Backroom Seduction...First Encounter


One of the women she worked with was there, so I decided to make some small talk. We have known each other for a few years and I have always thought she was a nice woman. I had a habit of buying plain tees whenever I went there because my mom received a big discount on already low-cost clothing. I always got to pick from the best stock in the back. I asked her about the new stock of t-shirts, and she took me into the backroom. She helped me sift through piles of clothing for at least twenty minutes, but we only found seven plain tees my size. It was closing time, so she had to count the register money and lock the doors. She left me to finish looking through the remaining piles. I continued to dig for another fifteen or so minutes, only to find two more tees. As I was digging through the last pile, she called me to the upstairs office. I figured she was leaving and wanted to record what I was going to buy so it would be in the books tomorrow. I grabbed my tees and headed to the office upstairs. When I walked into the office I didn’t see her, so I took a seat across from the desk. The chair was very comfortable. It had a very thick seat and an ergonomic design to its back. I reclined slightly and closed my eyes to relax a little.

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   I must have dosed off for a couple of minutes, but when I woke up, I opened my eyes to something that still has me aroused. Marie was standing in front of me, completely naked. She’s in her mid thirty’s, but to my surprise, she still had the body of a twenty-five year old woman. I had only seen her in her unflattering work close until now. At first, I just stared auspiciously. Then my overall gaze became very specific. I ogled at her feet and slowly my eyes gazed up her legs. They were so soft looking, almost like the legs of a teenager. They were a beautiful tan, with near athletic tone. I continued my view up to her pussy. It was trimmed very neatly. It was just a tiny tuft of hair just above her pussy, probably no bigger than a silver dollar. Her pussy seemed to have just a slight amount of moisture gleaming on the labia. I then focused upward. The tonality possessed by her legs was also found on the rest of her body.

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   Her stomach had a slight view of definition and was equally as tan as her legs. Her breasts appeared to be about a c-cup, and still looked quite firm. Her nipples were erect, and a deep reddish brown. As I looked at her face she smirked a little. I hadn’t even realized it, but my cock had gotten hard as a rock and was pressing at the leg of my jeans. She moved closer to me and kneeled down. I said, “I don’t think we…”And before I could finish, she said, “Shhh. You know I won’t tell anyone, my husband would kill me. ” “You can’t say anything for the same reasons. If you don’t let this happen, I’ll contact your wife anonymously, and tell her you’re cheating on her. Then what would happen?”She smiled in a very disconcerting way, and then she started to unbutton my pants. I must have had a million different scenarios going through my head. She pulled my pants just below my hips, and before I could deny her advances, she slipped the tip of my dick in her mouth. I had never felt such a skillful mouth. She daftly sucked and tickled the head with her tongue as she slowly stroked the base.

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   I thought I was going to cum immediately. It was as if she could sense my over excitement. She took my cock out of her mouth and continued to undress me. She removed my shoes and socks, and then she pulled my pants all the way off. She then pulled off my boxers and helped me up from the chair. She helped me pull off my hooded sweatshirt and then my t-shirt. I knew there was no stopping what had already begun, so I gave myself to the moment. I leaned forward and gently pressed my lips to hers. Our lips slowly began to part and as our tongues touched I could feel her body quiver ever so slightly. She pressed her body against me as we continued to kiss. Her tongue wrapped around my tongue with eagerness that I had never experienced. As she moved her hands up and down my back, I slowly lowered her to the floor. To my surprise, she had covered part of the floor with clothing. My t-shirts included. It was then that I realized this was no spur of the moment action on her part.

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   I lowered Marie onto her back and then I lay atop and slightly to one side of her. My thigh pressed against her mound as I moved my lips onto her neck, I gently sucked as I swirled my tongue just behind and below her right ear. I continued to kiss the nape of her neck as I gently ran the tips of my fingers down her right side, down her ribs and waist, slowly past her hips and then back again. She dug her fingernails into my back as she pulled me closer. I moved myself directly over her and began to kiss the top of her chest, I slowly licked and sucked around her breasts and only moved to her nipple after she forced my mouth to them. I cupped her firm breast with sensual pressure as I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it softly. I could feel her body’s sexual tension peaking and decided to bring her to another level. I move down and gently moved her legs apart. I started to lick the insides of her thighs and teased around her labia and just above her clit. The moisture on her labia was now juices dribbling toward her ass. I lifted her legs and spread her ass cheeks; next I slowly licked the juices from just below her puckered anus up to just below the opening to her pussy. Her body began to shiver again. I lowered her legs back to the floor and slowly licked between her pussy lips, careful not to go to deep or to touch her clit. Her passion was taking hold…She gasped, “No more…”She then took her right hand and pulled her pussy lips open, exposing an erect wet clit. Then she said, “I need it, please…make me cum!”I responded with no words.

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   I French kissed her clit as I carefully sucked around it. She forced my head down harder with her left hand and forced her pussy farther into my mouth. I continued to lick gently around her clit until she could take no more. I quickly wet my fingers with saliva and inserted two deeply into her pussy. I intensified my attention to her clit as I began to finger-fuck her pussy with more speed. Her hips left the floor as she wrapped her legs around my shoulders and began to buck against my hand and mouth. She moaned, “Ahh, ahhh, ahhh, I’m gonna cum. ’ I intensified the pace of my actions. She continued, “I’m gonna cum, ohhhh, ahhhh, right there, ohhh God!” Now on the edge, I decided to push her over. She cried, “Ohhhh God…I’m cumming, don’t stop!”She continued to shake as her body reached its full climax. As she was coming down she laid nearly still, continuing to spasm uncontrollably. I then moved up and lay next to her. My cock was now a shade of purple and dripping pre-cum like a broken faucet. She rolled towards me and kissed me deeply. I felt her hand move towards my cock and I moved my hips closer to her.

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   She grasped my cock and began to stroke it firmly. She asked me, “What do you want me to do? Turnabout is fair play. ”I love sixty-nine, so that’s what I requested. She was more than happy and even a little surprised at my answer. She inquired, “Are you sure? You already finished me. You don’t have to do it again. ”I replied, “I know, but I really enjoy it. Now, turn around and get on top of me. I want to make you cum again. ”She followed suit. Once again her pussy was buried in my face, and this time she was sucking my cock I didn’t waste anytime, I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy in an attempt to get all of her sweet juices in my mouth. I pulled my tongue out and began to ravish her clit once again. Apparently she was still very hot, she started moaning again. Luckily it only intensified the feeling of her mouth on my cock. I was just minutes away from cumming when I felt her body starting to spasm again.

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   She came hard again, but this time I continued to attend to her clit, she came again after just about another minute. She had to stop sucking my cock she was cumming so hard. I continued to eat her pussy feverously for about another ten minutes, and then she came again. This time was different, though. When she came she ejaculated a milky clear fluid and I swallowed every last drop of it. She moved her pussy away from my face and repositioned it above my cock. She then lowered her pussy to the tip of my dick and slowly inserted the tip. Then, she moaned as she pushed all the way down on it. Her pussy was unbelievably tight. She started to rock back and forth. Her pussy was so hot and wet that it took everything I had to avoid cumming instantly. She quickened her pace. We both started to moan. I could feel my climax coming and I started to thrust in time with Marie. Just as I was about to cum I felt her pussy spasms, she came again and it caused me to explode.

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   My dick spurted cum deep inside her pussy and we gasped for air together. She collapsed on top of me and we lay together silently for another ten minutes. My cock was still lodged in her pussy when she finally rolled off of me. We talked afterwards. She told me that she had wanted me for over a year. She also confided that she had never experienced an ejaculation before. She wants to do it all over again. What’s unusual? I can’t wait to see her again. Suggestions are always helpful. I hope you liked it. .