Crazy Threeway


(This is my first story I'm still editing it, any feed back would be great. )
My name is Adun I'm a white 18 years old guy that recently started college, I've been living with 2 girls from high school that I go to college with.   They’re both lesbians and I knew they were "together" and they usually were pretty discrete about it.  
One night I was coming back from work around 10:30 like normal and I saw Karin and Becky and Karin was eating Becky out on the floor.   My penis twitched a little out of instinct but I was used to this so I started to walk to my room.
Hey Adun want to join. K-B
I was thinking holy crap no way did they just ask me that.
Fuck Yeah A
I thought, hell yes this is gonna be fucking awesome.   Two hot ass lesbian wanting to fuck with me.   My dick went completely rigid in seconds.  
Nice this should be fun. K
I walked over to them and started to undo my belt then my pants and before I knew it my pants were on the other side of the room along with my boxers.   I had two beautiful women staring at my cock Becky cupped my balls.  
Lay down on your back. B
I laid down on my back and they began to suck my cock right there.   Becky went up and down on my cock while Karin sucked my balls.

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Do you want to lick my wet pussy. B
O god yes. A
So we got into 69 position and she sucked my dick as I licked and fingered her pussy.   O my god was she good.
Karin got behind me and I felt a pressure on my asshole as Karin started to slide a finger into my ass.   It was weird at first but it felt great.   I have done this before while jerking off so I was used to it and then I felt the finger being replace with a warm tongue.  
O my god I was in heaven a beautiful blond sucking my dick and a gorgous brunette tongueing
my backdoor I almost came on the spot.   I have always want to fuck a girl in the ass so I got my finger good lubed with Becky’s pussy juices and slid my finger in her ass.
(Gasp) O god Adun yes. . . . (Moan)
 I worked her with my finger in her ass while tonguing her clit until
I had her cumming in my mouth.   I didn't want to shoot my load yet so I pulled my dick out of her mouth.

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Yeah bring that nice little tongue over to my wet pussy. K
Becky came over and Karin laid on the ground and Becky began to lick Karin’s
pussy.   I thought this was my opportunity and got behind Becky and slid my dick into
 her tight little pussy.  
O my god your puss is so tight.
I fucked as hard as I could . . . Harder harder B . . . my breathing quicken and finally I could hold back anymore and unleashed my load into her pussy.  
(Karin) That was great lets go clean up and finish in the shower.
After that we all hoped in the shower together to clean off.
I ate both of there pussies and assholes to give myself some time to recoup.  After bringing the both to an orgasm, we went into the bed room to finish what we had started.

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Do you gals want to go again.
Becky opened the dresser next to the bed and pulled out a blue 8 inch strapon and red 6 inch strap-on and laid down on her back and slid the 8 inch strapon in her vagina.
Okay Karin your turn I know you want this.
    You know it but I also want Aduns cock in my ass. K
    I went a piece of that so bad. A
     I grabbed some lube from off the bed and lubed up my finger and cock .   I started to slide my finger in her ass and got it good and lubed up.   (O god that feels good)
    I think you're ready, I slid my dick in her ass and began to fuck in motion with Becky.
    Beky fucked Karins vagina as I worked her ass, I could tell she was about to cum so reached my hands around and cupped her boobs pinching her nipples and became to kiss her neck.
    O Fuck K
    Don’t cum just yet. B-K
    Becky took off the strapon and to fuck herself with it told me to fuck her ass to I got some more lube and slid my cock in her tight ass.   Karin went and grabbed the other dildo and got it good and lubed.   I was sure what this was gonna feel like but I didn’t want to stop.
    Your turn. K
    I stopped fucking Becky so Karin could get it in.

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        She spread my cheeks and felt the plastic cock push up against my ass and slowly slide in.   She started slow and then began to quicken it felt so great.   I started to fuck Becky again while she fucked her pussy with the blue strapon.   With a cock in this girls ass and an another girl fucking my ass with a strapon rubbing my prostate with every thrust I could barely hold my load.
    O Fuck A
    Cum on me B
    I pulled my cock out and shot my load all over Becky’s tits.
    Karin pulled the strapon out and got down and licked my cum off Becky tits and especially her nipples.
    No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it back up so we took another shower and fell asleep together.
    To be continued many times…