Coyote Ugly


Without any other conversation she began to run her hand over my back and then slipped it gently between my legs from the back. I slightly moved my left leg forward and up at which time she began to message my testicles and slipping past it to message my now hardening dick. I was really enjoying the massage I was getting from her then she stepped it up a notch and began to run her hand from my hard dick past the balls and slip a finger into my asshole. The first time she did it I was shocked but the shock did not diminish my erection, it intensified it. I did not remember ever being so hard, my dick was so hard that it was almost painful. As she continued to work her magic on me I had long ago stopped servicing her with my fingers and was simply letting her do all of the work. I moaned a lot which must have pleased her since she giggled a couple of times but never spoke to me. When she finally stopped working on me I moved to roll over to do her. As I started to roll over she rolled onto her back and spread her legs with her knees bent and her feet flat on the bed as if she were getting a gynecologist's exam. In the dark of the early morning in my bedroom I made out the image of her legs spread as they were and decided to eat her pussy. It had been a while since I had eaten any pussy and I had always enjoyed it so I took this as a open invitation from her to eat hers. As I moved in the dark to found her pussy and bury my tongue in it I still felt the pain of the morning after headache and was glad that it was still dark in the room. I started below her right knee with my tongue and continued to slide down until I reached the hairy mound of her pussy. I quickly found the top of the crease created by the pussy lips coming together and dove into it until I came to her clit. She moaned as I took a moment to get ready then drove my tongue across her clit quickly in one motion starting above it and stopping as my tongue first slipped into the opening of her pussy lips. Immediately she began to push my head into her snatch, she was rocking her hips very fast and it felt as if she was humping my face with her twat.

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   I drove up and down her slit numerous times and could tell that she was enjoying the ride. As her hips began to thrust erratically and she began to almost scream out in ecstasy I felt the warm stream of her juices begin to run from the pussy lips I was suckling and knew she was about to get off bog time. As I continued to tongue fuck her I was dry humping the sheets rubbing my rock hard dick across them, if she had lasted much longer I probably would have come on the sheets, I was that worked up. When her orgasm hit it was like riding an ocean wake of humping, moaning and screaming as she glazed the bottom part of my face with the juices now streaming from her pussy lips. I came up for air and a thought hit me, I still don't know her name, my problem was really yet to come though, I just did not know it. As her hips slowed she purred to me "come here lover, I want your dick in me!"Never being a man to turn down an offer like that I began to lift myself from the junction of her wide spread legs and began to explore her body as I moved up. In the morning light that was starting to stream through the drapes I could see that she had a nice body, not a lot of flab around the middle I discovered as I slipped my tongue across her belly button, "an inny I grinned to my self, I liked those best. As I worked up to her tits I found that they were quite large, if I had to guessed they were at least 38 C's, maybe D's. They drooped a bit to the side so I was assuming that my new lover was in her 30's, just starting to lose body tone. I spent a couple of moments massaging her tits and teasing her nipples, she responded by stroking my hip and trying to reach my now throbbing dick. As I slipped further up above her tits with my tongue my pecker inched closer to her still sopping twat. As I reached the base of her neck with my tongue I glanced up at her chin and was amused to find that she appeared to be panting in short breaths. I could not ever remember having a woman this worked up. As my dick reached her pussy I could feel the heat like a furnace that it was throwing out and decided that I was going to simply push myself up with my arms and drive straight into her love hole. When I pushed myself up with my arms and thrust my hips forward two things happened, my dick buried itself effort sly into her cunt, I felt the warm folds of her pussy lips surround my dick as I came to a halt after burying myself into her, at the same time as my senses were racing furiously I took a deep breath and sighed.

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   At this point I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. The sun had now risen to the point that the room was filling with sunlight and I smiled. As I smiled I gazed down from the ceiling and gazed on my new lover's face for the first time. For a moment I froze, stopped humping her pussy in mid stroke and gazed at her in stunned disbelief. She was the ugliest human being I had ever laid eyes on. My first reaction was shock, my next one was to close my eyes and keep humping her. After all I am a man and it had been a while but I was glad no one could see what was happening here. I have enough problems getting laid without the gossip of this kind of thing getting around, if it did I would be a laughing stock in my circle of friends. Rushing through my head were several thoughts, "What in the hell was I thinking?" and "did anyone see me pick her up?". Luckily it was a new bar and I did not remember seeing anyone I knew so I made a mental note to never return there. I closed my eyes and turned my face back to the ceiling and moaned, partly to cover the fact that I was repulsed by her looks from her and partly because it was still pussy and I will admit right now it was the best pussy I have ever had. As her hips thrust at me over and over the muscles in her cunt softly messaged the shaft of my dick, I was impressed. After a couple of minutes of humping her my mind began to rationalize the situation, with my eyes closed I could feel good about the situation,We fucked for about 5 minutes before I opened my eyes again and gazed at her again, "my God, what was I thinking?" ran through my mind as I closed my eyes and kept fucking her. "Coyote ugly!" came to my mind and it seemed to sum up the situation. Coyote ugly was an old joke term about waking up the morning after and finding a woman so ugly sleeping on your arm that you would rather chew off your arm than wake her up to leave.

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   I simply kept my eyes closed and we continued to fuck like a couple of dogs in heat. After about 18 minutes of screwing I began to violently bang into her twat, maybe out of anger or spite, but if either was the reason it was in vain because it only seemed to turn her on more. We were fucking like a couple of sex maniacs on a bender. I was driving so violently into her warm, hot pussy that I could feel a jarring feeling like a punch in the balls every time I slammed the base of my now sore, raw dick into her cunt. She was breathing hard and screaming like an animal when I buried myself into her for the last time and pinned her hips to the bed as waves of cum shot up the shaft of my poor, sore dick. I held her there until the spasms in my balls and shaft began to subside then with my eyes still closed I slipped off of her and rolled back onto the bed. I did not open my eyes again until I was facing the wall with my back to her. "Baby, that was even better than the first time!" she purred to me as she came to a rest on her side facing my back again,I moaned a response but no words, what could I say to her? She was hideously ugly, she looked at least 30 years older than she was, she had a giant nose, bad completion and 2 scars that appeared to be from a knife fight. As I lay there thinking about an exit strategy for this situation I felt her hand once again sliding towards the crack of my ass. As soon as she slipped a finger past my sphincter and into my ass I felt my poor, sore pecker starting to spring back to life. As I moaned I reached for my bottle of Bourbon on the nightstand, maybe if I drink enough this headache will go away or maybe I just won't care. As for her I will figure out something soon, right now I have a pussy to attend to. I just hope none of my friends show up today, I'm not ready to cross that bridge. .



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