Army wives. (Part !)


I have lived mainly in married quarters on military bases. My father is a colonel and gets posted about every year. We move frequently as the service requires it.
I am 20 and for 7 years I have been having sex with numerous girls around my own age who also live on the bases. Sex is a very popular pastime.
Six months ago I got mixed up with a woman twice my age whose husband had been posted overseas. She made it clear what she wanted and I was happy to oblige and sex became a regular occurrence for some time. She was my first experience with an older woman and one of the most wonderful and amazing relationships I had ever had till then. She educated me in both lovemaking and pure animal sex, to her in the beginning my performance was basically school boy stuff she said. Most of the young girls I had sex with just lay there and let it happen; a few had a bit of adventure and were willing to try different ways but most were young and inexperienced, and that’s how she said I was. This woman was unlike many of the girls I fucked, she called herself the ringmaster or drill master as she said, it was her ring that we performed in, or as the drill master she wanted her cunt to be drilled time after time. .  Position, position, position was her war cry and the Karma Sutra our text book. I had not seen it until I met her and I believe I have done every position in it with her. She even admitted her and her husband had never fucked in so many different positions.
Four months ago she asked me if I would like her to invite some of her friends over and make a part out of it.

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   I said it was up to her. She started by introducing me to a couple of women, one each time and the three of us would have sex and the other women like her, were a little to a lot older. Evidently I passed the test and I was invited to join a group of people who had sex regularly at parties or “rings” as they were referred to. There were evidently a few different ‘rings’ of women on the bases, who I was informed participated in the sexual activities with a number of officers on the base. Up till then I always thought it was referred to as ‘swinging’. There were rings for NCOs and the other for officers’ wives. I was in an officers’ ring. The ring was a group of women whose husbands were overseas or in a few cases the men were married to women who were already in the ring and when their tour finished they joined in with their wives. It seemed like they were quite happy to have sex with various partners even though they were married. One afternoon I was fucking with one of the regular women who asked if I was **** son and I said yes.   She said that’s cool I have now been fucked by both father and the son. It was then I knew my mother and father were involved in these rings. I have had my suspicions my mother was having a bit on the side so to speak, but this confirmed it. I realized it would not be long before they found out I was providing a service in the absence of my father. That would be a problem for another day.

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   I didn’t want this woman to draw comparisons so I said that’s something I don’t really want to know about or discuss. She said that’s a problem she can live with.
There were a few less men than women in the ring so I was always kept busy, a lot liked me because I was younger, and some didn’t like me at all. I wasn’t the only one that was fucking them so I was careful and always used a condom. I wasn’t worried about pregnancy as they were all on oral contraception. My concern was STI and HIV. Many of them slept with their husbands and other guys who had been overseas and obviously tried out the foreign affairs. In fact many of them admitted their husbands had come back with stories of their affairs with foreign women. HIV was fairly rare but it did exist on the bases. Generally it was the gay men who contracted it.
One afternoon Dora, the ringmaster, introduced me to Pam. Pam was new in the camp and had not been exposed to the rampant promiscuity that existed. Dora told me Pam had let it slip to one of the other ring women she was missing her husband. The friend told her about the ring but the thought of having older men frightened her a bit, but she hadn’t said no. She had asked Dora if she knew of a younger officer type that might be willing to partner her occasionally until she got game enough to join the ring.

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    Pam had not had sex before she married and had only had it with her husband for the first time on their honeymoon. Dora said she had the perfect partner, not in the service but young like she was and she would like me.  Dora arranged for Pam to meet me at Dora’s place. Dora then explained to her all about the ring and what she could expect if she wanted to become involved. Dora told her that being as young as Pam was she would be very popular with many of the older men and she would have to accept that she would be asked to have sex with them and being new she would be having more than one partner for the first few meetings as most men wanted to try any new member particularly one as young as she was. Most of the women were at least 18 years older and very experienced. She is the first woman to ask to be in the ring that wasn’t sexually experienced with a few men before joining it. With me she would get to used to having sex with a stranger and after a few times with me she would ask her to a small ring meeting where she would meet other men.
Dora left us to talk and decide what we might like to do, obviously Dora had told me she would love to have her in the ring but didn’t want to scare her or rush her. She was a very plain looking girl but there was an aura about her which I was really attracted to. She was more like one of the school girl types I had previously slept with, but she was married and 24. She was also unlike any of the women in the ring I knew. There was innocence about her and I could see why Dora didn’t want to rush her into the ring as the senior men would all want her. Dora had told her with me she would have to get used to having sex with a stranger and not with her husband, as she would be doing in the ring. With me being more her own age she would have time to decide if she wanted to join the ring where she would be having sex with many men.

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Then Dora suggested we go into one of the bedrooms and see how we went. Pam was quaint and wanted to get undressed herself and get into bed without me watching her. She was very shy really and I wondered if this was going to work.  I said when it happens in the ring there are no bed clothes and most people just wear a bathrobe and some even go naked the whole time. You just lie on the bed and have sex. She said this time would I mind, and I said no, I wanted her to be happy and I realized how it must be taking a lot of courage to just do this. Mostly people having sex as we were going to do got passionate etc first and sex just followed. In the ring there was little passion apart from the pleasure of having sex with somebody. At times it got really passionate as the sexual arousal got hotter during sex and the orgasms were really enjoyable. Then there was a bit of passion but not always.
I undressed and got into bed with her. She hadn’t watched me or mentioned my cock which was hard and ready. I rolled on the condom and she didn’t say a word. At first we just lay together and touched. Then I said do you want to kiss, or do you want me just to do it with you.

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   She said I would just like it to happen. I rolled over on top of her and she prepared herself and I just entered her without any ceremony or discussion. I saw her bite her lip as I went in. I entered her quite easily as even with her concerns she was wet and there was no resistance. I began to fuck her just as I would do it to any girl when just having sex for the sake of being sexual. I hadn’t been in her very long and she seemed to relax a bit and she said, that wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I thought it might hurt like it did the first time. I said I have just a normal cock; some of the men here are much bigger. She said it’s a bit bigger than her husbands but it felt nice. Now she had broken the barrier and was now actually having sex with a stranger she didn’t feel as bad as she though she would. I chatted to her as I was fucking her and she began to really get interested in the sex ring. She asked me about many of the women I had been with and how I handled being with older women and what they thought about doing it with me being much younger. I said a couple have kids my age and wondered if they had sex with a woman old enough to be their mother. I said I hope so because older women are marvelous teachers, and that always flatters them, and pretty soon they want me again. She said you are very good at this and I said I have had lots of practice and she asked how old I was when I started.

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   She was surprised when I said I had my first fuck at 18 with a girl 18. By now we were getting along fine, she had forgotten about this being her first extra marital affair and was enjoying the experience of being fucked by me and was beginning to react and seek her own pleasure from me. How long do you usually last before you have an orgasm, she asked, and I said it can be couple of minutes or as long as the woman wanted if I can. I don’t have a lot of trouble keeping a woman happy and I can usually last long enough for a woman to cum if she wants to. She said I have never cum having sex, only masturbating. I said well she could try for one now and see how it feels, I am sure I could work it for her. She asked me would I mind and I said I would be disappointed if she didn’t. She said ok give me a clue or two and I will see how I go. I said I would suggest you concentrate on where my cock is giving you the most pleasure; some women have vaginal orgasms and others clitoral. She said when I masturbate it’s always the clitoris I work on. I said well see if you can get the sensation centered on your clit and if you want me to apply pressure or do it in a certain way just tell me and I will and we can see if we can organize a great finish for you. She then sort of worked herself about a bit and said now that’s perfect just keeping it going like you are now and I think I will be able to.
    It only took about a minute and she began to cry or get very emotional and said it happening I am going to cum, oh this is unbelievable and I stared to go harder and faster as most women like and she was loosing complete control, she grabbed her nipples and shut her eyes and I knew she would be there in a moment and just after she let out her first of many loud moans and grunts as she lost control of herself.  I came as well and I filled the teat of the condom. I tried to keep my cock as hard as I could until she was completely over her orgasm and then she began to whimper and the tears began to roll down her cheeks.

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       She opened her eyes and said I am sorry, I said I am not, I am glad I could make you happy for your first big experience with me. I lay down on top of her and snuggled into he neck and kissed her neck a couple of times. I could smell the sweat and sex of her body. She put her arms around me and said that was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I have never reached orgasm before and never been with a man other than my husband and never enjoyed sex like that ever. I just cant believe I have just done that and enjoyed it more than any other experience.
    She was really a fantastic fuck and wanted to enjoy what we were doing together. She had not had a lot of experience and that was obvious, she was also lonely and sex starved. She had been married for less than a year before her husband was posted.  We fucked twice, and had her orgasm both times. We sat naked on the bed afterwards and talked I asked if she had any problems with me being younger. She said she had really enjoyed being with me but being the first time with somebody other than her husband she felt a bit uneasy about relaxing too much and making herself look like a bit of a whore.  She said she enjoyed having sex with me but really the whole scene was far more extensive than she realized. She really didn’t want to become too involved with some of the other guys there, as they were senior to her husband and she said that would make her compliant to their desires. She had already been approached by a couple of the senior men but had deferred any relationship with them at the time.

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       Obviously they had put the word out for her to be invited into the ring so they could get their wish.
    We had showered which she hadn’t realized we did, so hadn’t brought a towel. She shared mine and I said some days some of the women are a real mess as not all insist on condoms.
    Afterwards we dressed and went out to the lounge and Dora was waiting for us. She said how was it and Pam just couldn’t contain herself and she raved on for ages about how good it was an how she enjoyed it more with me than her husband and I would have to educate him. She said if he joins the ring I am sure there are a lot of women who would be quite capable of doing that. Then she said she had never thought of having him here. Dora said I am sure he wont take long to hear about you if you join us, the men have funny ways of finding out their wives have not been faithful while they have been away and then it usually come out about their foreign affairs as well. They are no angels believe me.
    Then she dressed and left. She got my number and address and said I will be in touch.
    I then shared my cock by having sex with Dora, Nothing was said, she just undressed as I followed and we had sex like having a cup of tea. Nothing was said it was just expected and it happened. We talked about Pam and how she might become a ring member and the treatment she will get at first. I said some of those men will nail her to the floor with their cocks, she has only had her husbands and mine and we are about the same size she said.

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       Dora said I am not really happy having her in just yet, I would prefer she has a couple more guys on the side at home or somewhere else before she joins us. I know she will be fucked constantly the first few times here by some of the old lechers, they really fancy themselves and I just hope she can handle it. Some of the women won’t appreciate a much younger woman either. I said leave her to me I will try and break her in for a month or so, I think I will be able to repeat today’s performance without too much trouble, she really let herself go and had her first orgasms having sex with me. Dora said her poor husband is going to wonder what happened to her while he was away as she will possibly rape him when he gets home.
    The following day Pam rang and asked when I could visit, I said within the hour and she sort of gasped and said that quickly. I wasn’t expecting you to call so soon I said, but for you I could even make it minutes. She giggled and said well I will have to move fast, I will expect you when I see you.

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