower lip with my tongue, and feel her quiver nervously. I kiss her chin again, and her neck, working my way back to her breasts and down her tummy. I scoot backward, lowering my face to her panties and hungrily prepare for the main course. I run my teeth along the outside of her panties, gently grazing her lips. I slide my hands up her legs, under her panties and pull them down. She raised her legs up into the air as I slide them off. Her smooth little cunt is already glistening. I lower my lips down to her labia and inhale the sweet aroma. Cumsuckles don’t smell fishy; their scent is light, sweet, and utterly intoxicating. There’s no other fragrance like it in the world, but it might be described as a bit like caramel and honey. I kiss her nether-lips, marveling at her smooth skin, soft as rose petals.

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   I push my tongue into her depths, my nose nuzzling her clit. “Mmmm,” she moans as she grabs my hair with both hands. The moisture is already seeping onto my tongue, making it tingle and glow with a life of its own. I swirl my tongue around, trying to suck up every trace of moisture. My lips are tingling now, her juices moving through my skin and into the capillaries. She pulls my hair roughly, maneuvering my tongue over her clit. I nibble the little button gently. She gasps, then pulls my head down, smooshing my face into her. “Suck it,” she moans. I swirl my tongue around her clit, then take her hood into my mouth, my tongue swirling furiously. “Suck it like a cock,” she demands. My head is already swimming, the music from outside shooting through my brain in bursts of light. I suck up her hood and begin to bob up and down. She relaxes her grip on my hair, her fingers caressing my scalp. “Mmmmm,” she moans contentedly.


   I hurriedly try to lap up the moisture seeping out her cooch, but she yanks my head back up to her clit. I continue to bob, feeling the next wave of divinity swim its way through my tongue and down my throat. My stomach growls hungrily as my heart pumps away, desperately trying to diffuse the magic into the rest of my body. I slip my middle finger into her cooch, swishing it around while I suck on her clit. “Yes!” she moans, her legs clamping around my face like a vice. I pause for a moment to suck the cream off my finger. A tidal wave of sensations envelope me, and I feel submerged in a sea of bliss. Everything slows down. I look up at the sweet little angel on the bed, quietly frozen in time. “KEEP SUCKING” a voice echoes out from the heavens. Time resumes its normal pace as I lower my head back down to her clit. She’s moving her pelvis now, grabbing my head in her hands and smearing her wetness over my face. I swirl my thumb around in her cooch while my middle finger rubs her asshole. She moans loudly, her clit swelling in-between my teeth. I bob like a machine, sucking and fingering and knowing only one thing: I need more cream.

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   Need cream. NEED cream. I scream, you scream, We all scream…She lets go of my hair and slaps the sheets wildly, her feet digging into the bed as she bucks her pelvis around. I desperately try to clamp my mouth around her cooch and catch the cumsuckle as it flows. I wrap my arms underneath her and clamp my hands over her tummy, trying to hold her still as I suck out her essence. “I want your cock!” she moans. “I’m not ready yet,” I protest, desperately lapping up the rivulets of fluid flowing down to her ass. “Gimme your cock now, motherfucker!” am truly alive now. I jump forward onto her, kissing her furiously in spite of her protests. My cock drives into her as my tongue pushes into her mouth. I hold her head in my hands as I push her own cum into her mouth. “No!” she cries, but it’s too late. The cumsuckle settles into her throat as I pump away into her. Tears well up around the corners of her eyes. I grab her breasts in my hands as I thrust, watching with satisfaction as the cumsuckle takes hold of her.

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   Her eyes clamp shut, desperately trying to fight off the waves of ecstasy moving through her. I continue to push my cock deep, waiting for the familiar smile to appear. Her lips curl with satisfaction as she opens her eyes. I lean down and kiss her gently. “Turn over. ”She turns onto her belly and rises up on her knees, her bottom jutting up in the air. I rub my cock up around her clit, sliding it back and forth over her cooch. My cock head swells magnificently. She reaches behind and pushes the head against her clit, thrusting herself back and forth against my cock. “Oh God,” she moans, her breath quickening. And then she grabs my cock and positions it at her cooch. I push in until her perfectly round ass cheeks are flush against my abs. “Ohh!” she yells, her sweet little voice filling my head. I slap her ass hard, making her squeal with delight. “Oh Daddy!” she cries.

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   I grab her hips and thrust maddeningly, her cooch a blissfully tight glove around my member. My vision blurs as heat waves rise from her skin, colorful greens and blues and ultraviolet. I piston in and of her, her walls rhythmically tightening and releasing in time to the music. Her hair flies around like an underwater dream. The walls bend around us, fuzzy and breathing and happy to be alive. Her asshole tightens as I pull away, and relaxes as I return. I smack her ass wildly, delighted by her yelps and moans. She buries her face into the pillows and teddy bears as she grabs hold of the sheets. She thrusts backward in opposition to my thrusts, the two of us smashing together in perfect fusion. My cock glows inside her—fat, fiery, and filling her completely. A chorus of angels sings in my head as my balls tighten. I grab her hips to hold her still, my jizm squirting deep inside her and filling her like a fire hose. She collapses, and I collapse along with her, my cock still buried in her and pulsating helplessly. Her cunt feels like an éclair, so wonderfully soft and creamy. I have just enough strength to turn her over and fall onto her cunt.

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   The cream is deliciously sweet and salty. Everything melts away as the world fades out. We are the only two alive—the only two in existence. I climb up beside her and lie down, holding her tight against me. She turns and kisses me passionately as I glide my hand up and down her body. We share some of our thoughts and dreams, two telepaths lost in time. We say the stupid things cumsuckle makes you say, like: “I felt like I touched God with you,” and “We should meet again sometime outside this place” etc. But eventually the clock runs out, and we say our goodbyes before returning to the outside world. Six more months, and I’ll be back for more. .



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