Camping - Part Two


Ah… A new day. We ate breakfast, cold cereal. Then, we sataround talking and playing games. “Pooh bear, wanna go swimming?” “Sure baby. ”We went back into the tent to change. I had just taken off my shirt, standingthere, completely naked, when you reached out and started to caress me. Pullingme closer. Kissing. “Pooh bear…” “Sorry baby, you are just so beautiful, Ican’t keep my hands off you. ” You let go of me so I could finish changing,while you changed too. We walked down to the beach hand in hand. I let go andran into the water. You stood at the water’s edge, barely in at all, watchingme. “Come on in Pooh bear!” You just laughed. So I ran up and splashed you. “Oooo…You’re gonna get it…” You chased me into the water, caught me, picked meup, and tossed me into the water.

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   I came up and kissed you. We played around inthe water some more. Then, we went back to the camp site, toweled off, got someclothes, and went to the showers. We took a shower together. Washing eachother. Caressing. Kissing. Pushing me up against the wall. Kissing my neck. Entering me slowly, gently. Our growing excitement, we came together. Towelingeach other off. Dressing. “Hungry baby?” “Not really. I’m actually kind oftired.

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  ” “Want to take a nap?” “Sure. ” We walked back to our site, hand in hand. We laid down for a bit, “Wow, it’s hot in here. ” “Take some clothes off thenbaby. ” I took off my pants, laying there next to you in just my panties and at-shirt. We fell asleep cuddling. I awoke before you, wanting to give you somepleasure. I slowly and gently undid your pants, exposing your cock,surprisingly hard. I gently took you in my mouth, slowly stroking up and down. You started moaning, grabbing at my head. Urging me on. You were so veryexcited, it wasn’t too long before you came in my mouth. I put my pants backon, and we walked over to the bathrooms to clean up a bit before we ate lunch. “What do you want to eat Pooh bear?” “I dunno, hamburgers?” “Alright. ” We wentback to camp, and I made up some hamburgers.

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   After we ate, we sat on the bencharound the fire cuddling. “It’s starting to get a little chilly. ” I went andgot a blanket and we cuddled some more. We decided that we wanted some dessert,so we made up some s’mores. We ate them while sitting and cuddling. “Pooh bear,know what might be fun?” “Tell me. ” “A midnight ‘swim’” “Oooo… Lets go change. ”We went and got our suits off the clothes line and walked down to the beach. The water was a little chilly, but not to bad. We went out to a secluded areaof the beach, over near the docks. We got into the water; I put my arms aroundyour neck, and kissed you. You put your arms around my waist, holding me close. We went over to the dock, took off our suits, and laid them there. We went backto kissing and touching. I wrapped my legs around you, and you slowly enteredme.

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   Gently making love. The waves gently crashing on us. It was the mostthrilling thing we’ve done; knowing that someone could come walking down thebeach at any moment and see us. We came hard together, fantastic. We went backto the dock, put or suits back on and went back to camp to towel off. “We needto go wash off a bit. ” “Yup” so we grabbed our pajamas, and went back to theshowers. We were quite tired, helping each other clean up a bit. We gotdressed, went back to camp and climbed into the tent, snuggling down under theblankets together. What a wonderful day, what will tomorrow bring…