Asian in a green Bikini


Put simply this is a story about the best fucking two hot people have ever done ever!
Her name was Jackie. She had long silky dark hair, innocent lil girl asian eyes. Her skin was a creamy brown and soft as can be. Her lips full and pouty they were perfectly designed for the gentel sucking fucking and kissing she would soon experience. Her tits were smooth full and flowing with perfectly positioned nipples that were erect with the gentle breeze of the tropical beach. Her thighs thick and strong which would help her greatly when she would held up against the wood of a palm tree her legs wrapped around his waist as her pussy was rammed over and over. And her ass was that of a goddess round and smackable it did wonders for her when she was on all fours feeling his huge unwrapped cock pounding at her warm inviting tight little fuck hole over and over. She was on vacation for 3 weeks so her pussy was craving attention. As she walked the beach in a green thong bikini that gave her skin the perfect contrast she could feel the walls of her wet pussy pulsating with anticipation.

Her mind was a muddle of thoughts of ever position and needs of a woman raging with a desire to be slammed down by a man and fucked until she cums like a volcano and then she saw him.
He was Ricardo just a local beach laborer. She stared at his bronzed body as he struggled to chop down a nearby palm tree. With every thrust of his axe he groaned just as he would later when he first thrusted his throbbing hard cock deep into Jackies soaking wet cunt. There she stood staring at him she felt a flood of love juices flow down her thighs and then suddenly Ricardo removed his bottoms revealing his perfectly shaped cock too try to cool off as he worked. Jackies mind went wild at the sight of his thick long latin cock. She couldnt help but want it in her mouth and every where else it would fit.


   She shut her eyes for a moment and pictured him forcing her to her knees and dreaming about the sweet taste of his moca colored cock and being moved back and forth by her hair according to his rythem and hears his groan of pleasure as she licked and sucked him off good.
    When she again opened her eyes she found Ricardos eyes locked on her. At first she felt panic but then noticed his expression was one of sheer awe. He gazed on her beautiful body and he knew he needed her he had to conquer her. . . . he had to have her. . . . . . HE HAD TO FUCK HER. His cock grew long and hard as he placed his eyes on her lushious tits.

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       and her phat ass. Upon seeing his cock get stiff and errect by viewing her she began to feel sexy and incredibly horny she turned her back to him and bend over slowly and then gently removed her bikini bottoms showing her ass and her wet inviting pussy to him. Ricardo began to stroke his hot and throbbing cock to her.
    She then turned back to him and began to walk over to him. Their passions building their desires overwhelming Jackie stands straight in front of Ricardo and takes his hand from his cock and puts it on her wet box. He instictively begins to rub the outta walls of her waiting vagina and tickles her swollen clit with his thumb. Jackie uses her pretty hands to massage Ricardos pulsating cock and rubs and plays with his balls as they both gaze into eachothers eyes.