CM Assassin 1


Topic: CM Assassin 1 Author's Note: Please, please comment upon this. Chapter two [with a lot more sex] is coming along!
February 6, 2009. London. 11:57.
I ran out of the convenience store, ripped the cap off of my coke, and took a gulp of the sickly sweet black liquid. I drank again, this time swishing the sugary concoction around my mouth, hoping to cleanse it from the metallic taste left by blood.
“Fuck” I iterated in anger. I swore another 4 times. I let out a roar, less angry now more in elation. My phone rang, interrupting my rant. I fished it out of my pocket, looked at the caller ID, and unlisted number.
“Bonjour” I greeted.
“Is it done” Russ, my CIA contact, greeted me with a question.
“Yes. ” English now.
“Good” He hung up.

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   I did likewise.
January 3rd, 2009. New York City. 9:56 pm
I was state side, visiting the only civilian connection I had left: Pearl. Pearl is my connection to the human world. I visit her every month or two, she is my only known contact. This is a bit too regular for me, but well, Pearl is the love of my life. She is my friend, my lover, my absolution.
I got off the Air France flight from Charles De Gaulle, walked through the maze of intertwining corridors, going down escalators until I finally found my self to baggage claim and saw my first glimpse of New York in the New Year. Snowing again, typical, perfect, the way I like New York. It comforts me somehow, to know that one of the biggest cities on the earth is still subject to mother nature. Knowing that no matter what is thrown at them, the New Yorkers will continue to hurry after fleeting lives that just slip through their fingers. Comforting it may have been, yet it was also unsettling. To walk through the crowds, too aware that I didn’t belong. Once you take a life you are never the same they say.

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   Well that’s a lie. Everyone else is different.
I picked up a plain black bag, unremarkable enough to be forgotten, cheap enough to be replaced. It’s a hassel waiting for baggage off carasels now a days, and it slows you down and creates a possible opening, yet post 9-18 traveling without bags flags a little message in every security personal.
Normally it doesn’t matter, they see your license, sometimes run a check, it is fine. But my I don’t deal in computers, oil, politics, or one of a thousand other mundane jobs. My business is death. I don’t like people looking into my background. I may use fake IDs, but it isn’t worth the risk anymore. I don’t want anybody to find me, much less to know my regular schedule. This way it is easier, a bag filled with cheap clothes, maybe a box of cheap chocolates, and even a fake watch; nothing too interesting to warrant attention, but nothing too sparse to puzzle a bag checker. Simple, medium, average, that’s me.
I walked out of the airport, looked left, right, up, and off into the future. No one stuck me as dangerous. I jumped into a taxi.

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“Where you going?” a gruff New York accent greeted me.
“Times Square” I replied, and rode the rest of the trip in silence. Look behind me, look to the right, check number plates. I barely even noticed doing it. This was my job, notice things, avoid danger, stay safe, stay alive.
I got at Times Square and immediately blended in. I walked the 18 blocks to Pearl and my rendezvous checking all the time I wasn’t being followed. I arrived at “La Café”, a traditionally American coffee house trying to adapt a sense of culture that it had no understanding for, with twenty minutes to spare. I pushed through the heavy oak doors and moved into the small cramped bistro that is so typical in Manhattan. France my foot.
I have sat and sipped lattés in cafés upon the Champs-Elysees, they are filled with culture, vibe, you instantly get the feeling you are just a fleeting moment in life. I love it. I crave it. Yet here they were determined to hang mirrors everywhere. I hated it, I loathed it, but Pearl loved it, and I love her.

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   I ordered a disgustingly sweet latte and sat down in a too soft armchair and flipped through one of the magazines on the table, “Wild Hunting”, once again I was struck at how badly the Americans could fail, they always missed out on the small details. I chuckled at myself, I had been here no longer than two hours and I had already remembered why I was desperate to get away.
I heard the little bell over the door chime. I looked up and froze. There she was! Pearl. Looking radiant in a thigh length leather jacket, long black two inch heeled boots, a pair of snug jeans, and a black turtle neck sweater. He illustrious golden-brown hair trickled swept across her face to rest mid breast. She saw me, and her face broke into a smile. I stood, shaky, and motioned for her to sit. She hugged me instead.
“Salut Charles” She greeted me, pressing herself into me, snuggling under my chin until her head rested over my heart.
“Hey Pearl” I answered. We sat, saying nothing, but drinking in each other’s appearance. It had been too long. It always is too long.

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“How have you been?” I asked, with a feeble grin, recognizing how typical it was. Christ I thought I may as well have said How’s the weather.   She let out a burst of soft laughter, my heart leapt.
“Good Charles, good. ” I loved the way she would call my Charles, saying it with a French accent.
We lay spent two hours on her king sized bed, our clothes strewn across the floor haphazardly, dropped were we had ripped them off. The sheets wrapped around us like a cocoon, warding off the cold from our naked, sweat, entwined bodies.
“I love you” I whispered into her ear.
“You better” She answered with a playful slap to my chest.
I pulled on top of me, and caught a strong whiff of her perfume. I was instantly aroused.
“Ready for round two already?” she asked.
“No I’m happy like this. ” I whispered into her ear. She reached down and slid her hand over my stiff member.

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“Mhmmm I can tell. ” She said seductively in my ear. I ran my hand down from her shoulders, over the dimple in the small of her back, to her soft, perfectly formed buttocks. I gently squeezed.
“Mhmmmmmmm” she sighed. My hands continued their search until I found her smooth, damp, slit. I rubbed her up once, and then rolled off of me until she lay flat on her back. Her head propped up by the pillow, her green eyes stared into mine, her head started to bob up and down in a silent plea. I leant in and kissed her softly on her lips, then more passionately. Soon I moved from her soft, full, lips to her neck and started to kiss the smooth skin there. My journey continued until I reached her right breast, I held it in my hand and gently massaged it. My head, under a force stronger than gravity, was pulled towards her nipple. I took it into my mouth. I felt it stiffen instantly. Once again Pearl moaned.

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   My left hand moved from her left breast down to her belly button and further down, I crossed the soft, smooth, expand of her pelvis and came to rest just above her clit.
“Go on, you bastard, go on!” She commanded. I followed her order, I started to slowly rub the little nub, picking up the pace which was replicated by the speed and pressure of my mouth on the nipple. Beyond long I could take it no longer. I moved my body down the bed further and buried my head in between her legs. My tongue found her slit and it caressed her lips, parting them to enter her. Her musty, strong, delicious, taste greeted me. This time we both moaned. My lapping continued for two or three minutes, her hands found a hold on my ears and pushed me into her, holding me there tight forcing me to go on harder faster.
I retracted my head, she let out a soft sigh of disappointment. I moved up her body and kissed her lips. She took hold of my stiff pole and pulled me towards her. In a sudden move she pushed me to the bed with her spare hand, and sat on top of my muscular thighs just above the knees.
“You’re turn!” she said with a devious grin. She began to stroke and fondle my scrotum.

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   Still keeping one hand on my dick and the other cupping my balls, she started kissing my chest, moving down until she reached my happy trail.
“Where does this lead I wonder?” She asked. Well she soon found out. She followed the thin brown hair down to my pubes and to the rod sticking out of them. In one swift move she engulfed my head in her mouth and moved down until half of me was buried in her velvety soft mouth. She started to bob up and down, running her toung over the underside of my dick, swallowing on when going down, and sucking when retracting. Within four minutes I was close.
“Ba. . . ba… babe… almost… almost…. ” I warned and encouraged. To my utter dismay she released me from the confines her of her accommodating orifice. She left my pole hanging in the open, straining, craving attention, and moved up my chest until her knees were on either side of my biceps. I looked up into her face, framed by her breasts on either side.

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“I think you owe me something. ” She shuffled forward until her dripping opening was hovering above my nose. I inhaled her strong, arousing scent. I grabbed her but and pulled her down until I could slide my tongue in and out of her, occasionally stopping to swirl over her clit. Within minutes she was getting close.
“Okay, no more teasing” she told me. I started to get up and she pushed me down. “No! Let’s try something new. ” She impaled herself upon me, facing me, and started to gyrate up and down, while rocking back and forth. She arched her back and tilted her head back. We started to moan in unison. My body arched to meet her every down stroke. Faster. Faster. Harder.

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   Louder. The squelching noises of my juice coated dick sliding in and out of her sent us over the edge. She climaxed. Her pussy clenched around my swollen head and rigid shaft. This sent me over the edge, my balls raised further into my body, and I shot out stream after stream of my seed into her.
“Fuck” I said. “That was good” We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
January 6, 2009. New York. 12:43.
I walked through central park, enjoying the birds singing around me and the cold breeze on my face.
    I felt alive. My heart was beating, my head was swimming. I was in love.
    My phone rang, my heart froze, my stomach dropped, and I stopped mid step.


       I hoped against hope it was Pearl, calling to tell me she loved me, but deep down I knew it wouldn’t be her, she was working all day, in some fashion industry.
    I fumbled for the phone in my pocket and managed to answer it.
    “Hello. ” A large Texan voice boomed at me. “Charles Morgan. ” It wasn’t a question it was a statement.
    “Who is this?” I asked.
    “Charles Morgan?” It said again, this time slightly unsure. Good, keep them on the back foot. If they’re only contact information about me was found in a file, then they also knew my history.
    “Who is this? I won’t ask again. ”
    “Russ Williams, CIA. ”
    “What do you want?”
    “I have a job”
    “That’s nice, so do I”
    “No, no I meant, I was calling to see if… if you would be interested in doing me a… favor. ” I laughed on the inside. Inexperienced.

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       A hardened veteran would not be phased. It was obvious to me that the only contact this Russ had with men like me was in a Langley handbook.
    “I don’t do favors. Goodbye” I said
    “Wait!” He yelled “Meet me, Central Park, twenty minutes, under the bridge. ”
    “Alone” I conditioned him. I hung up, flipped the phone over, and ejected the sim card. Fuck, how’d they get my number? Fucking CIA, I was determined to get to the bottom of this.
    Ten minutes later I sat on a bench 100 meters away from the bridge, with ear buds plugged in, I looked like any other resident taking a relaxing walk in the park. No more than  four minutes later I saw a huge man walk up. He kept looking behind his back furtively.
    Subtle. I said. Very subtle, no one would ever make you would they? I sat for another two minutes making sure he was along before circling around to his back, checking the trees on either side to make sure he really was alone. I slid my hand into my pocket and opened a folding knife. I rushed forward, and taking the texan by surprised, pushed him under the bridge.

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    “Hey wait a minute partn…” he stopped mid sentence when my knife came to rest against his larynx.
    “How did you find me!” I interrogated
    “We got a file on you, put the knife down”
    “No” I pressed harder to make a point. “What do you want with me!”
    “I got a job. ”
    “Not intersted. Leave me alone” I kneed him in the balls, slid the knife into my pocket, and began to run away.
    “Hold up. Pearl” He managed to gasp out.
    “What!” I turned mid step. “What did you say” I walked towards him with murder in my eyes. “Tell me what you mean”
    “She’s in danger,” he struggled for breath “the Company… tracking her… get you… kill her. ” I was tempted to kill him, but decided he might have some information.
    “What do you want from me? How does this help you!”
    “If you kill them, our operatives are able to infiltrate the English crime scene. ”
    “Lets go someplace else. ”  I glanced around suddenly aware of how very open I was. Two hours later we were sitting in a little bistro off of central park.

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       Russ was holding an ice cold bottle of cold between his thighs. He had just related the story to me.
    The Company, the biggest gang in England ranging from petty drug dealers to infiltrating to the highest politicians, was coming after me. Apparently I had killed their man last August while on a job for MI5 last year.
    “I couldn’t have killed an unimportant one could I” I asked him dryly.
    “Yap partner. ”
    ‘And let me get this clear, you think if I kill this man… Jack, I will wipe my slate clean? They will stop gunning for me?”
    “Shit man, no! But it will create enough confusion to safe your girl,” Ah yes Pearl. Apparently the Company had been watching her for six months, waiting for me to show up, now they were waiting to kill her apparently, to get to me, to draw me to them. I hate being hunted, I much prefer hunting.
    “So how does this help you, in detail this time” I questioned
    “Well man, we got tabs on every government in every world, including Cuba for fucks sake. But we can’t get close to Britain without treading on the toes of this fucking Company. If you take out their top man, create confusion, we may be able to get the bloody Brits to wipe ‘em out for good, giving us an opening. ” He took the coke out of his legs, took a swig, placed it back, and started at me.
    “No I said all of it. ” I reminded him, knowing there was more.

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    “Well shoot man, you sure are sharp aint you? Alright I’ll tell you, they been invading our turf too. Think they can just come in and take over the fucking U S of A! Hell no   ! We gotta stop ‘em… well you gotta stop ‘em. ”
    “Let’s talk price. ” I said, agreeing to his request.
    “Two mill, USD” He said off the bat, didn’t bat an eyelash. I whistled,
    “This must be on hell of a guy. ”
    “Oh if you only knew. ”
    “Alright, give me the file. I’ll contact you if I decide to take it. ” I picked up a manila envelope and left.



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