College Life


        When I decided to go back to school after a two year hiatus, Gorham State (as it was called in those halcyon days of yore) seemed to fit all of my requirements. . . cheap, fairly close to home but not too close, and a favorable(to me) ratio of women to men. It was the Maine state teachers college in those days and young would-be elementary school teachers abounded.  If some of the elementary schools in Maine knew what kind of sluts their teachers were when in college there would be a real shortage in that state I unloaded my car in front of my dorm that hazy September afternoon after a long drive from Annapolis and carried my beklongings up to my room on the fourth floor. After introductions my roommate and I headed over to the cafeteria for an early dinner. The dining hall was fairly new and looked for all the world like a gigantic flying saucer perched on the hillside. Inside there was the expected confusion and seats were at a premium. Sully and I sat at a tale with a group of young men and women who seemed to know each other and their conversations covered the gamut of what they did over the summer and group introductions. i met a young woman named Kerry that day and before dinner was over had lined up a date for thatevening, beer and pizza downtown. kerry was a lithesome freshman, 5'8" tall ,long brown hair, and very pale. Her skin wassoft and pure and she always looked mildly surprised, wide eyes and a quixxical smile. SLender, with long legs and a fine pert pair of breasts, small but promising. One talent she displayed that evening early on was an amazing capacity for beer. We each had a couple slices of pizza and so many beers we soon lost track.

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   there was a whole roomfull of students there and it developed into quite a party. When we could no longer rightfully say we could walk we stumbled out  and headed up the hill to campus,  but were sidetracked by a school playground,swings , seesaws, and a merry-go-round. laughing at each others jokes and having a grand time we passed the evening until as if bone voice we asked each other if we wanted to spend the night in our partners dorm. Laughing,  we agreed, but soon enough saw that my room was out, Sully was not having any of it. . . and hers was occupied by her roommate graoning and moaning. 'What the hell, the more the merrier' I thought and Kerry agreed. Her roommate, Renee, was so involved with a guy she wasn't asking any questions.
    Kerry started things off with a kiss and an insistent grope at my crotch, and I responded by taking her right tit in my hand. we were undressed with a quickness, and i sawthefinest 18year-old(Ithought) tits you can imagine. Her skin was as white as alabaster, her nipples a rosy pink color. Her tits were, like I said, small, about 34B's, but sosensitive it turned out that she was soon maoning along with Renee, who was now on her hands and knees taking a lonmg cock from behind. Kerry and stopped for a few minutes and watched as she took a very passable pounding then Kerry was on HER knees with my cock in her mouth. As you can see, things heated up quickly, and fucking was soon the order of the day/night.

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   as I slid my dick into her tight little hairless cunt she thrust her hips up at me taking my cock its full length. I'm not hung like a pornstar,7 honest inches , and it was buried balls deep in her twat. Whill I pumped away, hard and fast, slow and deep, then fast again, sometimes all the way, sometimes only the head of my cock in her, it became apparent we had an audience . Renee had finished off her guy and they were smiling and giving us enciouraging suggestions. i paused long enough to look over at them and saw Renee fingering her cunt, watching us with glazed eyes, cum running out of her pussy. Hwer friend stared at us openly and then, with only a glance at each other the four of us were all tangled up in each others amrs. i don't really know which cunt got my first load of cum that night, but before it was overboth had sucked me off, and both had had a good fucking from both of us guys.
      School settled in to a regular pace. My classes turned out to be interesting, but not very challenging, which left a lot of time to drink and socialize. I joined a fraternity that semester. Delta Chi, and Kerry, while we stayed in touch though didn't fuck any more that senster, joined Delta Zeta.
      Greek life at PoGO ( the University of Portlad-Gorham) was where it all happened on campus. Weekly beer keggers, music, activities on weekends, and for the brothers of Delta Chi, lots of pussy. I started working in the cafeteria, and soon met nearly everybody on campus.
     After my night with Kerry there was a virtual parade, Denise, Brenda,Sandy, Bobbie,a different Brenda, Sue.

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  . . it was all too good to be true, but it was. They still stand out in my memory,barbara's enormous tits and even bigger appetite for cock, Mary's incredibly tight cunt ( about the apparent size of quarter coin slot in a vending machine, but very accomodating once you reached heaven, Kris, so tall, so blonde. Then Christams vacation, spent that year in a small cabin in Northern Maine, watching the snow and wildlife with a friend from school.
     When I returned to PoGo there was a note on my dorm door. Opening it Iread the birthday invitation of my first girl there. Kerry was inviting me to her 18th(!!!) birhtday party. it turns out she was only 18 when she fucked me there that first night. Of course I went, got a birthday kiss and gave her a birhtday grope which sherecieved with a smile. Kerry looked absolutely stunning that night, a fetishist corset barely covering her nipples, short leather skirt, sheer sleek stockings held up by garters just peeking out from below the hem of her skirt, high heels, about 5" stilettoes. her glasses had been replaced by green tinted contacts, showing off her eyes which were darkened by a smoky looking eye shadow, her lips scarlet and moist looking.
     'I'm a big girl now, Will, and since you were the first one here, I'm YOUR big girl tonight, if you'll have me. "
     'Damn right!' I couldn't beleive my luck. Two first nights, two good hot fucks, and since she had undergone such a transformation from the freshman she had been to the babe she was now, with two undeniably fine women.

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   We drank Black Russians that night, danced, listened to music, had a little wine toward the end of the evening and after everybody had gone home and after Kerry had gone to her room and freshened her make-up, we settled down on the couch cuddling close, slowly exploring each others most sensitive spots. I was entranced by her corset. I had never even seen one, bumpkin that I was,. She had removed her skirt and now wore only a garter belt , stokings , stilettos and the corset. Looking at her I was soon wearing only a raging hardon and a look of a starving man in front of a banquet. Kerry was the source of my lifelong fetish with garters and corsets.
     She leaned over (not an easy feat she later told me) and engulfed my cock with thosae luscious lips. I looked down and met her eyes looking up at me , my cock in her mouth. I could see traces of her lipstick on my dick. My eyes half closed, I moaned that icouldn't stand it any more, I was going to cum. Instead of pulling away she swallowed my load and just sucked that much more. I never lost that amazing boner as we moved from position to position. I laid back and shesat on my cock, taking it all the way in, guiding my hands to her tits which now were out and above the top of the corset, her nipples stiff and erect. Tiem after time I pumped cum into her, into her mouth , onto her tits, into her cunt. Finally we lay together resting, tooexhausted to even speak.

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   Several minutes passed and she said ' One more thing. For my birhtday , in my ass. . . ' Who was I to disagree? i licked her ass, dark musky, forbidden, and oh so sweet, Shee sucked my cock hard . . . again. She positioned herself face down on her tits then raised up on her knees, proferring that heavenly hole to me which (my forsttime hereI must admit) I laid the head of cock up to. Slowly, but without relenting, slowly as she realxed, finally sliding into that tightest of holes. i rested there and she took several deep breaths, the we started and built up a rhythm of thrusting which culminated in one more burst of cum in her ass. As I pulled my cock out , cum ran out and down onto her cunt. .  I kissed her cunt and she took me in her mouth.
      What a great party.

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   The understatemnt of my junior year there.
      More women, Karen, who fucked me in the dorm lobby late one night, her pussy so wet that I thought the sounds of us pumping into each other would wake the night receptionist. Mary agin, I couldn't get enough of that tight little cunt. Judith, my best friends girlfriend, drunk, horny and, as it turned out , lusting to fuck me.
       I never had another session with Kerry. Our lives took separate paths, me to Montana and Big Sky, she to an elementary school ( you see what I mean ?) and married to a cop. I doubt if he knew,but there were a lot of people in Portland that did, and from what I heard between our fuckfests,quite a few of them knew it from personal experience.
     I graduated the next year and didn't return for a fair while. I kept in touch with Judith, who became good friends with Kerry a few years after they graduated. About a year ago my wife and I went to visit Judith , now just Judy, and out of defference to our spouses we chose not to discuss our history. She had a few pictures of school. including, amazingly, one of Kerry at her birthday. She just winked at me as I looked at the photo and let out a sigh. My wife looked at me but never asked abbout it.
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