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Our kiss was full and lucious.   Sandy pressed her body against mine as her lips massaged my mouth.   She took her right hand from my ass and re-adjusted my boxers so my cock was now safely behind the cotton fabric.

"There is plenty of time for that to be out.   I really didn't think you would show it to me so easily so I am kind of unsure of where to go with all of this. "

Looking into her eyes, I knew that slowing down our passion would lead to a deeper connection and much better sex.   I zipped my pants and took a deep breath.   Taking Sandy's face into my hands, I kissed her deeply and held her tight body against mine.   I could feel her pulse race and her soft skin warm to my touch.    Her nipples began to harden against my chest and I could feel her give me her body weight to support.   As we broke our kiss, I slowly walked her backward towards the sofa.

"Why don't we just sit and make some sense of what we are feeling?"

"Really Mitch?  Don't you just want to fuck me right now?", Sandy said with the confidence that had made her so successful, but I could hear a trace of insecurity and uncertainty.

"Of course I want to be inside of you, pressing you against this sofa.   I also want to hold on to you and make sure you and I will be ok and clear before we go any further. "

"You sure your not gay?", she said with a snicker.
I lay back against the arm of the sofa and positioned Sandy between my legs with her back to my chest.

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    I could feel her body tense when I wraped my arms around her, missing her voulptious breasts.   I knew then she was nervous and a little self conscious.   With the care of a long time lover, I began to stroke her hair with one hand.   Her body slowly, began to relax.   Her breathing became deeper and her muscles loosened until I could again feel the full weight of her body again, against mine.   As my cock began to stiffen against her backside, Sandy sat upright and said, "What in the fuck am I going to do with you?"

With that she told me she was going outside to smoke and that I was coming with her.   We walked outside to her deck and she sat on the step which led outside.   Having no room to sit next to her, I sat on the deck which put me beneith her.   I felt like a spectator watching a beautiful frustrated woman smoke a cigarette on an early spring night.   The air was cool but not biting, and the wood felt cold against my ass.   I was sitting cross legged when she put her feet on my legs.   I scooted closer and found her thighs with my hands when she looked down at me.

"I just don't really know what to do with you or where to put you in my life or in my mind for that matter.   On one hand, you are my trainee and a friend.   On the other you are this great guy that is sexy as hell and likes me very much.

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    We obviously have chemistry, my body is telling me it is ready for sex and I can see the effect I have on you. "

Sandy's foot found my cock when she said that which caused me to squeeze her legs and nod in agreement like a whipped pup.  

"So what do you think I should do with you?"

"Relax.   We have not hurt each other and I don't think we will.   Where this goes is beyond my understanding but I do like holding you and talking with you.   If I had to decide what to do with me, I would let me kiss you here. . . . . and here. . . . and here.

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  ", touching her up her thigh ever closer to her pussy.   I was just above her now warm crotch when she took my hand and pressed it against her.

"God you are such a tease. "

I began to caress her pussy through her slacks with one hand and massage her thigh with the other.   Soft moans came from her soft lips and her legs began to spread apart.   Sandy's body was aroused and we were heading further down our path.   With the swiftness of a professional, she un-hooked and removed her pants with one fast move.   I moved forward and kissed her knees.   Then I pressed gentle butterfly kisses against her thighs as I worked my way towards the object of out mutual desire.

"No panties?"
"Naw, I seldom wear them. "

"Good to know. "

I found her wet wanting pussy with my hand as I continued to kiss her thighs and take in her intoxicating smell.   She smelled some where between peaches and musk.   My mind drifted to this beautiful woman standing fresh out of the shower deciding which scent to wear.   She would want to wear something strong and provacative but would decide on peach lotion because that is the one she liked the best and I liked her more for that reason.

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    I became very conscious of wanting this young strong peach loving girl next door to cum hard.
As I neard her womanness, I realized I could never reach her from where I was.   I took her hand and led her to the bench which was built into the deck.   I quickly remembered the wood was cold and took my shirt off and layed it down before I pressed her body to the bench.   She took my direction and quickly adjusted to a position that would allow my mouth to kiss her most gentle parts.
Seeing her pussy fully exposed caused my cock to boil.   Damn I wanted to be inside of her.   I kissed as near as I could with out touching her swolen pussy lips.   Sandy moaned and thrusted her pussy towards my wanting mouth.   I took the hint and began to tongue her.   I first pressed my tongue flat against her entire slit and drug my tongue up towards her swelling clit.   Her moans now told me I was on the right track.   I pointed my tongue so the tip was firm and traced the length of her pussy lips for several minuets.   Her body was opening up to me and I was loving every minuet of it.   Her pussy tasted divine.

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    Sandy had very little scent but was now practically dripping into my mouth.   I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could.
Sandy began to push against me as my hand worked its way up her stomach to her very hard nipples.   I continued to work her pussy with my tongue when she lifted her ass off of the bench so my tongue would find her tight ass hole.   As my tongue first touched her there, Sandy let out a moan that told me she was truly a naughty woman.   I spent my time between licking her beautiful pussy and attempting to stick my tongue into her tiny ass hole.   I took my fingers and spread her pussy and began teasing her clit.
Sandy grabbed my hand and thrust it towards her now open hole.   I took the hint and slid a finger deep into her.   She was tight, wet and very hot.   My cock now ached to be where my finger was.   I began to now concentrate on her clitty while I slid my finger into her.
"Deeper, deeper, fuck me. . .

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  . . . suck me", she managed in between moans.   I again took her direction and slid two fingers into her.   Still not believing how tight her pussy was, I took her clit in between my lips and sucked her hard.   With bucking hips and contractions squeezing my fingers tightly, Sandy came.   She came hard, clinched every muscle and lay still for several minuets.

I worked my way up her body with kisses until I found her mouth and kissed her hard and deep.   I was very into her passion and loving the fact I had helped her to reach the place where she was now.   I could tell her orgasm was strong, her legs were shaking and her breath shallow.

"God Mitch.   Now I really don't know what to do with you.



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