Britney's Trip


I spent the time getting my place fixed up to look half-way decent for a single guy. On the day that she was to arrive, I was waiting for her in the lobby of the Peachtree Plaza Hotel, in downtown Atlanta. I didn’t let her see me, but I was close enough to hear that she was going to be in room 5321. She was dressed in solid black. Her pants were so tight around her ass, but loose in the legs, that the guys standing in line to check in, were checking her out. The top was almost like a halter, but the straps wrapped around under her breast and again on her waist. She looked beautiful. I watched as the bellboy grinned his best smile as he escorted her into the elevator up to the 53rd floor. She was searching the lobby looking for me, as I was suppose to meet her there. I had remembered a fantasy of hers was that she goes to a strange city and after checking in and going to her room she was sexually assaulted by some stranger that tricked her into opening the door. I was going to make this come true for her. I had worked at the Plaza a few years back and still knew the majority of the Security Officers that worked there. I talked to a good friend and he loaned me a master key, so I could get into her room. I gave her enough time to get undressed and shower after her trip. As I leaned on her door, I could still hear the shower running. I slipped the key card in the lock and slowly opened the door.

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   The room was empty and the bathroom door was closed, so I went in and hid in the large closet they provide for their guest. I slid a knitted cap over my head, with cut outs for my eyes, nose and mouth and waited. When Britney opened the bathroom door, she had a large bath towel wrapped around her body. Her breast were still damp from the shower, with little droplets of water on them. She bent over to pick something off of the bed, and my eyes beheld the sweetest looking pussy I had ever seen. Her pussy was shaved, the lips pouted out as if they needed attention, and I was about to give them all the attention they needed. I knew from our talks that her body had betrayed her on a couple of occasions when she got fucked by other men. She told me how she hated herself, but when her body responded, she could not stop. She was just a foot away, with her back to me. Now was the time. I opened the closet door and from behind, I shoved her to the bed, rolled her over and clamped my hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. Her eyes were scared, as she looked up at the mask I had on. “Don’t make a move, and don’t say a word”, I said. “If you yell, it will be the last thing you’ll ever do, do you understand that”?Britney nodded yes. I scooted her whole body up to the head of the bed and then reached into my back pocket to get some straps I had brought with me.

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   I tied her wrist to the headboard and left her feet free. Getting off the bed, I turned to her again and said, “What’s your name”?She looked at me, she was really scared, but she finally stammered out that her name was Britney. “Well Britney, I saw you downstairs in the lobby, and you looked good enough to eat, so I thought I would”. “Please don’t, I have a friend that is due to be here any minute”, she said. “Yeah, sure you do, but I’ll take my chances anyway”, I said. “Now I’m going to remove the towel from you, and just remember what I said about screaming”. Moving closer to the bed, she turned her body away from me, “No please don’t do this”, Britney cried. I sat on the edge of the bed, rolled her back towards me, and placed my hand on the top of the towel between her breast. I unrolled the top and started to open the towel. My eyes feasted on those breasts that I had only pictured. Her areolas were large, the nipples pointing. Her breast, although she was on her back, were not flat on her chest. They were standing proudly and so perfectly round. I lowered my head and took her left nipple into my mouth. It started to harden as I lapped at the tip with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth.

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   My hands were still holding the towel opened at the top, so I spread them and the towel laid on the bed, her body exposed to this stranger. Britney crossed her legs to try from exposing her pussy, but I didn’t want that right now. My hand released the towel and went to her right breast. I held that beautiful globe in my hand and caressed its firmness. I held that mound of flesh as if were a bag of pearls. Palming her nipple, as I sucked on the other one. Her breaths were starting to come a little faster. My lips then took in her other breast, as the nipple was hard and just wanting to have some attention payed to it. I suckled at her breasts for a long time, enjoying the thought that her body was starting to betray her. As I kneaded her tits, and sucked on them, her body was slowly rolling to where she was on her back and her legs straight towards the foot of the bed. I started to move down to her stomach and was kissing her belly button, as my hands were running up and down her outer thighs, feeling her flesh and the cheeks of her butt. I had not touched her pussy yet, but she had opened her legs some to allow me to get my hand in between her legs. I continued to run my tongue into her bellybutton, and slowly, my hands worked to her upper thighs, then her inner thighs. Her legs spread further, as she started to release a moan or two from all this attention. Instead of moving my mouth to her pussy, I went back to her breasts.

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   Suckling the nipples, as my hand wandered over her lower body, but not touching that lovely mound. Each time my hand came close, she raised her hips to get me to feel her cunt. “Oh please, my pussy is so wet, please do something”, Britney panted. I pulled my lips from her nipple and looked at her and said, “What do you want me to do to your pussy”?“Anything, but please do something, I need it bad”, Britney said. I moved one hand down the side of her body to her thighs and slowly over her pussy. My middle finger spread her pussy lips and I felt her juices seeping from her body. “Your pretty wet down there, do you want me to finger fuck your pussy”, I asked?“Yes, yes, shove your fingers in my hole, fuck me with your hand”, Britney said, as her hips thrashed up to meet my hand. I let my middle finger enter her pussy and she bucked herself to get it in deeper. She was so very wet, I placed another finger in her and let my thumb tickle her clit. “Do you want to cum on my fingers”, I asked?“Cum, oh yes, want to cum”, Britney said, as her head rolled back and forth on the pillow. Her hips continued to pummel my hand, as I fingered her cunt. Her juices were really flowing. “Make me cum, oh please, harder, harder, wanna cum”, Britney cried out. I shoved another finger into her and my thumb twirled her clit and mashed it. I pushed my fingers in and out as fast and as hard as I could.

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  “Almost there, fuck my pussy, fuck it”, Britney yelled. “OH FUCK, YES, I’M CUMMING”, Britney screamed, as her body shook in orgasm. Her head sweating on the pillow, her hips held stiff in the air with my fingers fucking her pussy. My hand was drenched with her release. It flowed from her pussy to the crack of her ass and onto the towel. As she subsided from her climax, her body fell back to the bed and she was panting. Britney opened her eyes as I was removing my fingers and brought them to my lips. I inserted all three fingers into my mouth as I sucked down the juices she had left there. Britney was so mad at herself for allowing her body to betray her the way it did. She was easily excited when it came to sex, always has been ever since she was a teenager. “Will you untie me now that your done”, Britney asked?“Done!, What makes you think I’m finished”, I asked?“I, I thought that you got what you came for, that’s all, Britney said meekly. I stood up and started to unbuckle my belt, Britney just watched, as I dropped my pants to the floor. Sitting back down I removed my shoes and socks, then pulled my pants all the way off. I left my long sleeve shirt on, because she knew I had tattoo’s on both my arms and what they looked like. I wear boxer briefs, my cock had been straining the briefs since she walked out of the bathroom.

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   I lowered my briefs and my 7" cock sprang out in the open. I then stood up and turned towards her, with my cock close to her face. “There’s something else I want”, I said, as I moved closer to her mouth. Still standing, I leaned over her and placed my cock at her lips. “Do this and I’ll be satisfied”, I said. I pushed my cock against her lips and she opened her mouth to accept my cockhead. She was close to this side of the bed, so I started to pump my swollen prick in and out of her mouth. I knew I would not last very long. Hell I wanted to bust a nut when she bent over the bed and showed me her cunt. She sucked and licked my dick like I knew she could. I pushed back and forth in her mouth, as she brought me closer to a climax. Her mouth worked wonders on my stiff rod, as she did magical things with her tongue and mouth. Knowing I was going to reach quickly, I moved to straddle her chest, my cock never leaving her mouth. I shoved my cock in deep and almost made her choke, but she worked my dick like a trooper. I bounced in and out until I felt the pressure in my scrotum shooting up my shaft and into her mouth.

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  I reached forward and grabbed the headboard and shoved my cock down her throat. Jet after jet of cum shot from me and she didn’t loose any of it. She sucked my cock until I was dry and starting to go limp. Her mouth was beautiful. I pulled out of her mouth and stood by the side of the bed. Leaning over her, I began to untie her wrist. When I finished, she just laid there looking at me. I still had the mask on. “I told you that I didn’t want to hurt you”, I said, as I reached to unbutton my shirt. Britney looked at me and said, “I’m not hurt, just scared, that’s all”. “Don’t be scared”, I said, as I removed the mask from my head and my shirt. Britney slowly realized that it was me. “Roger!!, she yelped?“This was one of your fantasies that we had talked about, and I thought I’d never get another chance to pull it off”, I said. Britney jumped off of the bed, I didn’t know if she was going to hug me or hit me, but she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I held her naked body close to mine, as her tongue entered my mouth and our tongues wrestled.

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   Her breasts pressed against my chest, nipples boring holes into me. My cock started rising once again. My hands drifted to her ass, as I held those lovely mounds and pressed her harder into my crotch. We kissed for a long time. I picked her up and laid her on the bed, removing the towel, I laid next to her and again held her body to mine. I wanted to make love to her now, to let her know that I am not the person I had just portrayed. My hand wandered up her body and encompassed her breast. My fingers tugged her nipple and twisted it slightly. She leaned back just enough to allow me to place her nipple into my mouth. I was again sucking on her beautiful tit. She held the back of my head on her breast, as she moaned out of pleasure, this time. I started to slide down her body, kissing every square inch of her flesh. I reached my goal and inserted my tongue into her wet pussy. I tasted her juice first hand this time. Lapping up the precious fluid that came from her.

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   The scent of her pussy was intoxicating. My hand found her clit as I sucked the juices from her dripping cunt. I toyed with her love button, wanting her to cum all over my face. Then I let my tongue taste her clit. I nibbled it just slightly, then let my finger work her clit. My tongue and lips were back at her pussy. “Eat my pussy Roger, let me cum in your mouth”, Britney said, as her hands shoved my head closer to her dripping cunt. Her hips pounding my face with her love box. This is what I want, her to want me, that’s all I cared about, as I drilled my tongue as deep into her as I could. My fingers were still playing with her clit. I was going to fuck this pussy when she did reach her climax, so I did my best to get her off. “OH GOD, ROGER I’M CUMMING AGAIN, SUCK ME, EAT ME”, she screamed. I did just that, as her hips flailed and her hands shoved me harder into her crotch. She pushed me so hard, I was finding it hard to breath, as her joy juice flooded my mouth. I sucked down each drop, until she let loose a little and I quickly gasped for air.

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   I crawled back up her body, my cock now at the entrance of her pussy, as I shoved all seven inches into her dripping wet pussy. She orgasmed again, as her body was in the thrall of the climax, I moved in and out of her pussy with my hard cock. “Fuck my pussy, slam you cock deep into me”, Britney said in my ear. “I want to feel you shoot your cum deep in my wet cunt”. Our hips slammed into one another, as my cock slid in and out. Her love tunnel was like wearing a silk glove on my cock. I could feel every ripple in her pussy, as my hard stiff rod pummeled her pussy. There was nothing soft about our fucking, we were like animals out of control. The only thing that mattered was that we climaxed. As hard as we were going at it, I thought that we were both going to be bruised in the morning. That didn’t matter either, we were both excited that finally after years, we were together, fucking like we had always talked about doing. Her in my arms, my cock deep in her pussy. “Britney, I’m going to cum”, I said, as my sperm traveled up my shaft and into her already soaking wet pussy. It felt like rockets were going off, as I shot stream after stream of cum into her. “OH FUCK, HERE I GO AGAIN, FUCK I’M CUMMING’, Britney screamed again.


  Her cum flowing over my cock as I shot my cum into her. Together our juices mixed and we were truly one. Her juices bath my cock in such warmth, as it flowed from her pussy onto the bedcovers. We finally slowed our rhythm down and I fell to her side, spent. We just laid on the bed, trying to catch our breath. I watched her breast as they rose and fell with each intake and exhale, God they are beautiful. Her eyes were shut, keeping the memory of our lovemaking alive in her mind, we both fell asleep. I don’t know how long we slept for, but I woke before her. Lying there next to her, I thought of how we met on the internet, how she boldly wrote such nasty words to me, a stranger at the time. She intrigued the hell out of me. I gave her a gentle nudge and told her we could go to supper here in the hotel if she wanted something to eat. I told her I wanted to take her to the “Top of the Round”, up on the 72nd floor. The restaurant rotates and you get to see an awful lot of the city from the tables. I also told her I had good clothes in my car down in the parking lot. She was in the shower when I returned, so I stripped and got in with her.

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   We dressed and went out for supper, she was simply stunning. After supper, we walked the lobby floor area, had a few drinks at the different bars, talking, getting to really know one another. Every single man that saw her, gawked at how beautiful she looked. She was getting tired, so I took her back to her room. In the room, I stood behind her and unzipped her gown, letting it drop to the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra, just thong panties, as she stepped out of the gown. I picked it up and placed it over the chair. In her heels and panties, she removed my suit coat, tie, shirt.
    I slipped out of my boots and she unbuckled my pants, lowered the zipper and my pants hit the floor. She got on her knees in front of me and kissed the front of my briefs. Her mouth nibbled on my hardening cock. Her hands were on my ass, pushing my cock into her face. With both hands, she pulled my briefs off and my hard cock sprang out. Before my briefs hit the floor, she had my cock in her mouth. “UMMMM”, she said, “This is my desert”, as she looked up to my face, then inhaled my cock into her mouth.

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       Her hands were rolling my nuts as her mouth and tongue engulfed my hard cock. She removed her mouth and with one hand held my cock at the base and she licked the vein on my shaft, the sucked on my cockhead. She was good at giving head and I was enjoying it very much, but I didn’t want to cum in her mouth this time. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. Our tongues once again dancing. I told her to lay on the bed. Getting between her legs, I moved my mouth to her pantied covered pussy. I stopped short and inhaled the velvety aroma of her thighs. I then kissed her pussy through her panties. She tasted lovely as I gently nibbed her with my teeth. Removing her panties, I fingered her tunnel. She was wet again. I told her to roll over on her stomach and lift her ass in the air. When she did this, my hands went to her cheeks and spread them. I lowered my face to her anal hole and licked around her dark tunnel.

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      She liked that, so I spread her hole and inserted my tongue into her. She pushed her ass to my face as I tongued her shithole. I raised myself up on my knees and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. The head slipped in easily, as she slowly received all of my stiff hard cock . I knew from our previous talks that she had never had anal sex before, and she wanted to try it, but was afraid to ask her husband. He was very old fashion when it came to sex. Well I wasn’t her husband, and she was going to experience the thrill of having a seven inch hard cock in her ass before the night was over. Britney kept shoving her ass into me, driving my cock harder into her pussy. Her pussy juice was seeping from her, so I placed my hand between us and coated my fingers with her fluids. When it was wet enough, I brought my fingers to her puckering asshole and slowly let the tip of my finger enter. “Yes, I like that”, Britney said, as her butt wanted more. I went in up to my second knuckle and felt her sphincter muscle. I wiggled my finger to loosen her up a little. “Relax yourself, don’t tighten up or it may hurt”, I said. Britney was looking back at me from her all fours position, sweating and pushing her pussy on my raging cock.

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       As she relaxed a little more, I was able to get by and my finger was planted in her anal passage. She was tight, but I worked my finger back and forth until she was feeling the pleasure of both my cock and my finger. We fucked like this for a short time and I was close to cumming again. I pulled my cock from her pussy, much to Britney’s surprise and placed it near her ass. Removing my finger, I grabbed my wet hard cock and put the head at her entrance. “Are you ready for this, because here it comes”, I said, as the head pushed into her ass. “UGGH, IT’S TO BIG” Britney screeched, “IT WON’T FIT”. I slowly let my cock go deeper and deeper, as she slowed the movements of her butt. Once past the sphincter, it went in easier. I relaxed a little as I was all the way in, to let her feel better about having a cock stuck up her ass. She was so tight, and I was the lucky bastard that got her virginal asshole. Slowly I started to move my cock in and out, I thought I’d cream right then and there, she was so tight on my cock. Eventually, her ass started in rhythm with me and she was enjoying this a lot more. “My God that feels real good, fuck my ass, drill my shithole”, Britney exclaimed. By now I was really going at it.

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       Her ass was wanting all she could get, as we rode one another. The sweat was pouring off our bodies as Britney played with her pussy and clit, as my cock reamed her ass. “Cum with me baby, I ain’t going to last much longer”, I said. My dick was ready to explode from the pressure of her tight anal passage. Britney’s hand moved faster on her clit as my cock literally blew up. The sperm rocketed from my pulsing cock and flew into her ass. “Jesus fucking christ”, I hollered, as my dick continued to fire off those rockets . “Shoot that cum in my ass”, Britney said, as her hand was bringing her closer to her own orgasm. Fingering her clit harder, she fell into the throes of yet another body racking climax. “I’M CUMMING AGAIN, UGGH THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD”, Britney hollered, while her body shook and shivered in that sweet release. Britney’s head fell to the pillow as she climaxed, her body feeling like one giant nerve being tickled with. Her ass still in the air with my now shrinking dick in it. I pulled myself from her anal passage and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned, Britney was on her stomach, hugging one of the pillows with a big satisfying smile on her face. Lying next to her again, I just looked at her, not saying a word.

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       Her face was sweaty and her long hair was stuck to it in places, but she was still the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I placed little kisses on her back and told her that she had made me a very happy person. It’s not often that a man is able to hold the real girl of his dreams. The alleged forbidden fruit. In my wildest dreams I have had countless sexual encounters with this woman and woke with the evidence splattered on my bed sheets. None of them can compare with actually being with her. Britney rolled to her side, facing me, running her hand through my damp hair. Her whole being was just to much for me to believe, so I kissed her lips, this time softly, with all the sensuality I could muster. I wanted her, again. I couldn’t get enough. I kissed her forehead, eyebrows, cheeks and sent soft little peck to her neck. My hand had found her breast again and toyed with her still stiff nipple. My flaccid cock was again responding to her body. As it grew, it was right at her pussy, pushing at those luscious bald lips. “MMMMMM!, that feels so nice, Britney said, as she rolled onto her back and I laid on top.

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       The old missionary position, to me the most erotic of all. I have all of her in front of me to see and enjoy, by touch and sight. Kissing her tender neck, my cock finds her entrance and I am once again entering her juicy wet love tunnel. The sweet velvet feeling of my cock running deeper and deeper into her. Our bodies joining as one. We release all other feelings and thoughts as our hips become the only thing necessary in this union. I place small little kisses on her breasts and lap at the nipples as I go by. Britney has one hand on the back of my head, the other on my ass, she whispers softly in my ear, “I like the way you feel in my pussy”. I look in her face, she is smiling. Our hips continue their now familiar motion. My cock is alive with more feeling than ever before. Britney hugs my body closer to her, our sweat mingling. Her scent is like a field of wild flowers to my nostrils, each part of her being sending a new thrill to my mind. Her pussy is flowing with juices, my cock is attesting to the fact that this will never be better. I ride her pussy, slowly, enjoying each and every millimeter I feel of her love tunnel.

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       I don’t want to cum, I want to live in here forever, but that won’t happen. Nature is, what it is, as I feel the buildup of semen in my scrotum. “Gonna cum in you sweet pussy”, I told her. “Cum in me, shoot your cum deep in my cunt”, Britney said, “I’m close too”. My cock stroked her cunt, waiting for that moment when I sprayed her with my juices. Her hips were pounding me harder, as she too was wanting that release again. A couple more strokes and my sperm was released in a torrent of delicious waves. “Oh sweet Jesus, thank you”, I gulped. “Yes, yes, cum in my pussy”, Britney said. As my final spurt filled her cunt, she was able to get her release too. “AH SHIT, FUCK, FUCK, YES I’M CUMMING”, Britney screamedI watched her face crinkle up as her body slammed into mine and she felt the final release. Her body rolled left and right, as did her head on the pillow, as she reached Nirvana, again. As she relaxed, I again suckled on her breast and toyed with her savory nipples. She was breathing mighty hard, but she held my head to her breast, shoving her nipple into my mouth. I released that lovely stud and kissed her lips, as our tongues dances together.

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      Rolling to her side, she turned and placed her ass to my crotch and we laid there spooning, until we both fell asleep for the night. .



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