Camping - Part Three


Waking bright and early the next morning, rubbing my head onyou as usual to wake you, “Pooh bear…” Groggily, “What?” “Can we pack a picniclunch and go on a hike through the woods?” “Sure baby. ” We got up, dressed, andate breakfast, cold cereal again. I packed a blanket, some sandwiches, cookies,and fruity, girly drinks into a backpack and we headed off for the hiking path. He stopped periodically to look at some deer grazing out in the grassyclearings and to look at the different animals out in the woods. We walkedlonger, hand in hand, until we came to a small clearing. It looked beautiful. We spread out the blanket and cuddled up on it, eating our lunch. Snuggling,laughing, and talking. The snuggling led to kissing. The kissing led totouching.

The touching led to the removal of our clothes. Lying out in thewoods, naked. We heard people walking down the path, knowing they couldn’t seeus, too caught up in the moment, we continued our love making. It made it thatmuch more thrilling to know that other people were around. Neither of us wereable to contain our excitement, we came together, letting out a moan as we did. We laid there for a bit, cuddling and regaining our strength.

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   We then dressedand packed up our lunch. Too tired to continue our walk, we decided to go backto camp. When we got back to camp, I got my shower things and pajamas togetherwhile you got the fire going. I sat down on the bench near the fire wearing mypajamas and a robe, wrapped up in a blanket.
    You kissed me and said you were goingto go hop into the shower too. I sat by the fire reading a book, waiting foryou. You put your stuff back in the tent and came and sat with me. Wrapped uptogether in the blanket, cuddling. “Wow, today was awesome, wasn’t it?”“Mmhmm. ” “I love you Pooh bear. ” “I love you too baby. ” We sat there cuddlingfor a while; I fell asleep wrapped up in your arms. You sat there with me,watching me sleep for a while longer before you decided to wake me and help meinto the tent. You helped me get into bed, then went and put out the fire. Assoon as you climbed into bed, I curled up next to you, you wrapped your armsaround me, “I love you.

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      ” These first three days have been wonderful, what willtomorrow bring.



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