Best Of My Life!


Topic: Best of my lifeOne Boring, rainy evening the door bell rings. Its katie, a friend from school who i havent seen for ages. All the time we were at school together she was always flirty with me, grabbing my cock under the desk, and jerkin me off while the teacher is talkin. "sorry for just droppin by" she said, teary eyed. I invited her in. she was soaking wet and you could see her sexy underwear through her wet white t shirt. she came in and i opened a bottle of wine and she let everything out, sobbing, how she had just split up with her long term boyfriend.
after finishing of the bottle of wine i went to console her with a hug. she was stil soakin wet from the rain. "im still soaked do you mind" she said after removing her top revealing her amazin 34c breasts. then to my suprise she also pulled off her trousers, so now she was sittin on my sofa inj her skimpi underwear. then she she said "i think i need a bit more warmin up" she moved closer to me again huggin me.

she then pulled away, our eyes met she leaned in a kissed me ever so passionatly.
"Im so sorry, i dont know what came over me" She said. she looked down at her clothes scrambling to try and pick them up. i stopped her, put my hands round her waist and kissed her back.

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   her mouth opened and our toungs met her hand was resting over my crotch, i started to get harder and harder and i knew she could feel it.
 soon without any hesitation her hand was down my trousers and boxers fondling with my penis and then curessing my balls. she stopped kissin me to concentrate on pulling off my trousers. eventually she got off my trousers and boxers and there at full atention was my 7inch penis rite infront of her. she started jerkin it up and down gettin faster and faster and then sunddenly stopped. she then got her self comfortable and positioned her head over my penis and started sucking me off. she was going gentley and i was close to cumin. she got faster and faster till i came in her mouth and all over her face.
"now its ur turn" i said. i slipped of her underwear and unclapsed her bra. and her beautiful body took me breath away. then i stuck two fingers in her pussy and started probbing her soaking wetg pussy while rubbing her clit with my thumb.
    she moaned louder and louder. i stopped just before she climaxed and the positioned my face in front of her gorgeous shaven pussy and sucked and tickled her clit with my toungue. she shuddered.

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       i knew she was close to climax. she then came and her sweet tasting pussy juices gushed into my mouth. it took her a couple of minutes to get her breathe back.
     I got up and took her by the hand and went to my room. i layed her on the bed and havered my body over her. i stuck my penis gently iside her tryin not to hurt her then started to increse my speed she moaned louder than she had before. this really turned me one. i came 3 times in the whole time of bonning her silly. i pulled out and got her to get and all 4s. i licked her bumwhole to lube it up and then stuck three fingers up there to lossen it, she knew what she waqs in for. "Please stick it up there baby please i want it, i want your cock in my arse whole" i didnt need askin twice. i position it over her whole then slowlly got my end away. she screamed. she licked it. in it went and i came and came agen inside her asswhole.

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       she couldnt stop moaning. she loved it.
     after hours of amazin sex i wispered in her ear " i guess your stayin here tonight"



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