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Leaning back against the counter Star watched him. They had both worked at the old book store for quite some time. Almost three years if she remembered correctly. He still held that boyish charm that he had back then. At the time, Star thought it was immature, childish, a simple stage he was still going through and would soon disappear. He had always flirted openly with the customers, flashing them that perfect smile, his blue eyes twinkling with what looked like smoldering desire he always carried. He would throw off that small wink and take in the ladies' bodies until she was sure they would have stripped right there in the store and made love to him if that is what he has wished. But boy was she wrong, he had not changed one bit. Rolling her eyes as the lady blushed at something he had said, she wrote down something on a piece of paper, sliding it over to him and sauntered out the door, bell clinging softly as she left. Now it was Star's turn to raise a brow. She moved forward and grabbed up the paper before Dan had time to get it. "Oh? And what is this pray tell?" Smirking, he made a grab for the slip of paper, missing it by just an inch as it was jerked away and behind her back. "Oh! No touching! Let's just see what we have here, shall we?" "No. . We shall not. .

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  . " With another grin he moved closer to try and snatch the note away. But she was too quick. She turned her back on him, arms stretched out infront of her so that she could unfold what the woman had written. Dan laughed and brought one of his arms around her waist, pulling her hard against him as the other tried to wrestle the paper away. Star let out a giggle and wiggled against him, slapping at his out stretched palm with one of her own, the other still clumsily unfolding. When his feeble attempts at the paper failed he took both hands to her sides, moving his fingers against her in a tickle. She started to laugh, sqiurming more and instead of being interested in the note her mind went to the motion of getting from his grasp, to stop the tickling at her sides. When she made a move to pull away he spun her around, pushing her back against the counter, finally getting ahold of her wrists and pushing them to her sides. Star looked up at him with a grin, though she still squirmed, trying to get free. "Are you going to be good if I let you go?" She thought a moment. . . Should she? Her head tilted to the side, looking over him. His black hair was standing on spikes ontop of his head.

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   Another one of his boyish features. . . She did not think a man about to become thirty should have spikes but hey. . . Whatever floats his boat. . . But damn was he attractive. She has never noticed that before. She supposed it was because she was jealous. He had always flirted with all those other women but never gave her the time of day. Never before had he flirted with her. .

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  . Or had he? Her mind raced back to those times he had brushed against her, knowing there was enough room so that they did not have to touch. . . Of the times that he had leaned down over her shoulder 'just to see what she was working on. ' She remembered she could always smell his cologne perfectly when he had done that. And by god did it smell good. She could smell it now, him so close, his body pressed against hers as he looked down at the note she still clutched in her hand. Why hadn't she noted his attempts before? "Well? Are you?" Dan had watched that look all too knowingly. From kidding to lust in just a second. He smirked again, wondering what was running through that pretty little head of hers. Her squirming about against him had been arousing him, his shaft growing harder with every move she had made. His loins ached with need to take his fellow employee. The woman of his fantasies. The woman who had been the bunt of his desire since he had met her years ago.

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  . . His eyes moved to look into her green ones, purposfully pushing his hips into hers, his hands tightening about her wrists. With a gasp Star felt the buldge that had formed in the front of his pants pushing against her waist. In shock she jerked away from him, dropping the paper on the counter. "We should get back to work, don't you think?" Her cheeks were flushed with embarrasment and hunger that had rose from between her legs. She knew she was wet with desire, could feel the cream already flowing. Clearing her throat she turned and quickly walked back into the office, closing and locking the door behind her to try and get the thoughts of Dan's hard cock thrusting in her hot pussy out of her head. Through out the rest of the day she tried to avoid him, locking herself in the office to do some paper work and anything else she found needed to be done. . . as long as it was there in the office, away from his gaze. She didn't know why but just the thought of him hot for her sent fire down between her thighs. She had a hard time concentrating. Her mind kept wandering back to the fact that all of these years he had been flirting with her, not just the little things, but also the way his hot gaze would drift over her when she bent down to pick something up, or stretch to try and get a book.

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   Her teeth nibbled upon her full lower lip, fingers running through her long brown hair. Resting her forhead upon an upraised palm she sighed and shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Eyes looked up unconsiously to see if she could spot Dan though the small window of the office door. Sure enough he was standing there helping a woman find a book she needed.
    His soft smile playing across his cheeks before he looked up as if sincing her gaze, meeting her green eyes with his dark blue ones. Again she saw the depths of desire in them. Even from across the store she could tell he wanted her. . . Almost as bad as she wanted him. . . It had been a long while since her and her boyfriend had split. Almost a year actually, and since then she had put aside sex to lost herself in her work. But that had starting taking its toll on her and she had been growing hornier and hotter with each passing day.

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       Her legs crossed and she let her tongue slip out, dampening her lips as she continued to watch him. He had let his gaze wander back to the woman as she began telling him about the book she had chosen. He flashed another smile, this one she could tell was forced, acting as if he was paying attention as he gave a small nod. So she wasnt the only one having a hard time concentrating huh? Well she would just have to solve this problem. . For the both of them. Glancing to the clock she noticed it was just about time to close. Standing she moved out of the office, the customer had just left and she walked over to the door, locking it and flipping the sign to 'Closed'. Clearing his throat Dan forced his attention to counting up the money. Smirking she watched him a moment, it was her turn to be the seductress. She knew she had embarrassed him by rejecting his attempts earlier. But she would soon make up for that by making some attempts of her own. . . And by god she knew he wouldn't reject them. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

       Walking over to where he was counting she hopped atop the counter, leaning back on outstretched palms. God she had gotten so wet all of a sudden. Her nipples were thrusting against her lace bra, standing proud against her silk shirt. One leg crossed over the other, her skirt rising to just about mid-thigh, showing off her shapely legs. Dan paused for a second, his eyes cutting over to where she perched on counter and felt his cock leap to attention. He was still turned on from this morning's encounters. He had been thinking about throwing her ontop of the very counter she sat and ripping her clothes off, making wild sweet love to her. Having those full lips wrapped around his shaft and hearing her soft moans and slurps as she got him off with just her tongue and saliva at first. He gave a soft groan, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath, trying to fight the urges that seeing her sitting like that gave him. His long strong fingers clutching the green bills tightly before he let his breath out, turning his darkened gaze up to look into hers, not being able to hold back the desire he had for her. . . . God how he wanted her. .

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      . To be continued. . . . . . . . . .



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