Crossdressers first, but not last time


i had been with my girlfriend for over a year now, and our sex life was amazing, but i wanted to try something new. i wanted to try role reversal. i had never mentioned this to her, and i wasnt sure on how she would take it. one night, i decided to bring it up to her.

" ummm, hunni. . can i ask you something?' i said.

" sure, babe, what is it?" she replied.

"well, i wanna try something different. i want to try role reversal, where i dress up as a girl, you wear a strapon, and you fuck me in the ass. what do you think?:

: wow, really?. . . you know, i think i could be fun. . umm, ok.

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  . we can give it a try. i'll go shopping tommorrow, and i'll pick out a few things, and we can go for it tommorrow night. ok?" she said.

" that's sounds great. " i told her. " what are you going to buy?"

"oh, dont worry about that. Just let me take care of it," she told me.

The next day, while she was out shopping, i couldnt get my mind off of what was to come. I had no idea what she was getting. i was excited. just the thought of my fantasy finally coming true turned me on. She had been gone for an hours or so, so i decided to take a long shower to help pass the time. i went to our bedroom, got undressed, and went into our bathroom. i showered for about 30 minutes, got out and dried off.

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  With the towel around my waist, i went into our bedroom to get dressed. i looked on the bed wheere i had laid out a pair of jeans, but it wasn't there. instead, i saw a little black miniskirt, matching lace bustier, a tight little pair of satin booty shorts, and some stockings. instantly, my mind raced. just then, my girlfreind came in, wearing nothing but my jeans and a strapless bra.

" hey hunni, i noticed you're back from shopping," i said. " what's all this?"

"well, you told me that you wanted to try role reversal, right?" she asked, walking up to me.

" well, yeah," i said.

" well, i decided that since you want to dress like a little girl, i'd pick out the cutest little outfit i could. I also got this," she pulled my hand down to her crotch. I couldn't belive what i felt.

" Is that a. . . "

"yes, it's a strapon.

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   i got it, just like you wanted, and i intend on fucking you like little girl in your tight virgin ass. I'm going to make you my little bitch. Now, lose the towel. You're gonna dress up now. " she told me. she walked over to a chair and sat facing me. " first, i want you to put on those tight panties. "

i grabbed them, stepped into them, and slowly pulled them up my legs and into my ass. being forced to do all this was a huge turn on, and my cock was getting hard already.

" next, the skirt. that should hide your cock. My cute little girl shouldnt have a massive hardon. tuck it back in your panties and put on the skirt. " she said. i did as i was told.

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   she then told me to put on the rest of the outfit. when i was fully dressed, she told me to come over to the chair and give her a lapdance. i did without question. i started by slowly swinging my hips, turning around so she could see my ass. i bent over, exposing my ass in those tight panties. i could hear her breathing harder and harder. she was even rubbing her cock, as though it were real. this turned me on even more. i sat back, into her lap, and began to grind on her cock. i could feel her massive hardon through her jeans, and it drove me insane. i turned back around, then straddled her lap, grabbing the back of her head. she grabbed my ass and played with my panties a little, pulling on them, pulling them further into my ass. i continued grinding my ass into her, moaning and breathing hard. She couldn't help but moan as well. i could no longer resist.

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   i stood, spread her knees and knelt between them facing her.

"mmm. . . my little girl looks like she wants to see my cock. . . do you?" she asked. i was completely in character at this point. i really felt like a girl, and she was treating me like one. i loved it.

" mmm. . yes. i want your cock.

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   can i please suck your cock?" i said, moaning a little. this turned her on as well. she nodded her head, while i slowly began unzipping her jeans with my teeth. i pulled her jeans down to her ankles and looked at her massive cock for the first time. it wasabout 8 inches long, and almost 2 inches thick. the best part was, it was a vibrator. the thought of that massive cock vibrating deep in my ass drove me crazy. i couldnt resist any longer. i grabbed the base of it in one hand, then with the other, began stroking it slowly, pretending it was her real cock. She was pretending as well, and by the way she was moaning, she was loving it as much as i was.

"mmm. . . do you want your little girl to suck your big, hard cock?" i teased.

"mmm hmmm.

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  . . :" she moaned. " you better suck my cock like a good little girl"

i lowered my mouth to the head, and began to lick it. i then wrapped my lips around the head and started sucking her cock, slowly at first, then faster and deeper. i wanted to play the part of a girl the best i could, so i removed my hands from her cock and began to rub my tits though the bustier. by now, i was taking her whole cock into my mouth, and she was moaning as though she was goin to cum. i sucked her cock as though it really would. i wanted her to be able to cum in my mouth, and i could swallow all of her warm cum. She grabbed the back of my head, began forcing me down on her cock. i love feeling that huge cock deep in my mouth. taking the whole massive 8 inches nearly gagged me, but i loved every second of it. i love sucking her huge cock. it made me feel like a little girl, having her force her cock into my tiny mouth.

After a few more minutes of this, she told me to stand up and get on the bed.

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   i reluctantly removed her cock from my mouth and did as i was told. i crawled onto the bed on my hands and knees and teased her by waving my ass in front of her. she lost it.

"alright, my little girl. i'm going to put your tight little ass to good use," she said. she came over to me, pulled my hands behind my back, and pushed my face into the bed. she grabbed my ass hard, and then slapped it a few times. i loved being controlled. she then pulled my panties to the side, just enough to expose my tight litle asshole, she teased me by rubbing her saliva soaked cock over my hole before pushing into my tight virgin ass. she went slow at first, but she pushed it nearly balls deep. this felt incredible, so good infact that tears began forming in my eyes. i started moaning louder and louder as she thrusted her huge cock into my ass. as my ass loosened up, she pushed faster. before long, she was thrusting away and we were both moaning loudly. i was crying harder now because of how incredibly good it felt to have my ass fucked hard and fast by that massive cock.

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" do you like that, my little girl?" she asked, still thrusting away.

"mmm. . . oh god!. . god yes. . i love your cock deep in my ass. . . . mmm. . .

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  god, please dont stop!!" i said between moans.

" well, it's about to get a whole lot better. " she said. with that, she pulled out, quickly turned me over and forced my legs back above my head. she wasted no time thrusting back into me, picking up the speed and depth that she left off with. this new position felt amazing, and with my legs pushed back, her cock was able to go even deeper into my ass. i was crying and moaning ever harder and louder now.

"Oh!. . Oh god!!. . . yes. . yes!!.


  . Oh my god!!. . . please dont stop!!" i was almost screaming. without even touching my cock, which was still being held down by my tight satin panties, i was nearing an orgasm. " Please dont stop!. . . i'm about to cum!"

" Really?. . . without even touching your cock?. . .

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  mmm. . well, let me make it ever better. " she said. with that, she turned the vibrator on to full speed. it was the most amazing thing i'd ever felt. i could feel every pulse vibrating deep inside my ass. i began to scream instead of moan, and tears were rolling down my cheeks. i couldnt help it anymore. I had the most intense orgasm i'd ever had, and came more than ever before. Because my cock was trapped in my panties, my warm cum had nowhere to go, and filled my panties till it began to leak down to my ass. she had never stopped thrusting, and now my warm cum began to cover my asshole and her huge, vibrating cock. she pushed my cum into my ass, deeper with each thrust. i could feel the amazing warmth of it deep inside me, and with her still fucking me just as hard and fast, i had another amazing orgasm. i was moaning like a little girl and tears streaked my face.

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"mmm. . . that;s my little girl. . . you came so much. . . now i want you to clean my cock. " she said. She pulled her cock out of me slowly, and turned off the vibrator. she told me to turn around so my head was hanging off the side of the bed. i did so, and she immediatley forced her cum soaked cock deep into my little mouth. It tasted amazing.

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   i loved every second of tasting my own, warm cum. i sucked all of it off of her cock and swallowed it. it tasted so good that i begged her to stick it back in ass to cover it with cum again.

"No, i have other plans for that cum. . . " she said with a smile. . .

"what do you mean, other plans?" i said, wiping the tears off my cheeks.

" Mmm Hmm. . . you just wait till you see what else i bought today. now, close your eyes.

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  " she said. i did so, i could hear her move about the room. it sounded as though she was looking in the closet. all i could do is wait and wonder. before long, she returned.

" now, my little bitch, don't open your eyes yet. turn over and get back on your knees. hurry, while the cum in your ass is still warm, " she told me. I did as she said. As soon as i had turned around, i felt her grab my hips. she pulled my panties down to my ankles and i feel her rubbing something on them. it was longer than the dildo, but more flexible. i quickly realized what it was, and couldnt help but turn my head to look.

"i thought i told you to keep your eyes closed. you've been a bad girl, and now, i suppose you should be punished.

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  " she said. then, she took the double-sided dildo and shoved it deep into my ass. from tip to tip, it was well over 18 inches, and it felt as though she had pushed about 8 or 9 inches of it into my ass. I screamed in pleasure. it felt amazing, having a big cock so deep in my ass. i started to cry again, and was moaning and screaming.

"Oh my god!!!. . . that feels incredible. . . . mmm. .

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  . . yes. . . yes!!. . . punish me!!. . . punish me like a bad little girl. . . like the girl i am.

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  . . " i moaned. " i love when you fuck my ass!. . . Oh yes!!. . . god, dont stop! please. . . plese dont stop!!"

"mmm, i love when you beg. . makes me want to join in the pleasure.

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  " she said. then she got up on the bed, on her hands and knees, facing away from me. she then slowly pulled my end out of my ass. " having your warm cum on this dildo makes the perfect lube for my tight ass. " and with that, she took the end that was in my ass and pushed it into hers. she took the other end and presented to me, and i gladly pushed back onto it, my now, well fucked ass easily took in over half the length, while she struggled at first. she started to loosen up, and before long, we were pushing back against each other in perfect rhythm. we would push back and meet in the middle, we were both moaning, fucking each other's ass faster and harder. i was mearing another orgasm, and i was sure whe wasn't to far either.

"mmm. . . god!. . i see why you loved this so much!!" she said, muffled by her face in the pillow.

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  . " i want to try something. i want you to fuck me doggy style, but dont remove the dildo from your ass. do it now, my little bitch!"

So, keeping the dildo in my ass, i pulled it slowly out of her's. i positioned myself behind her. i took her end of the dildo and bent it towards her wet, warm pussy. i teased her clit a little before pushing the dildo into her pussy. She moaned and squirmed a little. then, i took my own cock, which hadn't even been touched till now and was rock hard, and thrusted it deep into her ass. i started off slow, but thrusting deep with each push. as i push into her, i could also feel the dildo pushing into my own ass. I sped up, and soon we were both screaming. now, tears were rolling down her face as well.

"Oh my god!!. .

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  . . mmm. . . yes!. . that's feel sooo good!. . . please dont stop. . . fuck me, harder. .


  . faster. . . i want you to cum in my ass. . . cum deep in my tight little ass!" she screamed. i could hold it any longer. With a few more powerful thrust, i shot my warm cum deep into her ass. at the same time, she had an orgasm. we both moaned and screamed in pleasure. we became weak, and collapsed onto the bed and just lay there for minutes. the dildo was still deep in my ass, and in in her pussy, but neither of us wanted to take it out.

"Oh my god, baby.

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  " she said after a while. " that was incredible"

" yes, it was, " was all i could say.

" we will definately do this more often, my little girl. " she said, smiling.


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