Confessions of a Male Masseur Part I


Confessions of a Male Masseur Part I
Disclaimer:  For purpose of protecting confidentiality, all stories shared are fiction and any resemblance to any person or persons is strictly coincidental.   
I am a medical professional who has, over the last two decades, engaged in sensual and/or erotic massage allowing women of all ages, social status and ages, the opportunity to enjoy and explore their sexuality with a man who is skilled, sexually safe, and to do so in an affirming environment with no expectations or even unspoken obligation of engaging in any mutual sexual activity.   This did not preclude sexual activity, if, we both were interested.  
The following are stories of those times when the chemistry was right, and their desire, their pleasure, was for us to experience mutual pleasure and our experience might be of interest and arousal to my readers.
Warning: Guys don’t try this at home!  Failure to understand the medical implications of how to massage and equaling important when not to massage can lead to severe medical complication for her and huge legal complications for you.   State Practice Acts require strict compliance and carry significant criminal and civil penalties for violations.   I repeat: do not try to do this unless you are a professional and understand the implications of your actions.

Keeping Abreast of My Profession
I meet Katie via email and if there is such a thing as a typical New Yorker she was it.   Brassy and bold, sensitive under her shell, she didn’t judge much by appearance and when I arrived at her apartment for our appointment she meet me at the door in a Juicy Coulture tracksuit.   She lead me towards her room and I noted the suit’s bottom, was barely staying up, supported only by the swell of her buttocks exposing a lot of her assets and revealing that she was comfortable with her own nudity – a trait I like a lot in women, and displaying the fact that she was not wearing underwear – another trait I enjoy!  By the time we reached her bedroom I was already becoming hard.  
Because I work in medicine and so much of my work involves, of necessity familiarity with the more private areas of female anatomy, I rarely get all that excited by just the sight of an unclothed woman, but the sight of her barely coved buttocks, did something to me.   Perhaps it is just the confidence that comes to a woman sexually as she reaches a certain age and begins to relax and really enjoy sex, or perhaps that knowledge that I really didn’t expect a mutual encounter here and hence was moved by her sexuality, I can’t say, however it affected me deeply and my manhood was responding like a teenager’s’.    
Katie had contacted me explaining that while she’d been married for many years, sex had become dull and routine and she found herself increasingly drawn back to fantasies of prior sexual activities she’d had as a teenager.   One specifically turned her on.   She’d been making out in a car for an extended period, refusing sex, but allowing the guy unfettered access to her bare breasts and eventually as he sucked her nipples and swirled his tongue all around her hardened and aching tips she had a “most wonderful climax” from the nipple play alone.  
Now she wanted to try to cum that way again, but most men she’d been with were in too much of a hurry to “move down” as she put it.

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    Her husband routinely kissed her, felt her up, sucked her nipples for a couple of minutes until she got wet and then entered her.   “It is like I am a vending machine and if he does the same thing every time and somehow I am supposed to be ready and aroused for him.   I am not a coke machine!  I’ve read your stories online and I know you are the type of guy who would be willing to take the time needed to make me climax in different ways and my nipples are longing for that same experience of so long ago”I had freely confessed that while I engaged in extensive breast and nipple play regularly both with my clients and my lover, I had only had one of them climax from just nipple play.   It was a young college age woman whose nipples I’d stimulated with my fingers and mouth for over 90 minutes before she had come in a shuddering climax.   I warned Katie that it had taken some fairly firm nipple play to get this woman over the edge and that she had reported that her nipples were so sensitive afterward to any stimulation that she was unable to wear a bra and even her blouse lightly touching them made them ache and at the same time aroused her terribly, a condition that lasted for more than a week.  
Nevertheless Katie wanted to try and I was not going to turn down such an opportunity to try such an unconventional encounter.   Her husband regularly traveled internationally and we scheduled a time when he would be away.   I am non-judgmental about pleasuring married women without their husbands consent, as long as they are sincere, discreet, and seeking pleasure, not some type of revenge or rebellion trip.   As far as I am concerned, if he were doing his job she wouldn’t be seeking my help and perhaps she will gain something that will help him have a happier sex life.   I will not, however, engage in any activity designed to cause hurt such as revenge affairs, even to partners who richly deserve such hurts.  Katie had draped an old comforter over her bed, knowing from our conversation that oil has a tendency to get on things no matter how careful one is.   She smiled and pulled her top over her head exposing her large C-cup breasts.   She had a bikini tan and the un-tanned triangles on her breasts revealed almost snow white skin capped with small pink nipples already looking erect, set in a much larger but nearly invisibly colored, ultra-light pink areolas.    She dropped the pants next exposing very long legs, a tight butt and a completely shaved vulva.   She lay back in the bed and I got my things out of my bag including, a couple of towels and olive oil which I prefer to all other lubricants, both due to it’s natural properties and the fact that it is not unpleasant to move from manual to oral stimulation.

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“Do you mind working nude?”  She asked
“No, I don’t mind at all. ” I replied.
“Good, I think I would be more comfortable and it would feel more like making love with my husband.   God, I am so nervous saying this stuff, but…” She added looking away as if embarrassed, “I get hot seeing your big cock so hard in your pants just now and I want to have it exposed.   I haven’t seen another man’s cock so hard for me in years” She finished, blushing slightly.  
For all her brashness and New York attitude, she was still in some ways shy and I liked her better for the glimpse of real person under the gruff exterior.   I spite of the planned sexual nature of our afternoon’s activities I am drawn not to a woman’s nipples or clitoris, but to the person she is,.   Perhaps that is why the women I work with tend to relax and enjoy our time together.
Stripping naked, my cock jutting out proudly in front of me like a banner, I walked over and leaning down I kissed her slowly and sensuously until her lips parted and my tongue found hers as they intertwined.   I continued kissing her lips, neck and ears for a number of minutes as she relaxed and her arousal began building.   At last, I felt she was ready and I warmed to oil on my hands before beginning at her lower chest and encircling her breasts but not really focusing on them at all then moved up to her shoulders and arms massaging them for several minutes before once again moving over her shoulders and then boldly down over her breasts both hardened nipples making contact with my fingers making sure I circled them briefly as I moved by them and then up to her neck.   I know that this momentary sexual contact would build in her mind far more than if I had begun extensive play with these sensitive buds.   Instead now I worked her neck bringing sighs of pleasure before moving in soft stokes into her hair making her nearly purr with the shear animalistic pleasure of being touched, stoked, cherished, and aroused all at once.
Moving her sideways on the bed,  so I could sit above her head, I slide my oiled hands down the entire length of front of her torso my hands moving together between her breasts and continuing down onto her shaved mound being careful to stop just about the level of her clitoris not touching her labia and then slide my hands back up along the sides of her body until my hands reached her armpits and then I would start back down her front once, more,  With each stroke I made sure that more and more time was spent in contact with her breasts and prominently erect nipples.   They were not large, either in length or diameter but they were as hard as any I have ever come across and she was becoming increasingly responsive.

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    As my fingers circled her oily tips she would moan softly and when I stroke upward along the sides of her breasts she would make these barely auditable but very sexy noises more to herself then me.   She was lifting her hips with each stroke onto her bare mound wanting more contact with her sex but I knew she’d wanted me to try and get her off differently, although now that she was excited she wanted orgasm period.   Still I wanted to try and fulfill her wishes and shifted my focus to her breasts.
If there is a lovelier sight in life that than a woman’s oiled breasts, heaving up and down with arousal and excitement with each breath I have not yet seen it and Katie’s chest was a prime example of what I find so alluring in female arousal. .   She had her eyes shut and already her upper chest was flushed a sex flush as my fingers began gently pinching and pulling at her engorged nipples.   The oil made it hard to twist them firmly but they were responsive and she made no move to stop even fairly rough sex play with them.   I alternated my attention to her nipples by kneading her breasts and then I moved to take her nipples in my mouth.  
My tongue flicked over the little end of her left nipples and I heard her gasp.   “Oh God!”  I sucked it softly at first them hard pulled back letting it pull free only to suck it and as much of the areola as I could into my mouth.   I moved to her right nipple repeating the maneuver, back and forth, back and forth, from one to the other while hearing her little sounds of pleasure build, after 5 minutes I forced both nipples together and sucked them into my mouth.   Then using my teeth I lightly nipped at the sensitive tips allowing the sharp edge of my teeth to grate over the nerve endings making her cry out in pleasure.
Then I took the towel and the rough cloth allowed me to grip and nipples and I pulled them upward forcing her to arch her back as I shook them from side to side before releasing them and sucking them deeply once more before alternating soft with hard stimulation for a number of minutes.   Then unexpectedly I pinched them hard and tugged and twisted both sensitive nubs making her cry out.   “Yes! Oh God, Yes!”
Using both hands I pinch both nipples between my fingers and began flicking my tongue over the stiff tips while my fingers continued to twist and pinch.

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    I could tell she was close, but she needed something more to get her over the edge.   I let go of the nipples and ran my hands back down toward her vulva limiting myself to the shaved mound as she writhed.  
I needed to change the equation.   She was as ready as any woman I’d ever sent to climax, on the edge, but the stimulation was not quite enough, and I figured it was more mental than physical.   Mental arousal overcomes a lot of other distractions to pleasure and I imagined that it was frustrating for her to lie there just trying to climax.
      It also was probably not in her nature to just be pleasured.   Many women think it is their duty to be pleasuring their partner as well and they hold back wanting to stay interested while their partner gets pleasured.   I decided I could help this along.
    I reached for another handful of oil and straddled her chest.   My cock was hard became harder as I oiled it and then grasping both her breasts I put them together and slide my cock into to warmth and softness of her tits.   She cried out as I began using her for my pleasure, but it helped her and soon she began making great noises as my cock brushed each nipples as I was forcing her breasts together and the nipples were nearly touching in the middle with my hard organ.   She reached up to help position her breasts for her best pleasures her handed pressing her soft tits together about me while her fingers found her own nipples and began violent rubbing and occasional tugging for some minutes as  began build towards orgasm my own orgasm.   I reached down and replaced her fingers on her nipples and began really pinching and pulling on them with passion while continuing to thrust her breasts and within a few minutes her cries were getting louder and more frantic until she cried out violently and he body was racked by that most glorious and rare experience of orgasm without direct contact.    
    I was still fucking her tits as I watched her face contort as she came, her head tossing from side to side as if trying to tell her body, No, but it was not listening and I could tell her whole being was being convulsed by waves of pleasure.   At last she recovered enough for speech.

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        “That was even better than I remember it being!”
    I had not yet finished and had stopped after she climaxed my glistening organ hanging out over her breasts, but she reached back up to my cock and ran her fingers over the swollen purple head.   “Please,” She said.   “Finish”
    I began my strokes one more sliding in and out of her cleavage her hands lightly pressing her full breasts against me and she raised her lips to kiss the head of my organ as it emerged below her chin.   I continued a few more minutes – I have never been a quickie type of guy and I certainly didn’t mind my slow pleasures today as she moaned in arousal until I neared my own climax.   I was about to cum when she commanded. “Here!”
    Her mouth is open and I slide slightly forward my cock entering her lips moments before streams of thick white semen squirt into her mouth in several long streams.   When I stopped shooting into her she pulled back and I could see a huge load of white cum on her tongue and filling her mouth just before she swallowed it down and began sucking on my organ once more getting the continuing remains of my climax.  
    I thought I had gone to heaven as she pleasured my ulta-sensitive cock after I had cum, but I pulled back and slid down her body until my mouth was between her legs and my mouth could reach her sex.   She was soaked.   Huge amounts of female juices had poured forth form her opening and down over her anus and into her crack and the smell of aroused woman filled my nostrils.   I leaned forward and began exploring her sex, my tongue probing every little fold and then darting down to flick about her anus, hearing her gasp in pleasure as the tip entering her anus slightly, before working its way back over her soaked and swollen labia to her hardened clitoris still begging for more attention.
    I doubt I worked my way up from her clit to her anus more than four times before she exploded is orgasm bucking up and down as I struggled to keep my mouth in contact with the right areas and keep her stimulated as she rode the waves of this climax her breath and her moans bearing testimony to the pleasures which controlled her being at this moment.    As she relaxed and came down form her high I realized I was still making contact with her small node of pleasure and she unlike a lot of women she wasn’t so overly sensitive that I couldn’t keep touching her so I made light circles about her hidden treasure as she steadily moaned and sighed her approval. And I began to wonder if she might cum again even though she had told me earlier she usually only climaxes once.   Still she had climaxed twice and she was still enjoying what I was doing so I continued and as I flicked over her clit, now hidden under its hood my right hand found her deep wet well and began working first one then two and soon three fingers in and out of her wetness.

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        She was building towards another climax that much I could see, but I also knew from experience, that not every woman has an easy time getting the hang of multiple climaxes.   I reached deep inside her willing vagina my fingers pressing deep toward the front of her body, back behind her pubis, back under the bone pressing on her G spot and her soft moans and sighs became animal cries of shear pleasure and in just another minute she was climaxing once more, her pussy contracting rhythmically about my fingers as she was once more gripped in the pleasures of her flesh.  
    This time she collapsed after orgasm as if spent but her clit acted like it still enjoyed contact and she sure moaned in pleasure as I kissed and licked about it. Still she acted as if she could cum again if the stimulation was right so I went back to circling her clit with my tongue and this time I used and huge amount of wetness to ease my finger’s entry into her anal passage.    She was tight and yet willing as first one the then two fingers probed her and I began sucking on her center of pleasure while thrusting her anus.   It one took three minutes before she was having yet another orgasm and as she came down form this one she at last reached down to pull me away form her sex saying, “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven, but if you make me cum anymore I will die.   I just can’t take anymore. ”
    That’s how it ended for Katie and me that day in New York.   I took a shower and came back in to find her naked, sound asleep, just as I had left her.   I covered her and let myself out, locking the door behind me.    I blended into the throngs as I headed for my train out of the city.   I looked at the other women I passed and remembered an article that stated more than 1 in 4 women had climaxed from nipple play.   Too bad I’d had to wait until now to experience



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