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When we arrived back at my place, she went through my DVD collection while I poured some more wine. I’m sure that my subconscious was the one pouring the wine in aspirations of fulfilling my dream. “Jerry McGuire” was the selected movie, one that I had seen many times and was not really into watching again. This allowed me to focus on her beauty and dream about what it would be like to have her. We were both dressed casually from the day at school, me in a pair of khaki shorts and a golf shirt, and her in Capri’s and a tank-top. Her natural beauty was so great that she made everything she wore look amazing. As the movie dragged on, I was completely engulfed in her presence as I moved closer to her on my couch. She startled me as she rested a hand on my thigh as I moved in. I could tell that she wanted the comfort of being held, so I reached my arm around and pulled us close together. As the time passed and certain positional discomfort set in, we had somehow moved into the “spooning” position, causing an instant stir in my pants. By the time the movie was over, another bottle of wine had been finished and we were both feeling the effects of the alcohol. The alcohol then began to control my actions, as I pulled her closer and rotated her until she was facing me. Being bold and courageous because of the alcohol, I slowly leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. While mid-kiss, she turned her head until our lips met. They were so soft and moist. Our tongues began to wander, causing a huge erection begin to form in my pants.

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   She could feel it against her leg as she began rubbing it with her thigh. The thought of her rubbing my hard cock almost made me cream my pants. As our kissing grew more passionate, our hands began to wander and articles of clothes had been removed. I opened my eyes to see her in nothing but a white lace bra and white thong, and me in nothing but my boxer-briefs. Her skin felt so smooth against mine. Thinking to myself that my couch was too small, I stood up, lifted her into my arms and proceeded into my bedroom where a queen size bed awaited us. After gently placing her down, I slowly began kissing her entire body, starting at her ankles. Working my way up her shapely leg, rotating it slowly to reach the soft and sensuous inner thigh. I continued up, working around her thong to tease and excite her. The skin on her amazingly sexy stomach was as soft as that on her inner thigh. As I proceeded upward, I slid my hands underneath her and unhooked her bra. Sliding her bra straps down and completely removing it exposed some of the most beautiful set of tits that I had ever seen in my life. Like I said before, they were not overly large (a C-cup I would guess) but were full and perky. Her nipples were erect from our foreplay and the slight chill from my AC. While caressing her sides and breasts, my mouth began to explore her nipples, gently tonguing and biting them, making them even harder.

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   She let our soft, supple moans of pleasurable content. I continued my way upward until we were again kissing and caressing each other. By this time, I had a raging hard-on and really wanted to see what I could expose from the only garment that remained on her amazing body. Sliding down her body while running my tongue along her midline made her anticipate what was to come. When I reached her hips, she gently raised them to help me remove her thong. While slowly sliding it down with my hands, I began kissing and tonguing her inner thighs, working my way up. When I had completely removed her thong, I opened my eyes and had to use all of my power to stop myself from cumming. Removing her thong had exposed a beautifully manicured pussy that was extremely hot and wet, almost begging for either my tongue or cock. Her dark pubic hair had been shaved completely except for a small triangle that remained just above her glistening cunt. As I moved closer, I took in her marvelous aroma. My tongue outstretched and barely touched the outside of her pussy lips, which sent her into a shuddering orgasm. I gently parted her lips and ran my tongue gently up and down her slit. Pausing for a second to wet my finger with saliva, I went back to tonguing her clit while sliding a finger into her hole. She was so tight and her pussy convulsed with every flick of my tongue. I lapped at her exquisite pussy for a good amount of time, sending her into 3 more orgasms.

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  As I proceeded upward, she flipped me over and positioned herself on top of me. Beginning at my neck, she began kissing down my body until she was positioned between my legs. I felt her soft hands pick up my rock hard 9” cock as I heard her mutter, “nice and big just how I like them” to herself. Her tongue ran up and down the shaft of my cock, making it nice and wet. She began to jerk me off while she tongued at my balls and inner thighs. Her hand stopped and was replaced with the best feeling mouth that I had ever had on my cock. She bobbed up and down with a steady rhythm, changing her lip pressure with each stroke. She was the most talented cocksucker I had ever experienced. Her soft wet lips and tongue were working wonders on my boner. Not wanting me to cum in her mouth, she stopped and slid up until we were again face-to-face. I rolled over on top of her and gently spread her sexy, slender legs. She started breathing heavily, knowing what was to come next. I reached down and positioned my still wet cock at the beginning of her pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit to smear her juices onto me for more lubrication. She spoke to me for the first time while I rubbed her pussy with my cock. “I want to feel you deep inside me right now,” she said in a soft and sexy voice.

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   That was all I needed to hear, as I began to slide all 9” of my manhood into her hot, tight pussy. As my head entered, I already knew that this was the best pussy I’d ever felt in my entire sexual life. Sliding farther in, she began to wince a little because of my size and her limited experience. I slowed my push, then without warning, quickly slid the remaining 3 inches deep into her. As I began rhythmically pumping in and out of her hot cunt, she completely changed her persona. She became a cock loving, screaming for more, wanted it harder and harder fuck slut. “Deeper, harder, faster,” she screamed as I increased the speed and force behind my thrusts. I could feel our pelvic bones hammering together as I furiously pounded on her tight pussy. I slowed my pace to an almost non-existent movement, pulling my cock almost all the way out. With a quick thrust, I rammed all 9” of my hard, and getting harder cock, completely into her, feeling my cock head slam against her cervix. She let out an intense moan, and surprisingly, threw me off of her. I landed on my back on the bed. She quickly climbed on top of my, impaling herself on my cock. I was getting even deeper into her extremely tight pussy because of her weight pressing down on my rod. She stayed on her feet, rapidly bouncing up and down, engorging my entire package into her each time.

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   I could feel her ass slamming against my balls, causing a little pain, which I was able to ignore. I could tell she was beginning to tire from riding me, so as she went up on my cock, I completely pulled out of her. Sliding out from under her, I positioned her on her hands and knees. I kneeled behind her, quickly sliding my cock deep inside her, and began to fuck her hard doggy style.
    I reached around with my left hand and began to rub and pinch each nipple. Her pussy contracted on my cock with every pinch. I could tell she was close to releasing a shuttering orgasm. I reached around with my right hand and began rubbing her fire hot and swollen clit. The second my finger made contact with her clit, her body began to shake and buck like a bronco with its balls tied tight. “Oh Shit, OH Shit, OH SHIT!!!” She screamed as a huge orgasm rushed through her entire body. Her pussy exploded juices all over my cock, some spilling out onto her legs and my stomach and balls. Her convulsing pussy became tighter and tighter on my still growing cock. It felt as if I got harder and harder with every thrust into the hot pussy attached so tightly to my cock. I continued to finger her clit, keeping her orgasm peaked, lasting almost ten minutes. When her orgasm finally ceased, she fell partially limp, as her arms could no longer hold her up.

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       As I pulled out and prepared for another thrust, she brought herself forward, completely removing my cock from her pussy. The next words out of her mouth almost made me fall off the bed. “Put it deep in my ass,” she ordered me. “Are you sure?” I responded, to ensure that she wanted it. “Yes PLEASE, I love hard cocks in my ass, I may not seem like it, but I’m an anal slut. ”Obliging with her desires, I licked a finger and slid it into her ass, to loosen it up a little. I followed the first finger with a second and then a third, making sure she would be able to stretch enough to take my entire package without causing damage to her perfect ass. Her moans became louder and more frequent as I slid more fingers into her spread ass and increased the speed of my fingering. When I felt she was loose and wet enough, I spread her perfect ass cheeks and placed the tip of my cock at her anus. My cock was still dripping with her pussy juices so there was no need for lube. As I began to press forward, I felt her push back against me to increase the speed that my cock entered her ass. When I was all the way in, I pulled almost all the way out and rammed back in with great force. “Oh GOD yes, I love your cock in my ass,” she moaned as I rammed back into her. My pace quickened as her ass began to loosen around my pole. Her ass was even tighter than her seldom-penetrated pussy. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

       She moaned for me to fuck her faster and harder. I quickened my pace and increased the force behind my thrusts. Her ass muscles began to tighten and relax around my rapidly pounding cock, sending tingling waves through my balls. I knew that I was going to spill a huge load into this amazing girls ass in a very short time. She could also feel the twinges in my cock and started to push back against me and pulsate her ass muscles on my cock. When it hit, my body jerked and I rammed my cock all the way into her tight ass. As I pumped my seed into her inviting ass, I reached around and fingered her clit, sending her into another shuttering orgasm. I unloaded a huge load deep into her anal cavity, which I could feel squishing around my cock as I pumped in and out of her. When our climaxes ceased, I fell limp over top of her, my cock slowly softening in her ass. I pulled my soft cock from her ass and felt a gush of hot sticky cum pour onto it from her gaping hole. She turned and saw the mess that was on my cock, leaned over to me and began to lick and clean my cock. “I love the taste of cum after it’s been unloaded into my ass” she said as she quickly cleaned my cock with her tongue. Both of our sexually exhausted bodies were glistening with sweat in the light from the hallway. We proceeded into the bathroom and showered, bathing and cleaning each other as we went along. No words were spoken until we where dried off and clothed.

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      “You are definitely a different person in bed than you are any other time,” I said as we lay back in my bed. “I like to keep an innocent profile, but I can be a freak when I want to be,” she responded. “So I guess this kind of changes our relationship then doesn’t it?” I asked. With that, she kissed me softly on the lips, rolled over and fell asleep. Smiling with content, I laid my head on my pillow and was quickly asleep beside her. Since this first night, our relationship has changed. We now live together and are moving to California when we graduate. .



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