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We both had B cup tits and shared our bras and would play fight about who's nipples where bigger or pinker. We even went as far as to stare at each others asses and compliment each other. At first we did seperate calls. But one night at a little get together we decided to do a threesome with her boyfriend at the time. I enjoyed him enjoying every bit of it so much that we did it for my boyfriend as well. That is when it all started. My friend and I started being a fantisy all the time. We took the calls together and together we where the "it" package. Always in control and the guys liking it that way. One evening we got a call pretty late and we where offered money we coulden't refuse. This night was the best sex I have ever experinced and none has come close since. We arrived at his house about 2:30 am with our best of almost nothing on. Special request of Roman Catholic school girl outfits on with no panties on me and baby blue silky thong on her (the brunette)and no bras. We had to fix our hair accordingly as well. So I put my hair in two braids with fuzzies at the end and my freind put hers in a pony tail which made her look 18 with the way she did it . "That's what the pervert wants.

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  "We giggled. We set out instruted we had to come barefoot as if we where sneaking over. Talk about role playing. I was already going with the flow but my friend had to be talked into it on the way up. She was nervouse as hell so we did our let's do it thing and tipped toed and giggled at our own nervouseness. We didn't even have to go all the way up to the door when this dark figure grabbed us from the side and lead us through the back door of his house. Caught off guard (to set the mood I guess) he told us to sit down on the couch as he poured us some drinks. Trying to relax we started checking out what we where in store for . The lights where dimned and candles where blazing all over the living room. After we where done with our drinks and watching him check us out we started to touch each other to start the game. "Stop" He said sternly, "I will tell you what to do. No talking unless I tell you what to say" He stood up and grabbed another drink while he poured his drink he started to loosen his belt on his robe and let his 12 inch cock be exposed. My freind and I looked at each other both in worry and in lust. He slowly walked back to the leather chair and sat down with his drink and just staired at us for a while looking at our bodies plotting what and when he was going to have his fun. "You" he pionted to my freind stand in front of me and slowly show me your sweet ass my freind slowly walked up to him turned around and felt up her ass seductively as to call him over to her, but he didn't budge.

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  "Spread it I want to see your tigh little hole" devouring her with his eyes. Then he motioned me over "Get on your knees and suck my fingers like it was the best cock you ever sucked in your life" He then put his wet fingers on my freinds clit and sarted playing with it and moving back and forth from her clit to her ass but he was enjoying it in such a way that I started to throb between my legs. My friend moaned lightly enjoying while he grabbed the back of my hair and pushed me twords her ass I started licking it and fucking her tight hole with my wet licker. He got up and grabed to leashes from the wll with collars and put them on us. "Come whores" and he led us to his king size bed. He wasen't at all nasty about it and somehow I knew that I was going to get a treat from all of this as well. He had us both lay down next to each other and played with both our pussies and he knew where to lick suck and play. I didn't want to cum to soon. " Sit on her face" He commanded to my freind and I started eating her out. I could feel the warm shaft of his cock playing round my pussy and his fingers as well. He pulled his fingers up and tasted my juice "UH how sweet you are . . you're ready. "He slowly pushed his big head into my little slit and down into my hole and slowly slid the head of his cock in and out as he fingered my freinds little ass. I wanted it all in me but it didn't happen just yet.

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   "Get on your backs together" we both layed next to each other And he felt our tits and made them as hard as they where going to get. He was looking at his two young flowers with a sexy lust filled stare. He slowly pushed all off his 12 inch 4" cock deep inside me and moved it deep and strong and slow. Slowly I started to loosen up a little and he slowly pulled out and slid into my freind as he fucked her pussy he play with my body all over my tits my and my ass. I have only had one anal before this and I wasen't too excited to have his big cock in my ass. He pulled out of my friend I could see his cock glisten and it was so hard. He grabbed us both behind our heads and pulled us twords his big cock both our mouths sucked and played with it. Enjoying it worshiping it wanting it back in us. "That's my girls . . your both so fucking hot" he bent me over hastly and spit on my ass and slowly fingered it "1. . . finger 2. fingers .

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  . 3. . . 4" He went deeper and deeper and I was refusing it all the way. "Your going to be a good girl and take my big cock in you tight ass aren't you". I hesitently shook my head yes and he layed me on my side my freind started to lick my tits and suck them. She was good I loved the way she sucked my tits my earaser sized nipples where to the max enjoying her soft lips and mouth. He slowly eased his cock half way and pressed every time my ass contracted it hurt but the hurt slowly went away with pleasure. " that's my little blonde take it. " As he fucked my ass he told my freind to play with her pussy while he fucked me and watched " You pussy is so nice" He told my freind as he quickly pulled out of me , grabbed her and threw her over me . "I'm going to fuck both your pussies now. " In stren sexual excitement " You fucking whores little fucking sluts. " As he switched between my pussy and hers her back laid against my tit's messaging them and he was playing with our clits while he was fucking us into exctasy. I swear my friend and I had or grand finaly orgasm at the same time.

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   He grabbed us both to lick and suck up all his cum and he had so much cum it filled both of our mouths and dripped down our tits and down our bellies. Head to head my freind and I started licking each others faces and kissing each other while we whipped all of the extra cum all over our bodies. He enjoyed it we could tell. After we calmned down we all went into his hot tub for a soak and some drinks. My freind and I both agreed that it all was good. (No names have been mentioned to protect privacy).



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