Camping - Part One


We decided to go camping for a few days. We started packingup the car. We got into a little argument because you wanted to leave by acertain time, and we were over an hour late, my fault. We finished packing andhit the road. We had three hours to go. We began to argue of music, so we satthere in silence, not saying one word to each other. We got to the campgroundand checked in; it was starting to get late. We got the important stuff out ofthe car and started to set-up the tent. A new tent, we had never set it upbefore, I wanted to look over the directions first, you wanted to dive headfirst into, and so, after arguing for a few minutes about it, we tried to setit up without the directions. About an hour later and some more arguing, wefinally got the tent up. I asked you if you would mind making some dinner sinceit was getting late, and I would get our bed ready.

I laid down some mats onthe ground and made the bed. When I finished you had some hot dogs ready toeat. We sat there eating, in silence. You got up and got a beer and sat nearthe fire. I decided to go to bed.

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   I got into the tent and changed into mynightgown, I called out, “Are you coming to bed?” “In a few minutes. ” “Okay…” Igot down under the covers and tried to fall asleep. I heard you unzip the tentand come in. Taking off your clothes, sleeping in just your boxers. You gotdown under the covers too. You laying on your back, me on my side, facing awayfrom you. We didn’t say anything for what seemed like forever. I rolled overand looked at you.
    “I’m sorry Pooh Bear. ” “It’s okay Baby. Don’t worry ‘boutit. I’m sorry too. ” I kissed you. “I love you Chris. ” “Love you too Baby, loveyou too.

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      ” We kissed again. You rolled over to face me. Rubbing and caressing myback and ass. Still kissing, you begin to take off my night shirt. I roll ontomy back. Kissing down my neck to my chest, your hands roaming down farther. Yougently begin to tug on my panties, I lift my ass to help you better. Kissingdown my stomach. Spreading my legs wide. Kissing all over my pussy. Licking. Tasting. You bring to a mind blowing orgasm. We lay there cuddling. “Ready forme to return the favor?” “No.

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       I want something else. ” Looking a littleconfused, “What might that be?” Kissing my neck, nibbling on my ear lobes. “Iwant you from behind. ” “My pussy?” “No. ” “Oh really… Your really turned onaren’t you?” “Well look him I’m laying with. ” You guide me onto all fours andget ready. Slowly entering me from behind. Stroking in and out, slowly, carefulnot to hurt me. It feels so good. You start going faster as your orgasm grows. After you finish, we lay there naked, cuddling in each other’s arms until wefall asleep. The bright morning sun awakes us to a better day.