Camden's Birthday Gift


Camden developed a crush on Eden five years ago. He was barely thirteen when he first laid eyes upon this goddess of sensuality. She showed up at his house to ride with his parents to a concert. He could still remember the very first time he saw her. Her long wavy raven tresses mingled with the crimson highlights cascading down her shoulders, covering the small tattoo on her left shoulder of a dark angel with black wings. She wore a black corset top and a pair of jeans that hugged her body along with a pair of black boots with thick heels. She looked very goth but very beautiful. After that moment, he knew that more than anything in the world he wanted her.
As time passed, Eden spent more and more time at the Allen's, partying with Camden's parents. Since his older sister had went away to college, she stayed over a lot more often when they would all be drinking. He loved having her around all the time but his libido quickly went out of control. It was all he could do to make it through a day without masturbating whilst thinking about her. Having her so close, yet not being able to honestly share his feelings about her was killing him. He knew things had to change or he would explode. It wasn't long until the perfect opportunity finally came around.
Tina and Mike had planned a huge party out at their place for their son's eighteenth birthday.

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   Growing up Camden had taken sips of their drinks, and had a beer or two like most kids his age. That night, his parents saw no real problem with him doing a few shots as long as things didn't get out of hand. When Eden arrived she had clearly already been drinking. She grabbed Camden by the arm and lead him to the bar they had set up on the patio. Setting his present down on the counter she quickly scurried behind the bar and pulled out the bottle of tequilla. Camden had no idea what she had in store for him, but quickly he knew he was in for a surprise.
"O. K. baby since it is your 18th and tonight you become a man, " she winked at him. "I'm gonna teach you how to do a very special shot. "
She grabbed a slice of lemon and the salt shaker, setting them down in front of her as she hopped up on the bar top. Mike laughed when he saw what she was preparing to do. She wiggled, letting the hem of her little black dress ride high up her thigs. Eden opened the bottle of tequilla, using a little to wet her finger she wiped the moistened digit across the top of her left breast. She quickly picked up the salt shaker, letting the little crystals cling to the moisture there.

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   Camden's eyes widened as he watched her fill the shot glass, then nestle the alcohol filled vessel between her two ample breasts.
"Ok now remember, it's lick, drink and suck," she purred seductively before placing the lemon wedge between her pouty crimson lips.
For a moment all he could do was stare at her. Could this really be happening or was it just a hallicination? Camden swallowed hard as he lowered his head toward her breast. Timidly he ran his tongue over the salted skin before moving on toward the shot glass. Everyone at the bar watched him, laughing and cheering him on. It took him a couple tries to get the shot glass into his mouth enough to lift it from her cleavage. It was too surreal for him. If this was a dream he never wanted to wake up.
He sucked down the tequilla, spitting the glass out and placing it on the bar before he leaned in to take the lemon from her. His lips touched hers for a brief moment as he pulled the wedge from her mouth. She smiled as he pulled back, watching his face contort as he sucked the lemon. He spat out the rind and smiled at her half dazed from the near kiss. She raised an eyebrow and smiled.
"My turn.

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   You get to hold my lemon for me now. . . . hmm now where should we stick the shot for me to get it," she chuckled.
Eden slipped down from the counter and stood up, giving Camden an evil smile.
Eden selected another lemon wedge. This one was dunked into the small plate of sugar, coating both sides before she presented it to him. Camden parted his lips, holding the lemon slice carefully as he watched her with growing anticipation. A shot glass was filled with vodka and given to her. She took him by the hand and led him over to the sturdy, wooden chaise lounge. Camden immediately sat down, leaning back comfortably against the thick cushions, the lemon wedge still in his teeth.
She knelt between his legs, holding the shot glass in front of his face. With a wicked smile she placed it balanced it on his crotch, noticing the growing bulge there. She heard the voice of his friend Brittian approaching, which only made her little stunt more delicious.

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   She leaned forward, letting her hair spill down around her face, obscuring the view of the shot glass. Camden's friend arrived just in time to see what looked like the beginning of an amazing blowjob.
Eden took the glass between her lips, nuzzling against his crotch before she snapped her head back and downed the clear potent liquid. She took the glass from her mouth and leaned in, her body pressing heavily against Camden's as she took the lemon wedge. Instead of breaking contact immediately she gave him a brief kiss, deeply arousing the boy. Eden winked and climbed off the chair. She strutted over to the bar to get another drink and left to mingle with the other guests.
The rest of the night all Camden could think about was the feel of her body against his and that kiss. Eden was drinking entirely too much to drive home that night. It was obvious she would be crashing there once again. By the end of the night, they had done a couple more shots together. The more she drank the flirtier she got with each shot. Instead of kneeling between his legs she started straddling them, grinding hard against the bulge in his jeans each time she came up for the lemon slice.
It was getting pretty late when Camden's mom suggested he help her up to his sister's room, knowing that if Eden didn't go soon she would drink til she puked. Eagerly he agreed, setting off to find her once again.

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   Eden was sitting down by the fire pit with a few other people, talking about tattoos and such. It took Camden a lot of effort to convince her to come back to the house with him, but finally he did.
On the way into the house Eden twisted her ankle, making it nearly impossible for her to stand on it. Camden dutifully scooped her up, carrying her up the stairs to his sister's room and setting her down on the bed.
"Does it still hurt?" he said gently taking a hold of her foot.
"Not that bad now, " she giggled.
"Is there anything you need before I go?" he asked hoping that he wouldn't have to go.
"No I'll be fine. I'm just gonna go to bed," she said before pulling him to her and hugging him tightly. "Happy birthday Cam. I hope it was a good one. "
She went to give him a little peck of a kiss on the lips. He didn't know if it was the alcohol to blame or the way she had been teasing him all night, but when their lips touched, he knew he couldn't stop himself. He kissed her tenderly but with all of the passion a horny teen could possess. Eden's head was spinning from both the alcohol and the way he kissed her, making it impossible to push him away.

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   Before she could even piece together what she was doing, Camden was laying her back on the bed.
Her hand stroked the back of his neck as they continued to kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth, teasing hers as he laid on top of her. Finally the realization of what was happening set in, making her break the kiss. She stared up at him for a moment as she chose her words carefully.
"Camden, what are you doing?" she asked. "I mean, hell I'm way older than you. We shouldn't do this. "
"Eden," he blushed. "Since the first time I saw you I have wanted to do this. I don't care if you are older than me, or that you're my parents' friend. I want you more than I have ever wanted anything. "
He leaned in and kissed her quickly. It was the most special thing anyone had ever said to her. She wanted to stop but the way he kissed her was too good.

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   She held him closer, running one hand up and down his spine as she kissed him deeply. The kiss was broken again as his lips moved across her cheek and to her neck. He kissed every inch of its delicate curve, breathing in the heady scent of her perfume. Her skin was so soft and warm, feeling better than he ever imagined.
She let out a soft moan as his hand moved to her left breast, massaging it gently through the fabric that covered it. His touch was so gentle yet so intense. He couldn't believe he was touching the goddess he had worshipped from afar for all those years. The straps of her dress slid down with ease as his lips traveled down her collarbone toward her breasts. She let out a soft gasp as his lips closed over the candy pink nipple, and he began to suck. He continued to move the fabric down her body, revealing more and more of her delicate skin.
He kissed across the valley between the two heaving globes and gave the opposite nipple the same tender attention before he began to kiss his way down her stomach. His lips barely brushed along her skin in some spots, then pressing heavier in other spots. His hand trailed down over the bunched up dress, edging toward its hem. Eden lifted her hips, allowing him to pull it off. His heart raced as he stared down at her nearly naked body.

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   He moved his hand along her upper thigh as he stared down at the bewitching enchantress before him. He leaned back down and continued to kiss her neck once again
"Oh god Cam we shouldn't," Eden breathless whisper.
His fingertips found the now damp fabric of her thong. He began to rub along it slowly, listening to her moan softly. It felt like his cock was going to burst, ripping his pants open in the process. Her protests quickly stopped as he worked his finger under the wet material and brushed it directly over the velvety flesh beneath it. He dragged the tip of his finger down, letting it barely part her puffy pink lips. He gazed into her eyes as he brought the wet digit to his mouth, tasting her sweetness for the first time. Eden smiled up at him as she watched him savor the taste.
"God Eden, I can't believe how good you taste," he said as he edged down the bed.
It was too late to turn back now. Eden leaned up and wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply. She could taste the faint trace of her juices on his tongue as hers probed his mouth. She broke the kiss only long enough to pull his t shirt over his head and toss it aside. Again the kiss began, their bare flesh pressing hard against each other as they laid back down.

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   Her nails raked down his back, leaving thin red streaks in their wake.
    Their moans mingled as their tongues explored each other's mouth. She broke the kiss, staring up at him lustfully.
    "Take me Camden. I need to feel you inside me so bad," she pleaded.
    He had longed to hear those words for so long. It almost seemed as if it was all a dream. He sat back on his feet for a moment as he just stared at the beautiful woman before him. He shook his head slightly, wanting to taste more of her sweetness before he moved on. He inched down the bed, positioning himself better for what he had in mind. He drew in a deep breath, reveling in the heady scent of her. The tip of his tongue timidly touched her moist flesh, illiciting a soft moan from her on contact. He dragged it slowly along the wet slit, letting the tip of his tongue part her lips slightly but not penetrate her. Her body tensed as she moaned again when he circled her clit, flicking his tongue over it lightly.
    He used her sounds and movements to guide him as he explored her delicate pink flesh.

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       His tongue again slipped between her lips, this time probing deeper inside her. The taste of her juices only made him crave more of them. He could not help himself as he wildly lapped at the increasing supply of her honey. His tongue curled inside her as it scooped out more and more of her delicious sweetness. Eden moaned loudly, writhing against the bed as her fingers gripped handfuls of the sheets beneath her. Finally, he felt it. Her muscles clenched and spasmed around his tongue as his tongue was baptized with wave after wave of her nectar. He greedily lapped up his reward before sitting back on his heels once again, smiling at her for a moment.
    He stood and quickly maneuvered to remove his pants. Eden gasped when she saw his swollen cock for the first time. She had no idea how big it really was before that moment, but she was very impressed. He nervously looked at her, hoping he was adequate. Her eyes moved up his body, meeting his once again as he stood beside the bed. She sat up, moving to the edge of the bed in front of him. He could not believe what was happening.


       It was all too good to be true.
    Her fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft as she moved closer. He stared down at her as her lips parted for him, allowing the head of his cock to slip inside. Her tongue danced over the smooth, warm skin as she sucked softly. He let out a loud groan as she slowly fed more of his thick cock into her mouth. His hand instinctively moved to her hair, stroking it softly as she devoured his rigid shaft. Her mouth felt heavenly as his cock pushed deeper inside. He was amazed at how skillfully she manipulated his flesh with her tongue and lips.
    He soon had to stop her, knowing if he didn't he would surely cum in her mouth. Eden looked up at him, a pitiful look spreading across her face as she feared he did not enjoy her talent. He smiled at her as he tenderly pushed her back onto the bed. He knew that she would understand his reasons for stopping her now. She spread her legs, allowing him to slip between them. As he gripped the base of his cock, guiding it toward her glistening pussy, he stared at her face. He could not believe it.

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       She looked as nervous as he was. The tip of his cock parted her lips, resting there for a moment before he slid it in further. Both gave passionate moans as he filled her.
    Her hips lifted to meet his as he hilted himself inside her. He remained still for a moment, savoring the feel of the velvety soft walls gripping him, bathing his cock in her warm juices. Slowly, he began to withdraw, pulling nearly out before pushing back in. He rested his hands on either side of her, staring down into her eyes the entire time. He loved to watch her face as he thrust into her. The way she gasped and moaned fueled his passions, making his pace quicken slightly. The more into it she got, the louder her voice became, her moans turning to near screams of pleasure. He leaned down, kissing her deeply as he continued to make love to her.
    She wrapped her arms tightly around him, pulling him down against her. Her breasts crushed against his chest as he let more of his weight rest upon her. Her hips bucked harder into each thrust as his rhythm quickened again. His cock throbbed inside her as he felt her muscles clench him tightly.

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    She slammed her head back against the bed, breaking the kiss as she moaned loudly, "OH GOD CAMDEN I'M CUMMING. "
    Her juices flooded out of her, washing over his swollen shaft and dripping out of her as he continued to hammer away at her dripping wet slit. He kissed her again forcefully, his tongue attacking hers as he pushed deeper inside of her. Their bodies moved frantically as each movement heightened the pleasure, sending Camden quickly into orgasm. He threw his head back, moaning her name loudly as the thick flood of cum rushed into her as her muscles milked every drop out. His body collapsed onto hers as they both laid there panting. Eden gently stroked his back as she closed her eyes, reveling in the intense orgasm's afterglow.
    "Happy Birthday Camden," she whispered with a slight giggle to her voice.
    "No Eden, thank you," he said as he leaned up on his elbow.
    "Thank me?" she said in a puzzled voice.
    "Yes, thank you for making this the best birthday ever. I love you Eden," he said before leaning down and kissing her tenderly.
    Eden laid there in shock, barely able to kiss back. The words hit her hard. Now she had no idea what to do.

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