Brief Encounters………………………..


Brief Encounters………………………. .
Giselle stepped out of the shower and wrapped a large thick towel around her body as she walked back into her hotel bedroom. She had already decided what to wear, a crimson red silk micro mini with spaghetti straps. Giselle liked the way the scooped neckline showcased her 34DD tits. She completed her attire with 3/ ½” red sling back pumps. Giselle stood in front of a full length mirror after she had dressed for a final inspection. The top of her dress just covered her full round tits while the bottom hung just 6” inches below her firm ass. Giselle loved the way she looked in the dress, the dress was semi-sheer, but so was the lining. You could barely see her dark nipples through the layers of silk. She had decided on no panties, they would be more obvious than nothing at all; Giselle religiously had regular bikini waxes, so no dark pubic hair shadows. She wore her wavy black hair up; it looked more sophisticated that way. She complemented her ensemble with diamond earrings and tennis bracelets and bright red lipstick. With her busy career as a buyer for a major department store, and one divorce under her belt at the age of 28, Giselle had no time or patience for dating. Marriage had taught her that she tired easily of monogamous long term relationships. During her first year of marriage, she had two affairs, one with a man and another with a married woman.

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   On her way out the door, she grabbed her red satin evening bag, filled with her make up and condoms. Giselle arrived at the address that had been E-mailed to her. She had joined and internet swinging club and this was her first try. She was relived that the house was in what seemed an exclusive neighborhood. She parked her rented car, and walked up to the house, rang the door bell and after what seemed like an eternity, a well dressed older gentleman answered the door and led her in. She followed him in to the large room, there were about 40-50 people drinking and socializing and did not seem to notice her entrance. The lighting was fairly dim, the music soft. She immediately went up to the bar and asked for a glass of white wine. The bartender smiled and accommodated her immediately. While she sat there enjoying her wine, the woman next to her handed her a small glass tray and a straw. Giselle snorted the two remaining lines on the tray and thanked the woman. Giselle began to feel no pain with the wine and the coke she had ingested. As she sat at the bar, with her long legs crossed her short skirt left her with very little discretion. She had captured the attention of a man across the room as she sat down and crossed her legs. He walked up to her, took her hand in his hands and kissed her manicured fingers.

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   Giselle was impressed with how handsome he was, a little older than she liked them, but very distinguished with a little grey at the temples. He ordered a drink, stood at the bar talking to Giselle. She noticed he had piercing blue eyes, and possessed a sexy voice. She guessed him at about 45, but she could tell by the way his tux fit him; he had not skipped many trips to the gym. He began to rub his hand slowly up and down her milky white thigh. He suggested they go out to the terrace for some air, Giselle second the motion, grabbed her purse and he led her by the hand to a secluded candle lit area outside the party. He wasted no time in sweeping her up in his arms and kissing her. She reciprocated and sucked on his long warm tongue. Giselle could feel his dick stiffen as they kissed and he caressed her ass. She pulled away from him slightly and pulled the straps of her dress down revealing her large round breasts and nipples now erect from the night air. He wasted no time in caressing and sucking them. He began to kiss her again and nibble on her left ear, driving her absolutely crazy. “I want to suck and fuck you until you come” he groaned in her ear as he lowered her to a long wooden bench in the garden. As he pushed her legs apart the bottom of her dress rode up to reveal her smooth pussy. His nose slowly went up and down her slit, and finally she could feel his delicious hot wet tongue rubbing her clit.

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   Within a few minutes Giselle was coming hard and moaning aloud. Her escort stood up and unzipped his fly freeing his thick erect cock. Giselle grabbed her purse and removed a condom from her large supply. She quickly applied it to his stiff member. He mounted her immediately; fucking her with quick hard strokes. Giselle rubbed her clit bringing her to a second climax, squeezing his cock as he rammed her cunt until he came. When they were through, she went back to the party for more……………….