Big Game Hunter: King of The Quickie.


In the beginning, all he could do was jack off silently and quickly to the sight of Jenny playing in the bath. Then over time he coaxed and cajoled Jenny into many things. Sitting on his lap for a goodnight kiss. Fingering her asshole under the guise of checking her temperature. Making her ‘kiss the snake under the cover’s’ while he watched fat and bouncy German sluts get ass fucked while sucking cock. It was never about fucking until now. Before it was enough to feel his dick quickly and fitfully shudder against her tender baby soft ass cheeks or wet tight quivering pussy. Stuff him self back into his pants, and go about his life. Recently, John’s nightly visits become more frequent to his daughter’s room. He sensed that Jenny wasn’t ready for his dick in spite of her sweet childlike orgasms. But tonight John needed to be inside of his youngest daughter. He was stressed out about his law firm. His ever constant dark desire for his sweet baby angel always intensified when he got into an extreme stress cycle. He needed her. Her hot sweet pussy and little mouth were the only things that felt good and right to him. John quickly went and locked all the door’s locks.

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   No need for any unpleasant surprises, he thought to himself. He knew that he had at least an hour to fuck her a couple of times. He wasn’t trying to waste a minute more, and with that he bounded upstairs to his baby girl’s tasty young pussy. The lights were off in Jenny’s room. "Jenny, baby, you know I hate it…" John’s admonishment immediately became a cock spasm groan. "Annhh. . Daddy…Oh. . it was wet daddy…I was trying to rub it til it felt better…but it got wetter. . ohoh annh…I’m sorry. Don’t be mad. "Jenny was in the middle of fingering her pink little slit to orgasm on her tummy when John walked in. At the sight of Jenny cumming like that on her stomach with her ass pumping in the air, he forcefully unzipped his khakis and started grabbing and squeezing his mushroom shaped head until he shot a load of hot voyeuristic cum half way across the room.

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  "It’s ok, baby angel. We’ve got a nice slice of time between you and me. And we aren’t through yet. Stay just like that. Here is the first part of your fuck lesson. " With that John angled himself behind Jenny on her Strawberry Shortcake bed, and popped his cock inside of Jenny as her tight little cunt contracted in orgasm. "Oooh…yes. Thank you baby girl for showing me your little pussy like this! This couldn’t be a more beautiful way to introduce my cock to your pussy. ""You like fucking me daddy? Am I better than mom?", moaned Jenny into her pillow. "Nobody makes me cum as hard as you do, baby girl. I wanna see your sweet face, baby. " John quickly pulled out of his daughter before he shot another load. He wanted to see her face when she took him inside of her. He wasn’t a small man. At 6’2 and a sturdy 180 his cock was nothing to fuck with.

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   His cockhead had a way of impaling pussies. John flipped Jenny on to her back and spread her legs wide. He filled his hands with her soft tender ass, and pumped his meaty dick between Jenny’s wet little pussy lips. "Daddy, daddy…your pants are still on. ""Urrggnnh…that’s ah! Ok because I might need to button up quick coz’ I ahh…fuck yeeeasss plan on fucking your wet pussy slit until the last minute. Your pussy is so good. Daddy loves his sweet little fuck angel. Daddy has to always be able to fuck his baby angel from now on. Your sweet…uuhnn. . sweet baby pussy is mine. "John soon lost control, and his started shooting shot after shot of hot cum into his daughter’s split wet pussy. John came so hard in Jenny’s pussy that his cum and her sweet pussy juice dribbled onto Jenny’s puckered little asshole. In the delirium of his final thrusts, John drove his cock deep in Jenny’s ass. Immediately he was rock solid again.

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  "Daddy! Please…it hurts!" Jenny begged. Her ass in searing hot pain. But John was too far gone. "Shh…", putting his hand over her mouth, "uhnn fuck yes…even…. uhoh…tighter than that pussy. I’m almost there. Shh…", John whispered fiercely into Jenny’s ear. Jenny was in so much pain from the brutal ass fucking. She just wanted him to get there already. She instinctually started clutching her ass hole around is cock. "Oh shit…Oh goddamit…my baby fuuck!!" John roared as he came again from what felt like his balls. He pumped a few more times then rolled off of Jenny. At that same moment John could hear the frustrated key rattlings of his wife at the door. "Jenny clean up. I’ll go get the door for your mom.

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   And remember, this is between us. Got it?" "Yes daddy. " "Good girl. "-----------end----------.