Blow wind Blow


Well this story starts out on a very windy day that changed my life. I had been in a meeting all morning and was dressed in my usual business suit and was leaving an office building in the middle of the city. As I stepped onto the street the wind nearly swept me off my feet. It was howling. I made my way down the street with the wind directly in my back blowing me along nearly forcing me to break into a run. I looked ahead of me as a woman wearing a long black dress stepped out of a cab and headed my way with a business satchel in hand.
She was sheilding her eyes from the dust and grit as it blew through the air which allowed me to take a good look at her figure. The wind being directly in her face was blowing her dress hard against her frame outlining her amazing figure. She was about 6 ft tall, slim with great breasts and curvasious hips, she had long brown/red hair and was simply stunning. As she got closer I noticed just how much her dress was being blown into her and the outline of her waste and the way the dress pushed back between her legs left a clear outling of her nikkers.
I couldn't take my eyes off her and then just as we were about to cross a gust of wind blew her sideways towards the road. My reflexes were sharp enough to reach out and grab her arm as she stumbled off the curb certain to fall over. Her heel went into a storm drain, her ankle twisted, the heel snapped off she fell toward the road and the contence of her satchel flew down the street as she dropped it, just as i got my other arm behind her to stop her from falling all the way to the ground. I awkwardly pulled her upward back to her feet and turned her round to face me and asked if she was ok.
She stood in silence for a few seconds and then just dropped her head and replied a sollom yes. I bent down and picked up a few sheets of paper that were caught on sign posts and a parked cars tyre but most of them where gone half way across the city.

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   As i stood back up I glanced up at the woman to see tears rolling down her face.
I was unsure what to do so i just walked up and put my arms round her and said "One of those days huh?" Her arms roped round my back and she nodded into my shoulder as she wept. She quickly gained composure and stepped back from me and still not looking up thanked me. I told her it was nothing and introduced my self. She then introduced herself as Kate and that the paper work was so very important and that she had to try and retrieve as much as she could and with that turned and started hobbling off down the street, thanking me again before she turned. It was then I finally got to look directly into her eyes. They were still wet with tears but they were stunning! I stood frozen for a second, stunned by there beauty then snapped out of it as she took another little stumble trying to keep upright in her broken heel and the howling wind. I quickly caught upto her and grabbed her hand and guided her into the shelter of a cafe. SHe insisted that she must get the paper work but I told her I would do it for her and sat her down and ushered to the waiter to organise the lady a drink. I scurried out the door and ran off down the street fetching paper from high and low. An elderly woman had caught about 5 sheets and handed them back and two boys saw me chasing peices of paper and joined in, enjoying ot as a game. I collected all that I could find and headed back to the cafe.
On my return the lady was sitting with both her shoes on the table and was sipping at what seemed to be a whisky on ice. I sat down opposite her and placed the the paper work on the table and told her that it was all i could find. She thanked me again and again and I repeatedly told her it was nothing.

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   I grabbed her heels and looked at the broken one. I wanted to make this woman happy and I remembered that I had a friend who owned ashoe store just round the corner. I looked over at the lady and flashed her a smile and said I'll be right back order me one of what your having and ran out the door.
IN a flash I had ran round to my mates store given him the shoes to repair and picked up a simular pair for her to wear fir the remainder of the day. I ran back into the store with the box and the repair docket and said Sebastiyn VAughan at your service my lady in the best James Bond voice I could muster up. She starred at me again with those amazing eyes, now dry and with the sweetest voice said "Are you some sort of saint?" with the cutest quizmical look I had ever seen. "Nah, nothing that special, just a guy wanting to cheer up a very unlucky but amazingly attractive woman" I said blushing slightly and feeling a little silly. She told me i had done a very good job of cheering her up and told me that she had to repay me in some way. I had started sipping on my drink and knowing that she wasnt short of a buck as my mate at the shoe store said her shoes where not cheap by any means i replied, "Buy me this drink and we'll call it even" how bout I buy you dinner instead she replied and for the first time a smile beamed on to her face that totally caught my breath. I agreed to dinner and although it was only about 6:30pm she motioned to the waiter to bring us some menues.
We ate and chatted and I was totally taken away with her intelect, her wit and sence of humour let alone her startling beauty. It seemed like an hour had gone past when it had been 3 and it was time to leave. We both had drank through out the meal and afterward and were both a little pissed but very happy. We walked out the front of the cafe resteraunt and agreed to share a cab as be both lived in a simular part of town. We reached her house first and she invited me in for a coffee and some more conversation and i agreed.

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We walked into her home and she showed me through to the kitchen and told me to wait while she visited the bathroom. I started making coffee whilst she was gone finding my way round the kitchen. I snooped a little into the living area and looked at the photos on her fridge of her with a bordie collie dog and then some other pics of her with what seemed to be two equally attractive friends. "There my two sisters" she announced as she re-entered the kitchen now in bare feet, "their my best friends we do everything together". "Wow you three must turn heads everywhere you go" i blurted again blushing a little. She smiled and said "my sisters do" to which I replied "well you had my head spinning before you had even gotten all the way out of the cab this afternoon".
    Again my mouth had ran before my mind could click into gear, i didnt want her to think I had helped her just to get into her pants, but she put me at ease as she said "Well no matter how much a guy trys to wow me I would never ask just any guy into my house, espicially if I'd only met them a few hours earlier. " We both went quiet as she took over making the coffe and then handed me my cup and headed toward the living area.
    I sat down next to her and she placed her cup on the coffee table then took my cup and sat down as well. She looked at me and said I still dont think I have thanked you enough and with that she lent forward and started to kiss me. This was not expected but i quickly got use to it and i took her into my arms and kissed her long and passionatly. With out taking her lips from mine she pushed me backward and alyed me down onto the couch. She crawled up and straddled me as my cock instantly became hard in my pants. She pushed againsgt me and moaned as she rocked her hips on my cock. It was all happening so fast but I was going to dare stop her.

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       She lossened my tie and undid my shirt still kissing me. Then my belt came ondone and my pants were loosened and her hand reached down and grabbed a handful of my rigid cock. I pulled her dress up until i could slide my hand under it and ontonthe sides of her thighs. I lifted my hands up to her waste waiting to feel her panties but there were none she had left them off when she went to the bathroom. I broke the kiss momentarliy and said "when did you plan to do this?" and she replied "Just after we finished our mains" before kissing me again.
    I rapt my back up over her ass then between her legs from behind. She rocked her hips back to reach for my searching hand as it found her now wet pussy. She moaned again into my lips as my fingers worked her. she was on all fours above me now pulling at my cock while i had bot both hands involved in stoking her pussy. she suddenly sat up right pulled her dress over her head tossed it to the floor than dissappeared down my body and took my cock into her mouth. i let out a moan and then said "You better turn round so i can give you the same favour. " She wasted no time in spinning around and nuzzling her pussy donw onti my face. IN seconds of my tounge licking at her clit and pussy she was rocking her hips on my mouth and moaning with my cock in her mouth. This was sending small vibrations up and down my cock and I was ready to blow at any second. Then her body started to tence up and I knew what was coming i concentrated on the job at hand and moved my hand around so i could get to fingers and slide them into her while my tounge frantically worked her clit.

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       My cock came out of her mouth as she let out a loud moan and her hand took over pumping my pre errupting cock. With her sitting up slightly i removed my fingers and licked her all over. she squirmed on my face causing my tounge to swoop into her ass, she moaned again and positioned her tight ass right on my mouth, I continued to lick except this time it was her ass that my tounge was disapperaing into.  One hand was now on her clit while her other hand was pumping my cock. Her moans increased and then she slid her pussy back on to my mouth as her juices started spilling if not squirting out of her. That took me over the edge and my cock errupted its first two jets into the air and the remainder in to Kate's mouth as she engulthed me once again.  
    We layed there motionless except for our breathing until Kate whispered lets go upstairs to my room. . . . . . .



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