Anything Goes


    My wife, Marcia, and I have a somewhat active sex life. Usually, I'm the one that initiates anything and most of time I actually have to ask if she's in the mode (many times I get a no). A few times over the years, as we start taking our clothes off, she's told me that I could do "anything I want". I've always had a good time when this happens even though I haven't done anything really out of the ordinary or anything that would be really new in our sex routine (maybe just different sequence or adding multiple activities so we both get multiple orgasms). Recently, she again said I could do anything I want and after making sure she meant ANYTHING, this is how we spent a couple of hours. . .   I told her to start a bubble bath for us (we have an over sized tub) but don't undress yet while I go make us a couple of drinks. I come back into the bath and we sip our drinks and I light a couple of candles. I begin by undressing her, taking each piece of clothing off slowly and, when skin is reveled, kissing her gently where it's been exposed (Marcia has always had a great body with great skin). After I take off her bra (36D), I take her nipples and give them a good flick with my tongue. When I take off her panties, I take a big sniff of her delicious smelling pussy and give her pussy a quick lick.   We both get into the tub, her in front of me sitting between my out stretched legs. I begin soaping her back, sides, and then her front all the while rubbing my hands across her smooth skin. I stroke her hips, the top of her thighs, the inside of her thighs and, eventually, start rubbing her pussy.  As I start to concentrate on her clit, she leans back into me and lets out a quiet moan, enjoying what I'm doing to her.

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   I work on her clit in a circular motion with my fingers and she begins to breath hard and I know she's on the way to a climax. Wanting to make this experience different for her and since she said I could do anything I wanted, I reach over and turn the tub water back on getting it very warm but not too hot. I slide her body up so that her pussy is directly underneath the falling water and position her so her clit is receiving all the water almost directly. After a few seconds of this water pressure on her clit, she begins to moan and, again, starts the heavy breaths. I ask her if this feels good. She says in between her breaths "yea. . . really. . . . good". I hold her like this and after a minute or so she sticks both her hands between her legs and starts gyrating her hips up and down against them. In no time she lets out a moan and then relaxes moving her hands from between her legs.

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   I slide her body back toward me getting it out from under the water and let her, again, lean back against me.   After letting her relax for a minute, I ask her to get up on all fours as I want to wash her ass. She positions herself up on her knees with her gorgeous ass up close to my face. I know she is expecting me to fuck her right there and then, but I resist even though my cock is pointing straight up towards her pussy. I take plenty of soap suds in my hands and wash her ass and her ass hole. I make sure my finger presses into her hole just slightly so I get the hole's rim nice and clean.   I then instruct her to turn around and wash me. She does this using plenty of suds on me, washing my erect cock, my balls, and, surprising me, reaching down under me to wash my ass. She then starts working on my cock with her hand and begins to jerk me off. She has never done this to me in the past and I completely enjoy watching her hands working up and down on my cock. Shortly, I tell her I'm getting close and to keep it up.  After a half dozen more strokes of her hand, I cum with a vengeance, squirting my juice straight up about a foot, almost hitting her in the face. I tell her to keep pumping and get me empty. I continue to cum and it runs down her hand as she continues to pump me dry. This is another first, she has never seen me cum, I've always been inside her when I've cum in the past.

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     We eventually get out of the tub and I dry off both of us. Leading her into the bed room I tell her to lie down, I've got to get something. I then go out into the kitchen and return with a can of whipped cream. Seeing the can, Marcia says "oh yummy, just don't make a mess on the bed". I spray the whip cream onto her breasts, covering up the area around her nipples, letting just her erect nipples show thru the cream. I comment to her that this looks like two mounds of vanilla ice cream with cherries on top. I then tell her I want a picture. She objects at first, but after assuring her we can always delete it later (it's a digital camera), I get the camera and take a number of great pictures. Some of them real close up showing nothing but her breasts which really does look like ice cream thru the lens finder. I then proceed to suck all the whip cream of those delicious tits, she giggles all the while. Telling her to pull her legs up, she puts her pussy and ass sticking up in the air. I run a line of whip cream from the top of her pussy hairs down between her legs and up her ass crack. Admiring the view, I tell her this has to be saved, and take a few more pictures.   Starting at the back side of her ass crack, I lick off all the cream. Doing this slowly, teasing each spot I touch, entering her ass hole with my tongue for a second, sliding my tongue along the insides of her pussy and ending up sucking on her clit.

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   I stay on her clict until I feel her breathing become more pronounced. I then tell her to flip over onto her knees and I position her there so her ass is sticking up high in the air. I insert my left thumb into her pussy letting my fingers slid up onto her clit and while I push my thumb in and out her pussy hole, I use my tongue on her ass hole and begin fucking her ass with it. She, being already aroused from me sucking on her clit, begins to moan, especially when I start fucking her ass with my tongue. Keeping this up for awhile, she begins to let out grunts and finally clamps her legs closed as she cums. Not wanting to get her clit too tender and sore, I move my fingers from that area but keep my thumb buried in her pussy while I tongue fuck her ass a few more times as her breathing comes back to normal.   Reminding her that she said anything goes, I get out of bed and, standing up, have her come to me and get down on her knees. I then cover my cock with whip cream and she begins to lick it off and then suck me. Having cum in the tub a few minutes earlier, I let her suck me for a couple of minutes until I get rock hard again. She tells me not to cum in her mouth and I tell her I won't. Marcia has always said she did not enjoy sucking cocks but after every time she's done so in the past, her pussy is so full of her juices. Even though she may not completely enjoy giving a blow job, she certainly always gets herself exited when she does.   Stopping her sucking before I cum, I get her back into bed lying on her back, I have her slip her arms under her knees and pull her legs up as high as possible. This puts her pussy and ass hole pointing almost straight up into the air. I fold a bed pillow and press it next to her back to help support this position.

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   Pausing a few seconds, I take a couple of more pictures with her in this pose. I can see her pussy is just full of her juice and, using my tongue, scoop out as much as I can, savoring her sweet smell and taste. I then start to flick her clit with my tongue, slide down thru her pussy lips, and play with her ass hole. I keep doing this a half dozen or so times going up to her clit and down thru her lips to her sweet ass hole. Next, I slowly slide the thumb of my right hand into her pussy and tease the area around her clit with my tongue. While keeping my tongue near but not on her clit, I quickly pull my thumb out.  With this movement, she gives a little jerk.  Holding my thumb out for a couple of seconds, I slowly reinsert it back into her pussy and again quickly pull it out.  I do this over and over and each time she gives a little jerk when I remove my thumb. All the while I continue to tease her clit.   I begin to apply more attention directly to her clit and pop my thumb in and out her pussy a couple of more times. I can feel her breathing pick up as her clit gets more attention. I pop my thumb out of her pussy one last time and immediately jam it into her ass hole as far as it will go. It goes in quite easily since my thumb is covered with her pussy juice and some of her juice has run down her ass crack over her hole.  I then pull my thumb out quickly, hold it out a second or two, and ram it back in again.

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   While I continue to fuck her ass with my thumb, I apply more and more pressure on her clit until she lets go of her legs (they fall over my back), grabs my head with her hands, and yells "YEEESSSSS!" "YEESSSSS!" over and over. When she starts yelling I plunge my thumb in her ass one more time and hold it there while she cums and her pussy floods with juices.   Not waiting for her to settle down, I pop my thumb out, turn her over putting her on all fours, quickly grab a condom from the bedside table and put it on, then after sliding my cock thru her pussy lips to get it covered with her juices, slide it into her tight ass hole. This is another first for us. After staying still for a moment to let her ass asjust, I start pumping her ass, going in almost my full length. She seems to enjoy this as she starts to rock her ass back and forth in time with my thrusts. After just a dozen or so thrusts, I jam as far in her ass as I can get and cum inside her. I can feel her ass pinch my cock as she squeezes me getting me to empty completely. Again, I think she must have enjoyed this more than she would have ever thought.   I remove my cock from her ass and, without hesitation, turn her over onto her back. I go up to her tits and suck on each of her nipples, which are standing up big and hard, taking each well into my mouth as I do. I then slid down between her legs, lifting her feet up onto my shoulders. Seeing how her pussy has, again, filled up with juice, I first scoop then suck her pussy hole until I think I've gotten all her juices out. I slide my lips up to her clit and begin sucking on it.  I pretend her clit is a very small straw and actually try to suck it into my mouth.

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   She lets out a loud "OHHHH!" and cums almost immediately clamping her thighs around my head. I relax my sucking and her whole body relaxes.  I think I may have actually worn her out.   I move up next to her and, holding her in my arms, tell her "that'll teach you to say I can do anything I want". She responds with "yea, wow. . but I'm sore all over and feel good all over at the same time. ".