Claire and Cold, Cold Water


It was finished by Labour Day and all our weekends were spent decorating and furnishing the place. Finally by Thanksgiving it was comfortable and ready for habitation. We always spend Thanksgiving with my wifes family at her aunt and uncles place, and the family was eager to hear all about our progress and naturally to see the place. We invited Jan's parents for the next weekend, the thought of seeing my inlaws two weeks in a row didn't thrill me but you have to do these things. Jan's aunt Sue, her uncle Chris and their daughter Claire were going to come up for 3 days between Boxing Day and New Years. I like Chris and was looking forward to their visit. Jan's cousin Claire was 18 years younger than Jan and had always had a big sister kind of hero worship for her. Jan could simply do no wrong in Claires eyes and that included me. She had just turned 12 when we got married and her eyes lit up and went as big as saucers when we asked her to be our flower girl. She was a cute kid who was eager to do anything with, or for, Jan and I. In the three years since our wedding Claire had developed into a very attractive young girl. She had red hair cut in a very cute page boy , she was fairly tall for her age, about 5 ' 7 , and had a slim athletic build. The last visit to their home I had slipped unnoticed into her room and a quick look in her laundry hamper told me she wore a B cup bra and favored bikinni panties. There was no question she was a virgin, she went to an all girls school and Chris was extremely over-protective of his one and only daughter. No boys had a chance if they came sniffing around! We arranged it so Claire would ride up with Jan and I, Chris and Sue would follow us up later that evening. We pulled up to their place and loaded Claire bag in the trunk with ours.

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   As we were saying goodbye to Claires parents (and giving Chris a map to the Oasis as we called our place) , Jans cell phone rang. It was her work , a client insisted on meeting with her , some unforeseen emergency that only she could deal with. I was pissed off and so was she. We decided that I would go ahead with Claire and she would come later with Chris and Sue. Claire and I set off together and chatted away. She talked about her school, her soccer team , and her friends . She asked me questions about the Oasis and about Jan and I . This was the first time I had ever been alone with her for more than a few minutes and she seemed animated and excited to have me all to herself. But that could have been wishful thinking on my part. The sky had turned a very ugly grey and the wind had picked up considerably before we were 2 hours on the road. We had another half hour to go and I could hardly see as the snow came pelting down, the roaring wind made it difficult to keep the car between the ditches and I was relieved when I finally saw the turn off for the country road that would lead us to our laneway 3 miles in. "We're almost there" I told Claire, trying to sound cheerful and keep the anxiety out of my voice. " Cool ! I can't wait to see it !" She exclaimed and then giggled " plus I have to pee! " The laneway was in sight when just behind us a huge tree came crashing down across the road. "Holy shit ! Look behind us! "I said and Claire saw through the back window that we had almost been hit . "Oh my God there goes another one! " she said , and one glance in my rearview mirror told me she wasn't joking.

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   I turned into our laneway with relief and we got within a hundred yards of the cabin when I had to stop the car. A big poplar tree blocking our way. I called Jan on my cell and told her about the weather and the fallen trees. She said they would wait to hear from me tomorrow and head up then if the roads were cleared. Claire and I got out of the car and went to the trunk. I gave her her backback then put the keys in the pocket of her ski jacket and zipped them in. "There's the cabin" I shouted over the whine of the wind. "You go ahead, I'll get the bags and the groceries" She trudged off through the snow and I turned back to the loaded trunk. I took everything out of the trunk and piled it on the laneway. Wrapping my arms around 4 bags of groceries I stepped over the fallen poplar and put my head down against the wind and snow and followed Claires footprints in the snow. I heard her scream and looked up to see that she had walked on to the frozen pond and the ice had given way. She had probably not even realized she had left the ground before it gave way and she went through. I saw her go under and dropped the groceries and ran like hell to the edge of the pond. Lying flat on my stomach I slithered out to where Claire popped up again. She was trying to get her feet under her and slipped below the ice again.

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   I knew she was only in about 5 feet of water but she was panicking and couldn't find terra firma under her feet. The ice gave way under my weight but I got my footing and a firm grip on the collar of Claires ski jacket . ' Holy shit this is cold!' I thought to myself as I dragged Claire to her feet. I made my way to the bank somehow and basically tossed Claire up on land again before scrambling out of the cold, cold water myself. Her hair was freezing , as were her clothes as the wind whipped through us. " C'mon , on your feet! " I yelled but she couldn't move. Her lips were a dark blue and I thought she was going into shock. I hauled myself to my feet, picked Claire up and somehow made it to the front door. I fought with the frozen zipper of her ski jacket pocket to get the key to the door and then finally got the door open. Claire had slumped to the porch floor. I picked her up again, kicked the door shut and collapsed with her on the oval hooked rug just inside the doorway. Claire was unmoving, her clothes frozen almost like boards, mine were as well. "Have to get warm" I said, trying to remember what to do against hypothermia. I took off Claires boots and socks, fought the zippers of her ski jacket and jeans, and with no help from her at all , managed to yank off her jeans and ski jacket. Her lumberjack shirt I just ripped and pulled, buttons flying , I pulled her arms out of the soggy frozen garment til she sat before me in frozen bra and panties which had come partway down when I yanked off her jeans.

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   'What the hell ' I thought ' Chris can kill me for this later', I removed her bra and bikinni panties and scooped up the still unmoving Claire and headed for the shower. I turned on the water as hot as was tolerable and got Claire under the spray. " You're okay Claire, you're going to be okay" I tried to sound reassuring but the poor kid showed no sign of hearing me. I left her standing in the hot shower and went and turned the therostat waaay up,man was I glad to hear the furnace roar to life!! I was exhausted , almost completely spent. All I could think about was getting under the hot shower. I struggled out of my frozen clothes and stepped naked into the shower stall with Claire. I stood behind her and she slumped back against me. She was hugging herself below her breasts and I rubbed her arms trying to get the circulation going. The backs of my fingers rubbed the sides of her breasts while I was doing this but I was too numb to really notice. After a few minutes I just wrapped my arms around her and held her close under the hot spray waiting for our body heat and the water to thaw us out. At last I started to feel a little more normal. Claire still hadn't said a word and I was worried. I rubbed her arms again, they were hanging by her sides now. Then I rubbed her stomach, her ribs and then her breasts. Her nipples were still rock hard from the cold , as my fingers slipped over them they poked at my fingers like a stick on a picket fence.

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   I squatted down behind her and said " we have to get your blood flowing" I picked up her foot and massaged it , her hand rested on my shoulder for balance. My hands then moved to her calf and I worked the flesh hard with my fingers before moving up to her thigh. I kneaded her thigh muscle trying to get her warmed up. I couldn't help but realize that my face was just inches from her cute naked bum. I opened her legs further as I continued to massage her thigh and was treated to a perfect view of her perfect little cunt and her adorable little rosy asshole. I worked my hands higher up her thigh, my eyes never leaving the glorious sight right in front of them. Her cunt lips were smooth and looked as soft as a babys, I was so tempted to lick her cunt but contented myself with merely looking. My left hand was at the juncture of her cunt and thigh . My right hand I moved up to her right buttock which I began to squeeze and knead, all my fingers pulled to the outside and I watched with delight as her vulva opened. I started on her left leg and repeated everything I had done on her right. When I got to her thigh Claire opened her legs wider and leaned forward a bit so I had an even better view. "You okay hun?" I asked as I squeezed both buns at the same time, " yes" she murmured. I had to touch her two most intimate openings, I had to.
    " Oh my God!" Claire said and i stared mesmorized as she peed right in front of my face. I had seen Jan pee on the toilet but never anything like this.

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       I watched the hot urine flow out of her cunt, my cock became harder than it had ever been before. I slipped my left hand down until my 'stick it' finger was resting right on her cute little asshole. My right hand I pushed in a bit til my index finger was touching her labia at her hole. I wiggled both fingers and her cunt lips opened giving me a view of slick pink. I whisked away the last drops of urine and eased the tip of my finger between her lips. Hot slippery dew covered my fingerprint. Claires dew was running hot but the water was starting to cool down. Much as I hated to, I stood up and said it was time for us to get out. Now my cock was of course rock hard by this time and when I stood up it nestled between Claires legs and rested against her cunt, my knob visible in front of her. She leaned back against me and I rubbed her arms and breasts one more time. I was close to cumming I was so turned on. C'mon hun" I said as I eased her towards the stall door, my cock dragging across her cunt lips and springing up between her buns. "Let's get a fire going". Claire nodded and we made our way out into the cold cabin air. The furnace was humming but it was still cold, especially after the hot shower.

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       The bath towels I was supposed to bring up were outside in my bags so we dried ourselves with hand towels and made our way nude and shivering to the fireplace. It was already set and I quickly put a match to it and watched it catch quickly. I stood up, my cock still stiff as a board and jutting out at an upward angle towards my stomach. I walked, cock barely bobbing , to where we kept the liquor and poured Claire and myself a stiff double scotch. Claire was sitting on the stone hearth, her naked body aglow from the light of the flames. Her eyes never left my cock as I walked to her and handed her her drink. " This will warm you inside" I said "just sip it slowly , and don't tell your dad! "Her eyes left my raging boner for a second as she accepted the drink, she smiled up at me then looked at my cock again. She didn't seem to care about her own nakedness, she sipped her drink and stared at my boner. Finally she said " I'm sorry to have caused so much trouble ". " My fault! " I said, " I should have remembered you didn't know the pond was there. " Claire smiled at me gratefully, the look of guilt leaving her eyes. " I'm also sorry about that " she said quietly and pointed at my boner. " I know you got it making me warmand I know it hurts you". She paused and blushed deeply , looking so damn cute. " I sort of know what a girl is supposed to do,but I've never done it.

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      " She was too embarassed to continue. " If Jan was here she would use her mouth,cunt or ass " I said . " That is how she would help me", I paused watching her face closely. " But are you sure you want to do that?" She knelt in front of me and nervously took hold of my cock. Claire blushed prettily,staring at my cock in her hand. "Um, well, um " she started looking really flustered. " I could put it in my mouth for you ". " Only if you're sure you want to do this " I said, she nodded and I said "ok, great , just suck it like a popcicle and don't bite ! " She tentatively moved forward and closed her lips around my taut purple knob, looking up at me, I gave her a few seconds to get used to the feeling of my cock in her mouth. "That feels great Claire" I said encouraging her, " now use your tongue, and bob your head so it slides up and down on me. " Claire did as she was told, she swirled her tongue around my knob as she bobbed up and down, fucking my straining cock with her sweet mouth. I knew I would not be able to last very long. " Don't forget to suck Claire " She began to apply suction like a hoover as she bobbed and swirled, her cheeks rubbing against my shaft. I felt my balls tighten and warned her. " I am going to cum Claire, try to swallow it all "Her eyes met mine and she kept going, in a second my balls released and my semen was flooding into her sweet mouth. I counted 8 large powerful squirts, I kept my eyes locked with hers as I squirted my seed into her mouth.

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       She didn't panic, she didn't choke. She waited til I was spent then , still looking me in the eye she swallowed every drop of my spunk. Claire then sucked my knob clean before finally releasing me from her sucking sweet lips. " I DID IT !! " She smiled triumphantly at me,her eyes sparkled and I could tell she was proud of herself. " You sure did hun, that felt absolutely awesome !! " I pulled her up to sit on my lap. As she sat down I slipped a hand between her legs and felt her cunt lips, she was dripping, her dew coated my finger. "Did you like that?" I asked her and was pleased when she nodded enthusiastically. " I think I know something else you might like. . . "All comments welcome and appreciated !Let me know if you want this story to continue. .