At Last


"Dunno if it's safe" she said. "If I'm safe?" "Well, yeah, the situation, Rob and everything. Sorry'
"Okay, I'll go"
A kiss and cuddle followed, I went to my room. The room phone rang. It was L.
"I don't think I can sleep. Come to my room for a bit, okay?"
I grabbed three condoms, and slipped them in my wallet, and went back. The door was ajar. She was still dressed, in a white top, white 'body' underneath, and trousers. She was sitting on the bed, and I sat down beside her. My heart was going like a trip hammer, but I managed to feign casual, I think. "You okay?" I asked
"Yeah, stomach's a bit churny. I'm all trembly".
"I don't know what I want to happen, if anything. It feels like this is our chance to. .

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  maybe our last chance. . to maybe um. . "
I shut her up. I cradled her head and kissed her tenderly, her lips, cheeks, forehead, eyelids. She grabbed my forearm and dug her nails in, her eyes closed, and a Mona Lisa smile playing across her lips. Her lips parted slightly as I tried to slip my tongue into her mouth, as if not sure to allow the full kiss or not. My other arm went round her waist and and she leaned into me more, and opened her mouth to kiss me fully, her tiny little tongue flicked in and out, fighting with mine and her lips were beautiful. She was so tantalisingly passive about it all. It was as if you could have done with her and she just trusted you not to. My hard on was painful already, and I wished to god I'd not worn boxer shorts. As we kissed my hand dropped from her face and to the buttons of her top. She gulped and breathed more heavily as I began to open the white top which looked as if she was naked underneath, but hid the body she was wearing beneath. I gulped myself, as I remembered the glimpse I'd had on a summers outing of the pert little breasts with their perky brown nipples.

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   As the top fell away I looked at her and she down at herself. The lacy area of the body obscured the little nipples. The fastening for the body was evidently at the crotch as there was no visible way in, other than to roll it off her shoulders.
We kissed more, and then, boldly coaxed her to stand, she stood facing me with her hands on my shoulders, as I tentatively undid her belt buckle. This, I figured, was the point of no return, this is where it had to turn from a snog into something much more, if she were to allow me to undress her this far. The belt opened which I followed with the single button of the waistband, and finally the zip. Despite the lacy overlay, her nipples were fully visible in relief, as they strained against the fabric. As her trousers dropped, she backed away, I thought this was it, but she turned her back to slip the trousers off, and drape them over a chair. The back of the body was no more than a g string, sweeping up between her buttocks, her bottom had perfect skin, and was just a little fleshier than one would have imagined it when clothed, and one had imagined it, as you can imagine. As she slowly turned back towards me, my stomach heaved, in the way it does when you are uncontrollably turned on: the crotch of the body was completely sheer, her little nest of pubes clearly visible, and the fabric just very slightly was showing the outline of her pussy, I tried not to stare. Sitting on the bed, I motioned her back towards me. She sat down again next to me, blushing and glowing, and trembling slightly. I kissed her again, as before, lips, eyes, face, my hand trailed down her back to where I thought the fastenings were, and sure enough my fingertips grazed the little hooks and eyes that held the thing together. She flinched as I undid the first one, and lightly bit me as I undid the second . The tension in the fabric relaxed as it released, she was now sitting on the crotch piece of the garment.

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   My other hand travelled down the front to see if I could get her to raise up, so I could pull this out, and ultimately get the whole thing off. I grabbed the fabric just below navel level, her thighs twitched, and I reached underneath as gently as possible, and my middle finger was suddenly, and totally accidentally, right on the entrance to her pussy, not soaking but decidedly moist, and extremely hot. I was wondering quite what to do at this point. It still felt for all the world like an adolescent fumble and despite my 18 years of experience at the time, I couldn't remember the last time I'd been quite this nervous in such a situation. She hadn't stopped me so I tentatively slipped my finger in. The kiss broke, she backed off a couple of inches, and opened her eyes wide, and stared into mine. Then the leaned back in and kissed me, and her legs opened for me a little. She was sat to my right, and my left hand was between her thighs. Without removing the finger there was no easy way to touch her breasts, so, breaking the kiss I rolled the body up her body, and she crossed her arms and lifted it off. Keeping the finger inside her, I lowered my head, eyes closed and sensed my way to the little breasts, before opening my eyes. They were SO beautiful, just made for the word pert. 34B, she claimed, but I'd dispute both number, and letter. Less than a handful, more then a mouthful, the prefect fusion of teenage girl breasts and full-on, all woman nipples. I took the first one, the right, gently between my lips, before backing it up with my tongue, curling around it. Breath hissed from L's nose, as she trembled and gasped, my finger in her pussy registered her muscles grasp and then release.

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   I slipped it in a little further and, then moved my attention to the other nipple, her thighs trembled, evidently this was the more sensitive one, as I sucked and nibbled slightly, she was shifting about, and then suddenly, minutes later, grabbed my wrist. "No! I'm going to come. " she gasped.
"Well come then!" I smiled
"No, not yet, it's not fair"
"You can come more than once, can't you?"
"Not really , not for a while, I don't"
"Yes you can" I reassured her, and resumed my sucking of her nipple, coupled with the finger inside her, now angled up for the base of my finger to be under her clit. "OOOH" she groaned, "Oh"
"MMMmm" The wetness flooded my fingers, just as I felt her spasm inside, Not a flood, but a clear result. She was extremely flushed, and panting, but smiling. "Oh god" she said, and gulped.
"You've still got all your clothes on" she observed. "It'll be very embarrassing if I have to take these off" I laughed. "Come on" she coaxed, "you've seen me naked, not many people have seen me naked. Anyway, you must be in agony!"
"It aches a bit" I laughed.
I stood up and started to take my shirt off, and then I kicked off my shoes, pulling the socks off with them, and lastly dropped my best going out gabardine trousers, keeping my back to her, as the bulge in my boxers was all to painfully and embarrassingly obvious. The tent was a monument to what this girl did to me (she'd never done anything to me). She sat there, expectantly, but not confidently, feeling flushed and naked, herself. She alternated her gaze from looking at the bulge , and looking into my eyes.

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   "Show me" she whispered. I was scarlet by the time I'd hauled the waistband out and let my cock spring over it, dropping the boxers and stepping out of them. My cock was insisting on waving around in front of me, so I felt I needed to hold it, though effectively I was now playing with it in front of her. She didn't seem to mind. I walked back the two or three paces to the bed. She sat with her hands behind her, and asked, dutifully
"Do you want me to suck it for you?" "Oh, god, I don't know, I think I'll come if you do"
"Come on, lie down, I'll be gentle"
I lay down on the bed behind her and as she turned to face me her face hovered about groin level, and she took hold of the shaft in one cool little hand , that was shaking slightly, as she looked up at me. "God, it's enormous" she whispered and held the head lovingly in her hand, kissing it. "Sorry, could you pull the foreskin back for me, I don't want to hurt you"
I did so, painfully hauling the taut skin back, exposing the purple livid looking knob. "Don't come in my mouth, please, I don't like it. WARN me" she asked, I nodded.
Her lips closed over the exposed head, without taking the head into her mouth, she licked in the most delightful way. I had to grasp the base of my cock to keep from coming, my other hand forcing the nail of my forefinger into my thumb alongside the thumbnail, the pain sometimes works, I find. She teased and licked and briefly sucked my balls, which was wonderful, but I knew I could not hold on much longer, and I wasn't going to waste out first mutual orgasm.
"I want to lick your pussy" I told her
"Mmm. Mm" a non committal sort of noise formed the reply "Don't you like it?" I asked
"Not fussed, I'm a bit shy about people going down there, it's like too intimate, I can't relax enough to have an orgasm"
"Can I please? Pretty Please? I guarantee you'll come.

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   Let me. "
"Oh, okay" she groaned and lay back, parting her thighs about head width. I hoisted them further apart and kissed her again, all over, then her neck, her breasts, stopping to suck her nipples, and moving down her belly to her navel, skipping to the inside of her thighs, and finally to the little cleft f her pussy. Perfectly trimmed, well maintained, not shaved, lips slightly pouting, and very very wet. I lapped from the hole at the bottom up to the hood of the clit, delving under to lick there, then moved back down to the opening, then back up to the clit again, this time gently inserting a finger to go with it. It took a while but she gradually got wetter and wetter. I looked up at her and one hand was loving rolling a nipple, and the knuckle of the other one inserted her mouth for biting. Her head turned away, eyes closed, mouth open.
I felt her buttocks clench, "MMMmm"
"MMMMMM" she groaned and grabbed my hand. "I'm coming" I continued to lap at the clit, feeling her start to spasm through the fingertips inside her. I slipped the finger out of her and instead used them to spread her pussy more open and going for a direct attack on her clit, she rocked and her bottom trembled, "OOOOOH hoooo " she gasped "Stop it. Stop it" despite her words she was, knowingly or not, thrusting her wet pussy forwards into my mouth. I did my best to hold her down. She was bright red and I looked up at her, I'd done all in needed to do, she would carry on cooking in her own steam from here. I smiled up at her, her juices smeared liberally around my mouth.

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   An ex of mine used to do the sexiest thing under such circumstances, licking all of it from around my mouth before kissing me, and I found myself wondering if L would do this, so I figured I'd try kissing her as I was, but her hand intercepted my face, and briefly wiped my mouth with a sheet before allowing me to kiss her. A serene smile on her face, she held my face before kissing me deeply. I shifted so we lad on our sides, alongside each other, by now painful erection digging it's way into her tummy. I felt her little hand move up and wrap around the shaft. I broke the kiss.
"God I want you. I think I'm going to have a heart attack if I don't make
love to you"
"Let me get my breath back" she gasped.
I moved away to my trousers and the wallet. I realised my hands were shaking as I pulled the condoms out, and brought all three back with me. I knelt on the bed, rolling the first of them on over my cock which was right now, the biggest, and hardest, it had ever been. L was lying on her side on the bed, facing the wall, away from me, but looking back over her shoulder at me, watching me rolling the condom on. The view of her ass was perfect, and I was moved to start my taking her from behind. I was just wondering which would the the best position for me to last a respectable amount of time. I was glad of the drink we'd consumed earlier, but feared it was wearing off. I took hold of her waist and indicated she get up, and slipping my arm under her belly, lifted her up, and she settled into a position where she was resting on her knees and elbows, bum in the air, expectantly.

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   She shivered as I stoked between her buttocks, and grabbing my cock by the base, I lined it up with the entrance to her pussy. The first little bit seemed to slip in quite easily, but then I felt her muscles clench and a sensation like gagging. "Unh, god it's big" she moaned "be careful" The resistance waned a bit as she managed to relax and I was able to get into her right up to my balls, it was a tight fit, but as I opened her gorgeous bottom cheeks up, I was able to get belly- to- ring piece type penetration. I can't put over how romantic this was, it was a mixture of animal lust and an almost religious experience, this girl - the sole object of my desire for so long, and she so young, and I was finally inside of her, where I had fantasised of being so many times. The most important factor was how could I hold my orgasm off long enough? The sight of her parted bottom, below which my cock slipped snugly in and out of the lightly furred pussy lips was not doing anything to help. I decided to close my eyes and imagine I was up Thora Hird's arse. It did a bi of good but not much. I opened them again and was again treated to the same sight, plus her head on the pillow, turned to the left, big eyes closed, lips silently mouthing "ooooh" between gasps. I felt the first pulse of an orgasm building and an "oh" escaped my lips too. The eyes opened "Are you going to come?" she panted
"Soon" I gasped
"Where do you want to come ?" she asked
I was surprised at this, and wondered what the choices were. "Where can I?" I slowed down my thrusts during the negotiation. "Did you want to do it on my belly?" she asked, most helpfully.
I wasn't going to hold out for her mouth, and her belly seemed as good a landing site as any for the little fellers. I withdrew from her, keeping hold of the condom and snapped it off. She flipped onto her back and lay, knees apart, just in front of me.

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   The fingers of one hand just skirted the little bush, as if wondering whether to join me in the finale.
I grasped my cock, closer to the base than I would, left to my own devices, but I still wanted to make this last. I'd wanked off so many times about this girl, and now I was about to literally wank off over her. I've know a few girls fond of the fell of a man wanking, but fewer who would actually watch. L was a watcher, she kept a weather eye on the nozzle, whilst drinking in the movement of my bicep, which she would touch now and again, and about half the time she'd just look into my eyes. She shifted about slightly and the right hand settled between her thighs, and she visibly flushed as she began to manipulate her pussy also. Her left hand floated about my thigh, my arm, occasionally cupping my balls lightly. Her touch was light, gentle, and with a charming lack of confidence. My face burned redder and redder as I felt the next wave of my orgasm hit me, she saw me tremble and cool little hand gripped my balls tenderly and squeezed, ever so slightly. OOOOH I went off like a cannon the first time, thick gobs of sperm landing just above her navel, and between the little breasts. She squeezed me slightly more firmly as the second wave of more-liquid semen hit her skin, we could both feel the heat of the explosion, he right hand had speeded up now, and she was gasping as she humped her clit, mmmh MMMMMhh she moaned, and her orgasm too was upon her. Her left hand's finger dipped into a pool of sperm on her belly and twirled it about. My knees buckled and I let myself collapse forward to land beside her. I slipped my nearer arm round her and held her head in the crook of it, as I kissed her passionately, she rolled toward me slightly and my thigh became wedged between hers. Her wet pussy pressed against my skin.

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   A sudden impulse led me to grasp the hand she'd been masturbating with and lift the fingers to my lips, and yes, I could smell and taste her as I licked between them. "You dirty sod" she breathed. During this aftermath I realised, I guess, as we both did, that we were both covered in sweat, and she in my sperm , of course. "Sorry, I want a shower" , she said and stood to go into the bathroom. I watched her bottom as she went out of view, and felt compelled to follow.
I opened the bathroom door and watched as she played the showerhead over her breasts and down her belly to her pussy, taking shower gel and washing her sticky thighs. She was aware I was there and looked at me once or twice. She turned her back as she wanted to wash herself more "intimately" crouching very slightly and playing the jet between her legs. Having finished this , she turned back to me.
"God, you're getting hard again" she gasped, and It was true. My cock had begun to straighten on it's way to another erection. I felt sore at "the core" , very sore.
She stepped out of the shower, bringing a bath towel with her and wrapping it round her. I stepped into the shower after her and she stood and brushed her teeth, watching me even as I pulled my foreskin back to wash, she didn't avert her gaze, and watched interestedly, like you might do under instruction. I stepped from the shower, and took the smaller towel, attempting to dry my cock and balls with it, but remaining pretty damp.


   Wordlessly we went back to the bed, this time throwing the covers back and both got in, our arms around each other, and we settled together and drifted into a dreamless sleep.
Some time later, shortly after dawn, she stirred against me, and woke, waking me. I knew who I was with even when I was asleep, and I'm sure she did too. "Oh Mo" she said , taking a wide eyed , lips turned in expression she sometimes uses. It's very coy and the "No" is softened almost to a "Mo". I hugged her to me, and her leg came across me, in the mirror of the earlier attitude, again her pussy was against my thigh, warm, and again damp. Not pressed there, but lying against me. I tensed the muscles of my thigh, and she pressed a little more against me. I turned towards her, so she was lying on her right side, her left leg over mine, with me on my left side, her pussy hard against my right leg. She smiled and closed her eyes as I kissed her again, more deeply than before. I felt my erection unfurl, painfully, as It was kind of trapped between us. I felt her little hand fold around the base of it, moving it to a more comfortable position. Her little breasts were pressed against my chest. My tight hand grasped gently her left buttock, the base of which was now already wet from her pussy, which by now was most moist against my thigh, and getting hotter and hotter.
    My cock reared slightly in her hand, breaking the kiss she looked down at it, I gabbed a condom which was floating about at the headboard end from earlier, and ripped it open.

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       she moved her hand away as I unrolled it over my cock, she helped smooth it to the base. I lifted her leg up to give access and she guided the cock once more into her pussy, lying, as we were, on our sides. "Gently please" she whispered "I'm a little bit sore"
    I felt the soreness in myself as I slid into her for the second time. She was tighter in this position and I felt her wince inside as I passed halfway in. I moved in and out of her just a few inches, whilst kissing , kissing, kissing. Her moans grew as my hand sneaked to it's former position clasping her bottom, and my fingers sneaked between the cheeks, moving up and down, my index finger settling onto her little asshole, stretching my little finger I dipped between her cheeks, collecting her pussy juices from around the base of my shaft, smearing them back up between her buttocks to her opening. My finger hovered there and pushed just slightly inside, I felt her tense and then relax, as she thrust her tongue more deeply into my mouth as we kissed. In this position, and over a very long period of time, we fucked, very small movements backed up with much attention to her bottom and nipples, and lots and lots of kissing, I coaxed and coaxed her into a series of little orgasms which had her giving little gasps which drove me wild. I wasn't getting anywhere close to coming, and finally I flipped her onto her back. Drawing her legs up to the sides, I pulled almost out on each thrust and I watched firstly her face, glowing, as alternately her lips pursed in an Oooh and then into an O shape for each gasp. Secondly I had to feast my eyes on the cock ramming in and out of her little pussy, looking, very fine and muscular, I thought. The pussy lips were visibly wet and adhering to the shaft, the condom was flapping under the train , quite noisily. I was still struggling to get to orgasm, but her face's glow was spreading to between her breasts, and her nipples stood out as hard as diamonds. I swooped into suck one as she wrapped her legs round me and grabbed my ass, kind of pulling me back She arched her back and spasmed Ooooarf she cried. I still could not get there, but watched her throes with delight.

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       I slowed and stopped as she came down from her peak. Once she'd got her breath back, she kindly offered to finish me off, but I politely declined, deciding instead to save myself for later. I opted for a cuddle instead, and got a beautiful legs- wrapped-round cuddle punctuated with deeply sensual kisses, until we dropped off to sleep. Exhausted, we finally woke as the hotel seemed to be coming to life, lifts whirring, suitcases banging into doors. I checked the time on the TV which was just before 7. 30 and I figured that was time enough to have her again, and my early morning hard on agreed. I thought I heard a round of applause from somewhere under the duvet. She was asleep, curled slightly away from me I cuddled into her back, my hard on finding it's way between her cheeks. "Oooh" came a little noise, and she turned to me smiling sleepily. "Someone's up!" She rolled over to kiss me, and wrapped her little hand around my cock. More confidently now she kissed her way down my chest and stomach and, holding it upright, slipped the head of my cock a little way between her lovely lips. I watched her do this for a few moments before I reached for her face and drew her back up to kiss me before indicating she should move on top of me with her knees either side of my face, and her body aligned down mine. With her little pussy now floating above my face, I raised my head and licked between her lips, slipping my tongue inside. Her face was somewhere down by my cock, at first I think it was trapped under her chin, but then she was licking up and down the shaft. I had to pull her body back slightly so I could get to her clit, I'd thought about giving her bum a licking but decided to got for safe.

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       As she came back I grabbed my own cock and held it to her mouth, her lips opened and she took me inside as much as she could, I felt her clit grow hardened against the tip of my tongue and tried to cram more tongue in there but suddenly she was gone, she turned around and got astride me. I fished around for the third condom but the little bugger had gone walkies. I was thinking we were going to have to go for a safety shot. "I can't find it" I gasped
    "It's okay" she panted "I'm on the pill"
    "I've not got anything, you haven't"
    I grabbed my cock and she hovered her little pussy just above. I'd got bigger, I could feel it, the prospect of being inside her without the rubber was sending this to a new level. With a little manoeuvring and a lot of gasping she sat down onto it, and I perhaps cruelly, grabbed her hips and gently pulled her down onto it, right to the base. She felt like liquid velvet (thank you Oliver Reed for that quote). "God you feel beautiful" I gasped
    "mmmm" she moaned
    Gently at first we built up our rhythm, she gradually grew more confident and gripped my chest, her face as getting redder and redder, I cupped her cheeks from behind and again slipped a finger against the opening to her ass. She whispered something as she gently threw her head back, which I think was "that's my bottom". It was very whatever it was. One of my hands left it's position to stroke up the front of her body from the wetness of her pussy, up to her little breasts, and I cupped one, gently gripping the nipple between my fingers. Another gasp and an "ooh" escaped her lips. Her muscles seemed to be gripping me harder than before, I felt a wave pass through my balls, and I tried not to think about her coming. My thighs were tensing of their own accord, and it just served to emphasise the softness of her buttocks as they repeatedly touched them. She leaned forward into me and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

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       As quickly she was gone, back into upright, her bottom slapping against my thighs as she rode me, my upward thrusts meeting her downwards, and eliciting delightful little "mmmf" noises, she was puffing air out through her nose, with it. She leaned into me again and we kissed, her breasts hard against my chest, her pussy overflowing. Her mouth left mine and her hair passed across my face, as her mouth met my ear and whispered, almost sobbed "kiss me while I come"
    Her hips moved back and forth on me, her belly against mine, forcing my cock against the front wall of her pussy, she started to tremble. I held her face and kissed it so, so gently.
    I'd lost my grip on her bottom, on reality, on my emotions, and on my orgasm. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it greedily as her muscles gripped me harder, she clenched one last time. An almighty groan escaped me as I lost my control and hot sperm flooded up my cock to explode deep into her pussy. For a moment I was obsessed with the fact that she was going to feel me come this time. The moments it took to travel through my shaft seemed to take forever, finally flooding her wet pussy walls.
    "Oh GOD" I grunted. She slowed and finally stopped her movement, "Oh babe , oh babe" she whispered, leaning in to kiss me again, and she collapsed onto me, spent. We spent the next few minutes regaining our composure and breath, before showering and wearily and separately going to breakfast. The trouble with this was she kept meeting colleagues down there, and I was forced to take a back seat.
    We finally did get to eat together and after breakfast, went our separate ways, but the affair continued from 1993 to 2000.

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