Camping Trip Part 3


After a quick meal of eggs, corn beef hash, and toast, Mark tells Emily that he needs to go check on some more things for that evening and says he will catch up to her later.
Ok says Emily as she kisses him good bye.
Emily sits in her chair next to the fire pit sipping her cup of coffee and recalls the previous evening’s events and just grins to herself. She remembered something about a natural spring being near by and decides to find it in the paperwork. Once she finds the sheet with the information on it, she grabs her backpack and puts her towel, sun tan lotion, cigs, and a bottle of water in it and heads out of the campsite towards the springs.
On the trail down, she walks up on a girl that is taking her time going down the trail. As Emily comes up on her, she notices that the girl has long thick blonde hair and a nice tight ass that was accented perfectly in her bathing suit. Emily pauses beside her and says hello. As soon as she does she sees that this girl has gorgeous blue-green eyes that peer right into your soul and her chest is the same size as Emily’s, a nice firm round 36C. She is struggling with getting down the slope to the spring and Emily offers to help her.
Why thank you the young girl says.
My name is Jodie.
Its nice to meet you Jodie, I’m Emily.
You here camping by yourself?
No says Jodie, I came with a group of friends, but they all decided to go on a hike and I didn’t want to go. At first I was going to go down to the spring for a swim, but I’m scared to death I’m going to fall down this slope, its so steep, how do you manage to stay straight and not fall down head first?
Well its easy Emily tells her. You just turn feet to one side and take small short baby steps.

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   Like this, and Emily takes a few to show her.
Why don’t you just stay right behind me and I’ll help you down? Ok Jodie says and they both start to move down the slope to the springs. Once down at the bottom of the slope Jodie thanks Emily and starts to walk off to a spot to sit and relax. Emily just watches her saunter away, her firm round ass teasing Emily’s eyes the whole way. Emily walks after her to the springs and realizes that they are both the only ones there. Its a hike up and down so not many people travel to it. Jodie lays out her blanket on the ground and motions for Emily to join her, telling her that since they are the only two there they may as well stick together for safety reasons.
Emily agrees and pulls out her towel and cigs and lies down on the blanket. She looks out of the corner of her eye and notices that Jodie is undressing her with her eyes. Emily just grins and closes her eyes to relax. All of a sudden she hears a splash, and jumps up with a start. Jodie had just jumped in the springs and was swimming around, but there was one issue, Jodie’s bikini was sitting on the blanket. The pool of the spring was so clear that Emily could see everything that Jodie had, from her beautiful breasts to her clean shaven pussy. Jodie noticed that Emily was watching her and gave her an evil grin. That’s all the invitation Emily needed, and she stood up and stripped out of her bikini and stepped into the cool water.

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   She finally caught up to Jodie on the other side of the spring next to some rocks that have been rounded off by years of water running over them from snow melting and draining into the springs. Without meaning to Emily splashes Jodie in the face and Jodie splashes back.
Without much more encouragement an all out water fight breaks out, and the girls splash each other laughing the entire time. After a few more minutes Jodie climbs out of the water and sits on one of the rocks that is right by where Emily is swimming. With her wet hair down her back and her legs spread wide open so Emily can see everything that she had, it took everything Emily had not to swim over and start eating that beautiful pussy. The thing that Jodie doesn’t realize is that the rock that she is sitting on is perfect height for Emily to swim up between her legs, be on her knees and eat her pussy. Emily notices it starts to lick her lips. Jodie notices Emily is staring at her and licking her lips and then she realizes that Emily is the same way she is. Loves dick, but loves the pussy too.
Jodie had been staring at Emily the entire time they were out there and wanted to taste her so bad it was making her clit throb. Looking into Emily’s eyes and being serious she asks her straight out, do you want to taste it? At first Emily was shocked, and then she gave her evil grin and swam over to where Jodie was sitting. Looking Jodie straight in the eyes, Emily stands up and kisses Jodie lightly on her soft full lips, then pulls back and looks at her again. Jodie leans forward wanting Emily to kiss her again. This time Emily kisses her passionately and leaves her breathless as she pulls away. Jodie just looks at her with glazed eyes and asks her to do that again.

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   So Emily kisses her again, this time pushing her tongue into Jodie’s mouth and is met by Jodie’s tongue. They kiss deeply for a few minutes, both of their hands roving over each other’s bodies. Emily pulls away first and starts to give Jodie kisses down her neck and shoulders and back up to her ear. She whispers to Jodie asking her if she likes the way she was just kisses.
Breathlessly Jodie says yes and starts to lie down on the rock beneath her. Emily climbs on top of Jodie and starts kissing and licking every inch of her chest. Starting at the shoulders and working her way down, she works in circles around Jodie’s titties and finally pulls her hard nipple in her mouth and starts to suck on it gently. Jodie begs Emily to suck harder, and Emily does. First sucking then starts nibbling, teasing, and pulling them with her teeth. Jodie gasps in pleasure as Emily moves to the other tit and does the same thing. The whole time running her hands up and down Jodie’s body, always stopping short of her pussy, making Jodie squirm with need. As Emily works her way further down Jodie’s body she gets on her knees in front of Jodie and spreads her legs out. Giving Jodie and evil grin, Emily spreads her lips apart and sees that Jodie is already dripping with cum. Emily can’t resist it any more and dives right in tongue first. She licks all the cum that is dripping out and drags her tongue up to the tip of Jodie’s clit and stops.

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Jodie whimpers wanting more so Emily pulls Jodie’s clit into her mouth with her teeth and starts sucking in that swollen nub, giving Jodie the pleasure that she desires so badly. At first Emily sucks on it slowly, but at her need rises she starts sucking harder and harder and then shoves her tongue deep into Jodie’s dripping pussy wanting to taste every last bit of her cum. Once Emily cleans all the cum out of Jodie’s fuck hole she moves back up to her clit and starts sucking on it again, this time shoving one finger, then two fingers into Jodie’s pussy, moving them in and out in time with her sucks. Jodie starts to moan and buck against Emily’s fingers, all of a sudden her pussy clamps down around Emily’s fingers and Jodie starts to cry out, yes, oh god yes, eat my pussy. Make me cum!!! Oh god I’m going to cum!!! On the last stroke and suck that Emily does to her Jodie cums all over Emily’s hand. Emily moves her tongue down and starts to tongue fuck her while cleaning out all that honey tasting cum. As she is moving her tongue in and out of Jodie’s pussy she uses her free hand to rub and pinch her clit and brings Jodie to another orgasm.
This time Jodie cums all over Emily’s mouth and tongue. As soon as Emily knows that Jodie is done, she stands back up and kisses Jodie had and deep, making her taste every last bit of her own cum. Once Emily is done Jodie sits up on the stone moans and licks her lips loving the taste of her own pussy and with Emily in front of her, starts to kiss and suck on Emily’s nipples. Emily gave her such a good fuck, that Jodie wants to do the same to her. So Jodie pulls Emily’s pierced nipples in her mouth and starts sucking on them. Grabbing Emily’s firm ass and moving her hands all over Emily’s gorgeous body. Emily suggests they switch up so Jodie can get more access to her body, and of course Jodie agrees and stands up so Emily can lie down on the rock. Emily gets her body positioned just right and Jodie starts kissing Emily all down her body, being careful not to miss a spot.

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   Once she reaches Emily’s pussy, she licks the nub that is sticking out getting a suck in of breath from Emily as a reaction. So she spreads Emily’s legs and pussy lips and sees a beautiful throbbing clit staring her in the face begging to be sucked. Jodie groans in pleasure and moves her head down to lick up the cum dripping from Emily’s tight pussy.
She mimics what Emily did and works her way from her pussy to her clits and pulls Emily’s hard nub into her mouth with her teeth and starts to suck hard.
    She wants Emily to cum hard and fast and starts to suck harder and faster. Moving her tongue around Emily’s clit and in and out of her soaking wet pussy. In a matter of seconds Emily starts to moan louder and louder, begging Jodie to make her cum. God damn you tongue is wonderful! Make me cum, god damn please make me cum! I can’t take it any more!! Jodie sticks her tongue into Emily’s pussy again and starts to slide it in and out very quickly, stopping long enough to suck on her clit and spank it, then goes back to tongue fucking Emily all over again. The next time she sticks her tongue into Emily, Emily grabs Jodie’s hair keeps her there, Emily’s back starts to rise off the rock and then explodes all over Jodie’s tongue with a loud I’M CUMMING!!!
    Jodie gives Emily a few minutes to recover and they both swim back to the blanket to smoke a cigarette and relax for a few minutes. They both finish at the same time and Emily tells Jodie to sit on her face. Jodie sits on Emily’s face and lies down and they both start to eat each other. Moaning, licking, slurping, and drinking cum flowing out of each other. They lick in unison and suck in unison. Emily does one more though. She asks Jodie if she will try it and Emily sticks her finger inside Jodie’s pussy and gets it good and wet.

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       Then Emily slowly slides it in her ass and leaves it still until Jodie relaxes and gets into the feeling of it. At first Jodie stayed still, and then as she got closer to cumming the more she started to move up and down it and the louder she moaned. Then all of a sudden Jodie does the same thing to Emily. Both girls are bucking against each other and moaning and groaning, waiting for the explosion that is going to happen at the same time. Finally they both cum with load groans and just lay there, catching their breath.
    Once Emily has caught her breath, she notices that Jodie still has cum dripping out of her and can’t resist sliding her tongue into her pussy and licking it all up. Jodie softly moans enjoying the shudders going up her back by Emily licking her clean. Once Emily has cleaned all the cum off and out of her pussy, Jodie does the same for Emily then turns around and kisses her so they can taste each other’s cum. They both just lay out on the blanket and smoke cigarettes and relax for the rest of the afternoon. Making small talk Emily finds out that Jodie was here with friends from college and they all just kind of left her out of everything all weekend. Treating her like she was a fifth wheel. Feeling bad for her Emily invites Jodie to come over to her campsite and eat dinner, drink a few beers, and just hang out. The grin on Jodie’s face was all Emily needed as an answer. Emily takes note that the sun is starting to set and tells Jodie they need to head back up before it gets too dark out and they can’t see the path in the woods. So they both reluctantly get dressed in their bikinis again and start the hike back up to the campsites.

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       Along the way they chatted about Jodie’s school, her major was business and her minor was music. They talked about the campground and how well Jodie liked it and that it was her first time there also. Before they knew it, they were back at the campground and they had both decided for Jodie to come to Emily’s site at around 7pm. It was already 4pm and Emily wanted to take a little bit of a nap and a shower before Jodie showed up. So they kissed briefly and parted ways. Jodie to her campsite and Emily to hers.
    Once back at her campsite, Emily noticed there was a fresh pile of wood next to her fire pit and grinned. She knew it was Mark that had dropped it off for her. With the cool mountain breeze blowing into her site from the valley below, Emily decided it was a perfect time to take her nap. She stepped into her tent, stripped down naked and lied down on the air mattress. In a matter of moments, she was passed out cold. Before she knew it, Jodie was in the campsite calling out her name and startled Emily awake; it was already getting dark out. Damn it, Emily said. I didn’t realize I slept that long. So she jumped out of bed, grabbed her cover up and stepped out side the tent.

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