Cheryl's Surprize Part one


One of my mother's friends said: "My God, He looks like a young Tyrone Power!" I thought this was a bit much, but appreciated the compliment, and thanked her. Our neighbors, Joe and Cheryl lived about two miles down the lane from us. Joe was 32 and Cheryl 27 years old. they were an attractive couple. They had made it a point to come to the house and welcome us to the area. Although younger, they immediately hit it off with Mom and Dad. Joe was a district manager for the electric company and was responsible for a large area. Cheryl ran her own large beauty salon in nearby Annapolis. Soon we were having cookouts and parties, making new friends, and going out on Joe'syacht for cruises.

They also made it a point to take Mom and Dad to all the nightlife spots. I especially enjoyed the yacht cruises. Dad had been a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne in WWII, and won a battle field commission at Salerno. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Dad got me a set of weights at age 18 and told me to build up my upper body so as to withstand the opening shock of the parachute. He drove me hard to do this and the results were well worth the effort. My chest and arms grew muscular and rock hard.

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   other work outs took care of the rest of my body. Dad would jog with me, and for an older man would damn near run me into the ground. My attire in the summer was mainly shorts, a sleeveless T-shirt or no shirt at all working around the house. Thats when I began to notice Cheryl looking me over. She was slightly taller than I was with a short well done hairdo. Her hair was brunette surrounding a beautiful face. she had deep blue eyes, a slim build with long well sculpted legs, full lips ,and the most well rounded tight little butt I had ever seen on a woman older than myself. Her breasts were small but well rounded about the size of a large navel orange to me. Joe hired me to do yard work for him since he was on the road alot. I would go over to mow the large lawn and she would be in a bikini that made me salivate heavily, or a tube top and shorts that barely covered the bottom cheeks of that lovely butt of her's and her firm breasts were well displayed in that thin top.
    Once When I doffed my shirt, she was sitting in a chaise lounge by the pool drinking iced tea. I gave a slight glance at her and it looked like She licked her lips. She would strut around while I was working and bend over to check her flowers, while that bikini bottom rode up displaying that ass of hers in all its glory. Of course, I would get a boner like blue steel. and at home fantasize about screwing the hell out of her while I stroked my member in bed or bathroom.

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       She was slowly driving me nuts. But I had never been with an older experienced woman and needed to find out how to pleasure one. . . . The Tyrone Power fan provided the opportunity. . . . .



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