Coming Home


Eric glanced over as he drove up the highway.   He was constantly amazed to see Patti sitting next to him.   She sat there, a blonde goddess of a woman. “Damn, I am the luckiest guy on the face of the Earth” he thought as he stared briefly at her.   Her long blonde hair blew gently in the breeze of the open window of his car.   He reached over and softly stroked up her lovely neck, then gently traced her sensitive ear with a fingertip before running his fingers into her soft, beautiful, blonde locks.   As he pulled off the highway and came to a stop at a traffic light he pulled her closer and leaned over to kiss her neck just below her earlobe.
“I want you now!” he whispered.   “I’ve missed you these last couple of weeks while I was in Taiwan,” he added.
“Oh?  Really?” she asked with a smile.
He nodded with a grin, “Absolutely!” he said as he let his hand slide down caressing over her perfect breast, lightly teasing her nipple then sliding it down to her thigh and under the skirt she was wearing.
“I’ve missed you too. ” She stated, with a grin of her own, as his hand slid farther up her thigh to find she was wearing only thigh-high stockings and a wispy thin silk g-string underneath.
With a smile that belied his desires, Eric drove the last couple of blocks as fast as possible, pulling into the driveway of the apartment complex and then flying thru the gate.   “I think I’m going to have to fuck you on the stairs.   If we’re lucky maybe we can make it to the big chair,” he said with a grin and a gleam in his eye, as his fingers slowly stroked her thru the thin material between her legs.

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    He could feel the warm heat building there as he pulled into the garage and came to a stop.   He leaned over, finally able to let go of the wheel and pulled her close again, kissing her deeply, his other hand now free to wander over her body and then come to rest on her small but firm breast.   “God I love your titties” he whispered huskily as he pulled away briefly, only to come back to kiss her again seconds later.
Eric could feel her hands on him now, lightly teasing his nipples as they kissed, then her had slid down between his legs.   He knew she could feel his hardness through his jeans.   He grinned again.   “I told you I missed you!”
“That must be terribly uncomfortable.   I’m going to have to help you with that aren’t I,” Patti asked.
“I’m afraid so.   It could lead to my early death if you don’t!” he said with a laugh.
“Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to have THAT on my conscience, ‘she said with a smile.
Chapter 2
Eric stepped out of the car and came around to help Patti out.   As she stepped out he pulled her close, kissing her.   He felt her lean into his arms and he held her tightly, kissing her deeply, passionately.   He let his hands roam over her body, his left hand caressing the nape of her neck, his right sliding over her hips and buttocks before working up to cup her left breast firmly but gently.

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    He could feel her nipple harden as he teased it through her sweater.   His left hand slid down from her neck to her other breast and began teasing that nipple now as they continued to kiss, tongues entwined.   His right hand found its way back between her legs again.   He peeled the thin material aside and slid two fingers up and down over her warm, wet pussy.   Patti moaned softly as he spread her wetness up and down.   “Lets get in the house,” he whispered as he took her by the hand and led her out of the garage and inside.   As the garage door came down and the door out closed he stopped and pulled her to him again.
“I want you right here, right now,” he said as they stood at the base of the stairs leading up into the apartment.
He kissed her again, a long slow deep kiss.   As he did, he reached behind her, unhooking her bra and sliding it off, exposing her small, perfect titties.   He caressed the exposed skin with his hands and then leaned forward and began licking and sucking on her sensitive nipples.
With a smile, he unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor.   He then lowered himself till he was sitting on a step.   He reached behind her, placing his hands on her buttocks and guided her forward slightly.   Using his left hand he peeled the damp fabric of her thong aside, exposing the pink wetness of her pussy.

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    He softly inhaled her scent, enjoying it.   He could feel his body react, his cock throbbing in his jeans as he began to kiss and then lick her warm, wet pussy.  
He started with long slow licks up and down her cleft, then moved to small circles over her sensitive clit.   He heard her breathing increase and then a soft moan, barely audible.   He smiled as she pressed herself into him, grinding her pussy against his tongue.   He applied a small amount of suction against her clit now, simultaneously licking up and down over it.   This caused her to moan a bit louder.  
He lifted his right hand from her buttock and, using one finger to start, began to slowly penetrate her very wet opening.   He then slid a second finger inside.   This caused yet another soft moan.
Eric pulled back and looked up into Patti’s eyes with a smile.   “You’re very wet now”, he said softly, grinning.   “I want you on top of me, I want to see you and feel you cum” he added.
“Oh…I don’t know if you’re ready yet…I’d better check,” she said, and then she guided him to standing, undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans.   He helped her slide them down and kicked them off.

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    She smiled to see he had nothing on underneath them, as his cock stood out.   “Hmm…you seem ready…but I’m not quite convinced,” she said and then she lowered herself down with a smile.  
She opened her mouth and slowly took his cock in it.   She heard him moan lightly “oh yes…” as she did.   It gave her quite a rush to hear that.   She sucked and licked his cock, taking it all the way in her mouth, sliding her tongue over the sensitive underside of his cock.   She could feel it throbbing, full and hard in her mouth.
Patti pulled back and looked up “I think you’re ready now,” she said.
Eric sat down on the stairs, his legs spread wide.   She lowered herself down onto his hard cock straddling him.   Once she had him all the way in, Patti began sliding herself up and down, slowly at first, then faster.
She loved fucking him this way.   She needed to cum badly, and she never could deny herself that in this position…it felt too damn good!
“Cum for me baby” he said softly as she rode his cock.   He reached up and teased her nipples.   He loved watching her as she got closer and closer to cumming.

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    He could feel her pussy squeezing tighter around him.
“Oh yes!” she moaned as she thrust herself hard and faster on his cock.   Eric began meeting her strokes with those of his own, driving his cock harder and faster inside her.  
That was all Patti could take.  
Eric felt her pussy squeeze around him, as though she was locking him inside her as she came.   He smiled, thrilled to have been able to feel her cum and know she was enjoying him so much.
Patti collapsed on top of him.   Eric held her on top of him for a while, loving the feeling of her skin against his, his still hard cock buried deep within her, the sensitive intimacy of the moment was something he treasured greatly.
As her breathing came back to normal, Patti sat up, “I want you behind me now, I want to feel you cum in me that way,” she said as she pulled herself off of him.
Eric sighed briefly as he felt the cool air on his cock, he wanted to get back inside her instantly.  
Patti turned and faced up the stairs and got on her hands and knees.   She felt Eric step behind her and then she felt his hardness pressing into her once again, then he began fucking her.
 She loved it when he was like this!  She closed her eyes and felt him thrusting in her, slowing occasionally but then going faster and faster.   She knew he couldn’t last long but God it felt good!  She could feel his hands on her hips, holding her tight as he fucked her.    She felt her second orgasm building inside her and just hoped she could get there.

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She felt his fingers tightening on her hips and knew he was almost there.   He was thrusting faster and harder now, exactly what she needed too.
Eric could tell she was close to cumming again.   He wanted her to get there before he came but he knew it was going to be close.   He reached up and caressed her nipple with his right hand and tried to slow himself down a little.   He took a deep breath and placed his hand back on her hip, thrusting faster again.  
“Oh…yes!” she moaned as he sent her over the edge again, cumming.
Eric smiled as he felt her pussy squeeze down tightly around him again as she came.   That was all he could take!  She was SOO tight, so warm and wet…
He thrust himself deep into her and came.   In his mind it felt like an explosion!  He thrust himself into her a few more times as he came in her,  his juices mixing with hers in the process.   He collapsed against her briefly but then caught himself with his hands.   He didn’t want to move though.   He loved being inside of Patti and hated the feeling of sliding out of her.   He didn’t want it to end yet!  The smell of sex in the air was quite tangible…he loved it!  He leaned forward and kissed her at the nape of her neck
“Thank you crazy girl…you’re incredible.  
I want to take you to the bedroom and start all over now!” he said with a grin.

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“I think that’s a good idea, but lets get a shower and a little food…then I can have you for desert” she said with a wicked little smile.
“Sounds like a perfect plan to me!  I want to make love to you all night long!  I’ve missed you these last two weeks…and you have to help me so I don’t die young” he laughed.
“Lets go lover…I’m not done with you yet” she said over her shoulder as she led him by the hand up into the apartment.