Before the Art Show


That was about three years ago. Since that time, we were very good friends. We were there for each other through the good times and the bad. Talked about the good dates and the bad dates. Picked up the pieces after ended relationships. We even shared a few details of the sexual activities that happened from time to time. All in all, we were very open and honest with each other. I received a call from Liz a week ago. She invited me to an art show that her company did the advertising for. Liz was an administrative assistant and got two tickets from her boss. It was important for her to be there so I told her that I would be her escort since neither of us were in a relationship at the time. There was s flurry of activity for her at work just before the opening of the event. I was to be at her apartment at no later than 4:00. I showed up at a little before that, and when I knocked on her door, there was no answer. Either she’s in the shower, or she’s not home. I had just started to dial her on my cell when she came running around the corner apologizing in a panting voice.

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   I told her not to worry about it as she let us inside her apartment. She told me that her boss had given her some last minute things to take care of and they put her behind schedule. I poured her a glass of wine and tried my best to calm her down. She was clearly nervous about the opening that would start an hour and a half from now. She was in and out of the shower in a few minutes. She called my name from the bathroom that was attached to her bedroom. I stopped outside the bedroom door and asked what it was that she needed. The door opened and I saw her standing there in her white terrycloth robe. Nice. “Can you just kinda hang out in her and talk to me?” she asked. “I’m getting jumpier by the second!”“Sure,” I said, grinning inwardly. She’s never this uptight, always bragging about being in control. Her evening dress was hanging on the hook of the bathroom door. I was looking forward to seeing it on her slight frame. She breezed by me stopping at the chest of drawers.

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   She grabbed a few items and headed back to the bathroom. A few steps before the bathroom, something dropped to the floor. I looked closer and saw a very skimpy thong. I couldn’t help but smile. The video player in my mind flashed an image of her small firm ass encased in the black thong. I shook my head, dissolving the image and looked at Liz. She was bent over the bathroom counter, carefully applying her make up. “Do you think it’s going to get a little chilly later in the evening” I asked. “What?” she replied. “its so damn hot out…. ” Her voice trailed off as she looked over at me. I was standing there holding her thong up by the side straps, grinning widely. “Gimme those!” she yelled as she snatched it out of my hands. “You never wore those for me,” I replied with a well over exaggerated pout. “I’m surprised I didn’t catch you sniffing the crotch, you perv,” she added with spite.

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  I laughed at her attempt at getting back at me. She stepped into the thong and pulled it up her slim, well toned legs, careful not to expose any more skin than absolutely necessary. It didn’t stop me from leering at her as she did and she knew it. She held her wine glass out to me and said, “ Let’s split one more glass of wine before we go. I could use it. ”I dutifully took the glass and went to the kitchen to fill it. As I did, I wondered if I had pushed her a bit to far. I better apologize when I get back I thought. I entered the room ready to apologize. When I came around the corner of the bathroom entrance, I stopped in my tracks. Liz was bent over the counter applying eyeliner. She was in her black top and had on nothing else but her thong. My eyes we glued to her ass. I remembered how the small, perfectly round globes of her ass fit into the palms of my hands. At that moment all I wanted to do is mold them into my palms.

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   I was in a word speechless. “Ahem!” she cleared her throat to break my stare. “Oh…. . sorry,” I stammered and walked over to the bed and sat down. She was flaunting her bare butt and loving it. She had me right where she wanted me. Making things harder for me, she walked past me to the chest of drawers once again and pulled out a pair of stockings. She sunk down into an overstuffed chair in the corner facing me. She pulled them on somewhat slowly, watching me the whole time. I wished this whole art show thing wasn’t looming over us. It would take much more time to play this teasing thing out right. Much more time. I know that she was playing this game because she knew nothing more could happen before we had to leave. Or could it?My turn.

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   I know how it turns Liz on to see how her tight little ass turns men on. I propped myself up on one elbow as I laid back on the bed. I just stared at her firm little globes. I was steel hard and knew that she could see it. I caught her steal a glance or two in the mirror. Time to play hardball. I got up off the bed and walked into the bathroom behind her. I plucked two tissues out of the box and said in a whisper, “I better freshen up a bit. Wouldn’t want to attract any unwanted attention. ”I stopped beside the bed, took off my jacket and laid it on the bed. With my back facing Liz, I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and slid them down to my knees. I pulled down the front of my underwear and tucked the band under my balls. She couldn’t see the front of me. I took the tissue in one hand and with the other hand, I squeezed the base and stroked upward pushing out a big drop of precum. I stepped out of my pants and pulled my bikini briefs over my hard shaft as best as I could.

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   I walked into the bathroom nonchalantly, dropped the tissue in the trashcan. I excused myself, pushing past the front of her and quickly washed my hands. Liz was staring at me dumbfounded in the mirror the whole time. “I think you might want to adjust your briefs big boy,” she said with a sassy tone. I looked down and the head of my cock was fighting for its freedom. It was my turn. “Ahem!” clearing my throat. She looked back into the mirror. Our eyes met in the reflection. “I’m not sure I should trust you behind my back,” she said. I looked down to where her thong disappeared between the globes of her ass…. so inviting…. “Why, what do you think I would do? Something like this?” I asked. I hooked my thumb in the front of my briefs and pulled them down. My cock arched up and landed squarely between those beautiful globes with an audible slap.

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   My hand pressed my shaft snugly between her cheeks. Her back arched and her ass moved up and back against my cock. “Nooooooo, we can’t do this!” she moaned. “It isn’t right and besides, we don’t have time. ”“Then you shouldn’t be teasing me with that tight little ass of yours!” I retorted. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her hard against me. I could feel my balls touch the silky fabric that covered her pussy. “Jeff! No! this isn’t right! Not now!” she pleaded. “I’ve wanted you so bad for so long!” I said as I kept sliding my shaft up and down against her ass. “I’ve wanted you too, but not now! We have to go to the show!” again she said. “We have enough time! We both want it!” I commanded. In one fluid motion my hands slid off her hips up over her smooth belly and up to her bra. I pushed it up and felt her breasts fall into my hands. Another perfect fit. I massaged her nipples to erectness.

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   I knew she couldn’t fight it. She loved to have her nipples teased. “Ohhhhhhh, we shouldn’t…. everyone at the show will know what we did!” she exclaimed. I let her breasts go and stood up straight. It was now or never. I grabbed the strap of her thong and pulled it aside with one hand.
    The other glided down her ass and found her slit. A very wet dripping slit. I easily slid a finger inside. All she could do was moan a weak drawn out “Nooooooooooooooooooo. ”Liz’s resolve was fading fast. I grasped my thick throbbing cock and ran the head against her slit. She leaned down to give me better access. “Oh fuck! I need you so bad!” I told her.

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      “Well get it in me then!” she shot back. I was determined now. I was going to give her a hard fuck that she won’t forget for a long time! Standing behind her, her thong strap in one hand, my cock in the other. I hooked my foot around her ankle and spread her legs a little more. I looked at her face in the mirror. She had a look of total lust in her eyes. So that’s how she wants it? Fast and hard, eh? “Grab your tight little ass and spread those cheeks!” I commanded. She did as she was told with no complaints. I pushed forward sinking half of my long cock in the tightest pussy I have ever felt! I pulled out and leaned hard into her. This time I drove my full length into her. She let out a loud grunt. Liz put her hands on the counter for balance and started to buck against me. I pushed back hard against her. After a few miscues (I popped out of her twice and had to guide myself back in) we found a natural, almost primal rhythm. Looking in the mirror, I could see her tits bouncing every time out bodies met with a fleshy slap.


       This was not lovemaking. This was all out fucking. Not breasts anymore, but tits. I wasn’t entering her wet slit, I was shoving my cock into her c…. . well even during an all out fuck, I don’t use that word…I heard the familiar sound in her voice. I got raspy and high. She gasped out raw harsh words, telling me how to fuck her. Then she gritted out that she was cumming. She arched her back and my hands held her by her rib cage. Her hands trapped her nipples and tugged them hard! Really hard! The sounds that Liz makes when she cums is something every man should witness. I kept pumping her until she started calming down. She fell slowly forward with her arms supporting her on the counter. Finally! My turn! I started pumping her wet puffy pussy. I needed to cum and now!!!She pulled away and turned to face me.


       “Whaaat?” I begged! “Not in me,” she said still panting from a huge orgasm, “I’ll be dripping all fucking night!”“Then how…” I stopped talking when she dropped to her knees. She took me in her mouth and started sucking. He hands grasped me and pumped in time with her sucking. I felt it build…so hot…so intense!I was oblivious the all things now. Liz had always refused to let me cum in her mouth in the now distant past. In fact she would never have considered sucking me after I had been inside her. But here she was, jamming as much of my cock in her mouth as she could take! And I was about to shoot was promised to be a huge load of cum!But as I said, I was oblivious to all of that. I felt the first contraction in my balls and it hit me so hard my knees almost buckled! I felt it burst out of the head of my shaft! Wave after wave of intense pleasure racked my shaking body as more and more cum shot out and into her mouth. Liz was mumbling something…I looked down and saw her close her eyes tight and took a big swallow. I heard her fight a gag and she got it down. Her hand was covered but still pumping. She swallowed hard once more. “Oh…. . Liz…I’m so sorry…I didn’t realize…” I said in a wavering voice.

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      “It’s not that…I didn’t want you to mess up my makeup!” she said with a giggle. She wiped her hands on the towel hanging on the wall and got dressed as did I. We met many people that night. We shook many hands. Half way through the night she whispered in my ear, “Oops, I forgot to wash my hands before we left my apartment. Think of all the hands I’ve shaken. If they only knew. You might have to punish your bad little girl after the party. ”I couldn’t wait for the night to end!!!!!!Leave Notes!!!!Shackster.